Saturday, January 31, 2009

Untapped Opportunities In Lipat Kajang

If you don't hear the knock of opportunity - build a door. - Anon.

With a bit of pre-judgment, I would say that Lipat Kajang is a kampong of opportunity. For whatever its worth, the kampong has a large acreage of unutilized land (or only semi-utilised), and large areas of 'sawah' (swamp land mostly) unworked. Forget the unforeseeable challenges, for as start lets concentrate what can be gotten out of Lipat Kajang.

It is a common knowledge that there are markets for the following,
‘Lintah’ (big leeches, for medical purposes)
‘Cacing’ (Earth worms, as non-chemical fertilizers)
‘Burung puyuh’ & their eggs (Patridge? For bird meat and small bird’s eggs)
‘Ayam kampong’ (kampong chicken, the local hardy chicken, a good demand in the towns and cities of Malaysia)
‘Kambing’ & ‘Biri-biri’ ( Goats and lamb for mutton)
‘Kerbau’ & ‘lembu’ (buffaloes & cattle, for meat of all kinds)

Locals are also encouraged to rear fresh water fish such as ‘ikan patin’ (a species of catfish) and ‘ikan talapia’. There is a good demand for them right now. Lipat Kajang folks have tried such fish rearing but that they failed because they did not have the sustaining power. I have seen in other places (in the State of Pahang) where they have successfully reared such fish, found the market and sustaining their activities. Why Lipat Kajang folks failed. Only they may know the correct answer. That was a lesson learnt.

In some places in Malaysia today, they rear other fresh water fish such as ‘ikan haruan’ (snake head fish) and ‘ikan keli’ (another species of cat fish). Both are profitable ventures as there is high demand for them, especially for ‘ikan keli’ which is one of the favourites in local Malay restaurants.

Lipat Kajang folks will need to think of how to ‘sell’ their kampongs to outside visitors and tourists. I don’t like to say much about this business because I know very little about selling and tourism. But I can see certain aspects in the kampong which may attract other people to visit it. People from certain sections of the Malaysian population, from other parts of the world may find the place different, if not interesting. Not really for tourists I suppose but more of hobbyist. Some people like to watch birds in their natural environment as a hobby. Some may like to watch dragon flies flying about, probably photographing them. Some may like to watch butterflies. Some may like to study trees, plants and wild flowers. Some may like to watch non-dangerous wild animals, not in a zoo. These are all available in Lipat Kajang. Its just a matter of introducing these hobbyist to such products which they may want to be involved in. Quiet and peace of the kampong attract all the birds, insects and non-dangerous animals. All the kampong can be the showplace, and to add immediate familiarity a local recognized trained guide may need to be employed.

The kampong may also like to ‘show off’ what they have. These however will need proper organisation to make the ‘show off’ successful. These are actually activities which both local and visitors can take part in. Activities such as boating in the ‘sawah’ (swampy area), rafting in the ‘sawah’, fishing in the ‘sawah’., or just merely cycling in the kampong roads during the day time, doing nothing but just watching the natural environment settings.

And I would say that the night activities would more thrilling. These are such as guided walking at night in the kampong, quietly watching and hearing the night noises. (Here the safety of the visitors much be assured by the guide and the kampong folks. We do not want any untowards incident to happen). Or even going on a Night Safari on a 4WD, trying to watch the wild animals coming out of their lairs at night or even in their lairs sleeping. These activities can be quite dangerous but to the adventurist kind, it will be real fun.

But for those local and visitors who are less adventurous, they may like to stay back over cold drinks (no alcohol) and relaxing while watching the kampong youths performing their ’bersilat’ (the Malay form of self defence) or even ‘main gasing’ (top playing and spinning, of lipat kajang tops) and may even take part in the top spinning activities.

All these come with expected challenges of course. Such activities need capital outlay. Such activities also need dedicated personals to make them successful. Such activities also need trained people in their respective fields so that they proceed smoothly. And further such activities need labour so that the guests (and even locals) need not get inconvenienced while taking part in those activities. Sanctions may be required from the Authorities and their cooperation is most essential. Is Lipat Kajang ready? Can Lipat Kajang folks organize these activities? Or do they need outsiders to lead.

Do Lipat Kajang folks also need outsiders (non-Lipat Kajang-ites) even to start economic activities in their own kampong?

Are the Lipat Kajang folks ready to tap the opportunities presented to them because of their natural settings? Are they ready to change from being 'dirty' to being 'clean'? From being complacent to being industrious? From being too satisfied with their lives to being more restless? From being subsidy minded to be more of having self pride and to work hard to achieve set objectives? Only Lipat Kajanag folks can give the right answers.

Lipat Kajang people (or decendents) are encouraged to participate& contribute (Orang Lipat Kajang, atau keturunan, di jemput memberi sumbangan idea)


  1. talking about opportunities, there are so many opportunities in Kg Lipat Kajang Pahang, hidden, buried, hanging, dangling, swimming, walking, standing, flying .......all available there to be explored discovering and tapped

    how to go about it we have said enough...doing it is the next move

  2. glad to hear (he told me by phone) that someone from outside, with lipat kajang connection has seen that opportunity and wants to develop lipat kajang to its full potential. actually he has started now.

  3. this Penghulu issue:
    the argument is the Penghulu must be a son of Kg LKP as a first preference, first choice by whatever reason at all
    ...if and only if we have exhausted in our search for the right candidate from among the LK community then only we can appoint the next (second) preference, someone having connectiion with Kg LKP, then again it must not be based on political influence, it must be based on democracy, let us be fair to ourselves and our own people, and not simply agree with any political appointment of a crony as the Penghulu of Kg LKP
    whoever is reigning now must resign in favour of another Penghulu who is born and bred LK-ite fairly and justly elected and agreed by the whole community

    if you were not born and bred in Kg LKP how can you know and appreciate anything about this kampong to be a good dedicated Penghulu???

    do i sound intimidating ???

  4. Peluang-Peluang Yang Terdapat Di Lipat Kajang Yang Masih Belum Diterokai - banyak perkara telah disebut dibawah tajuk ini ditulis pada 31 Jan 2009, berapa ramai anak anak Lipat Kajang Pahang yang telah membaca dan memahami segala apa yang telah ditulis disini, dan memikirkan secara mendalam apakah sebenarnya kita di Kg Lipat Kajang pahang sebenarnya berada dalam satu "lubok emas" yang jika kita bijak menerokainya dan menguruskannya secara komersial, akan pasti menghasilkan pendapatan yang lumayan tanpa payah mengkaji untuk pergi keluar dari kampong untuk cari kerja makan gaji,
    segala galanya telah diletakkan secara lumayan oleh Tuhan Yang Maha Esa di Kg LKP untuk diusahakan, dikerjakan, diuruskan untuk kehidupan yang sempurna, tanpa perlu mengharapkan apa jua bantuan dari luar, tanpa mampu untuk hidup dengan usaha sendiri di kampong sendiri
    Sebenarnya "Untapped Opportunities In Lipat Kajang" ini semata mata mahu menyedarkan anak anak kampong bahawa betapa banyaknya khazanah sumber asli berbentuk kehidupan dan tumbuhan di Kg LK disokong pula dengan terdapatnya tanah dan paya yang amat luas yang terbiar tidak digunakan tidak diusahakan, yang boleh menjadi sumber rezeki dan pendapatan yang "berlunggun"
    Bagi anak anak Kg LKP dalam generasi saya (dan beberapa orang lagi di laman blog ini) mungkin sudah agak sedikit terlambat, walau pun masih boleh balik ke kampong untuk menerokai sumber-sumber asli (natural resources) telah dilonggokkan olehNya Tuhan Yang Maha Esa di kampong kita (dengan bantuan golongan muda), akan tetapi bagi mereka anak anak kampong yang terus tinggal menetap di kampong seharusnya perlu memikirkan bagaimana boleh diterokai dan dikerjakan segala sumber asli yang terdapat itu untuk memperbaiki keadaan ekonomi serta tahap kehidupan sendiri di kampong, tanpa perlu menanti dan mengharap "orang luar" memulakan sesuatu usaha yang sedemikian barulah kita nampak sesuatu barulah kita mahu mengorak mengikut jejak langkah orang lain, terdapat satu cabaran disini untuk kebaikan diri sendiri, fikir fikir kan lah

  5. salam
    dari pekan kerdau ke simpang 4 kerdau, ke lipat kajang dan ke kuala kerdau,nothing has change much except the acrage of the kubur.
    we must ask ourselves do we need development,physical or spiritual?
    yang tinggal cuma old folks,anak2 banyak yang tinggal di luar pahang.and ada ke kajian di buat untuk semua penduduk berkenaan,di mana anak mereka sekarang?kerana anak2 inilah yang akan mewarisi generasi akan datang.
    saya lihat kehidupan di sekitar kawasan kerdau ini masih lagi old lifestyle,namun kebanyakan tidak mengenali satu sama lain secara dekat kecuali saudara terdekat.
    untuk memajukan secara komersil tanah2 yang ada samada paya dll,agak susah.
    satu lagi,politik tempatan. penduduk mash tidak menerima kenyataan politik masakini,perubahan.

    jangkamasa terdekat saya ingin melihat sekurang2nya ada pejabat pos,bank tempatan,tabung haji,stesen minyak di simpang 4 kerdau.
    Hanya dengan adanya kemudahan asas,maka kawasan tersebut akan berkembang.


  6. I am so glad someone understands Lipat Kajang's dilemma.
    Nothing has changed; and this is what we are trying to do to Lipat Kajang ....... to change it into a more progressive society. We anak2 Lipat Kajang feel guilty to let Lipat Kajang goes stagnated, if we are not careful Lipat Kajang will rot. This blog and exchange of ideas is the tool. Change the place physically, development wise ans well as spiritually. Kami berasa berdosa sekiranya tidak ada usaha untuk memajukan Lipat Kajang. Selepas itu barulah kami boleh berserah kepada Alla SWT.
    Kami cuba untuk mengenali satu sama lain, kami cuba untuk mendapatkan buah fikiran anak2 Lipat Kajang, kami cuba untuk merapatkan silaturahim. Kami berdoa usaha kami itu mendapat kejayaan, jika tidak 100% pun, sebarang kemajuan di kira kejayaan.
    Kami memang bersetuju dengan 'susah' tapi kami tidak percaya yang ianya 'impossible', dengan kerjasama semua pehak dan anak2 buah Lipat Kajang.
    Kami sedar tentang 'political challenges' tapi kami tidak ingin menjemput masaalah. Kami adalah anak2 Lipat Kajanag, dan tidak lebih dari itu. Walau apa pun kerpercayaan politik masing2, Lipat Kajang adaklah lebih tinggi tahapnya dari politik. Kami percaya yang anak2 Lipat Kajang telah matang dalam hal2 saperti ini. Berapa lama kah Lipat Kajang ingin menjadi hamba kepada orang lain? Pada dulu pun kami menjadi hamba Inggeris, adakah sekarang kami ingin menjadi hamba orang kita sendiri?
    Kemudahan asas sudah pun kita terima. Selama ni tidakkah wakil2 kita dalam Negeri Pahang lihat kekurangan kita? Mungkin untuk mengeyangkan tengkolak mereka sendiri, tak tahulah saya. Tapi sekiranya mereka itu, yang lama dan yang baru dapat memikirjkan kesulitan orang2 Lipat Kajang dan kampong2 sekitarnya, tentu sekali mereka telah memikirkan berkenaan dengan Pos, Bank, setesen minyak, dll kemudahan berhampiran dengan Jalan Temerloh/Jerantut, di Kerdau atau di Simpang 4 umpamanya. Tidak adakah satu Wakil Pos di Bandar Kerdau? Bandar Kerdau juga ada satu Balai Polis. Setesen minyak memanag tidak ada di sepanjang jalan Temerloh/Jerantut, melainkan satu 'filling station' di Kuala Krau setahu saya. Bukan kah ini satu 'opportunity' untuk anak atau waris Lipat Kajang? Satu setesen minyak telah di cadangkan di Desa Murni Kerdau tapi malang nya tuan punya tanah telah meninggal dunia. Cadangan itu tinggal hanya cadangan. Bank? Ini susah sikit, mungkin perniagaan tidak menguntungkan. Tapi kalau BSN mampu menanggung, why not?
    Tabung Haji pun commercial jugak! Tak usah nak cakaplah, tak kena gayanya duit kita (mana yang adalah) dalam TH pun tak selamat.
    Cerita pasal Wakil Pos, saya di maklumkan bahawa Wakil Pos di Bkt Tinggi Bentong adalah anak Lipat Kajang.
    Saya percaya, slowly but surely, there is progress in Lipat Kajang, asalkan penduduknya inginkan kemajuan.

  7. saya rasa kita jangan limitkan kepada lipat kajang sahaja.kalau nak maju,majukan kerdau keseluruhannya.kan lagi elok.lagipun lipat kajang jauh sikit ke dalam,sama dengan kuala kerdau.elok tumpukan ke simpang empat tuh.tengah2.semua akan bertumpu ke situ.masa pekan sehari sabtu.masa bulan puasa.cuma nya kalau dapat di majukan transport air semula macam dulu2,naik bot ke temerloh.alangkah bestnya.buat jeti di setiap strategic sepanjang sungai pahang hala ke hilir.saya satu jer.macam mana nak maju,kalau setiap pekan sehari,sampah bersepah2.kita ni masih jauh lagi sebenarnya.kalau benda kecil pun kita tak boleh nak buat.kalaulah semua penduduk sekitar kerdau dapat membersihkan kawasan masing2,itu sudah cukup membanggakan.
    for a start.
    can we do it?
    how we do it?

  8. kuala kerdau, simpang empat, pekan kerdau semuanya dalam Mukim Kerdau, kena tanya YB ADUN Kerdau (happen to be my senior di ABS dulu) jika orang kerdau (anak anak jati kerdau) mahu buat spt yang kita mahu buat untuk Kg Lipat Kajang kita?
    saya tak masuk campur pasal mukim lain atau kampong lain, sebab saya tak ada hak nak masuk campur jauh sekali menentukan apa yang patut dibuat di kampong orang lain untuk kampong orang lain...
    Mukim Lipat Kajang (Kg Lipat Kajang) Pahang adalah fokus saya dan hasrat harapan dan tujuan saya hanya nak membantu merealisasikan pembangunan di Kg Lipat Kajang (dan barangkali termasuk jugalah sebatang jalanraya yang menghubungkan Kg Lipat Kajang dengan jalan besar Temerloh-Jerantut)
    soal Kg Lipat Kajang jauh (sikit) ke dalam atau di dalam, atau terpencil tak timbul sama sekali, jika kampong ini sudah pesat membangun penuh dengan berbagai industri (kecil, sederhana atau pun besar) serta berbagai aktiviti komersial ala-kampong tapi viable dan kompetitif, maka Kg Lipat Kajang tak akan kelihatan terpencil atau jauh ke dalam...biar ber puluh km pu ke dalam Kg LK akan menjadi begitu dekat dan ketengah, pandangan umum akan segera berubah...its a matter of perception, when you have realised your dreams (from being poor to being rich) your perceptions automatically change (from one based on poverty to that based on wealth and prosperity)
    nak letak pejabat pos ke BSN ke petrol station ke di simpang empat, atau nak bina rows of multi-storey shophouses there - i am sure the people of kerdau have given some thoughts about it all, and have perceived it to be possible or otherwise, especially commercially, and of course social considerations too have its pros and cons about simpang empat
    the impetus for development must necessarily come from the ADUN, the rep (the voice) of the local community, while the implementation will be the tasks of the public services (the government - local, state and/or federal)
    and likewise Kg Lipat Kajang Pahang still remains under-developed, why? what are the causes for such a sorry state, after 52 years of independence, 52 years of voting in the same political masters (viz a viz the government), after so many ADUNs come and go and all ahve become filthy rich?
    after the present ADUN have been voted in for 4 terms (or is it 3 terms?) (correct me if i am wrong) Kg Lipat Kajang still remains in such a sorry state, save for some minor showpieces here and there?

    Kg Lipat Kajang has been a stronghold (pungkor), even without much campaigning any "bidang terjun" candidate from the same political party can be assured of 100% votes from Kg LK, and yet all these innocent naive taking-for-granted Kg LK voters have been abandoned (or haved they been cheated?) for no fault of theirs...
    they have full trust, they have full confidence, they have so much faith in the political master(s) thay they have every time voted in, and yet ...
    and of course our folks must not forever succumb to their very own stale malignant thoughts and outdated understanding about choosing the right and suitable
    representative/spokesman to champion their causes, unfairly blinded from prevailing realities that has actually reached their doorsteps, swept by the flowing currents of socio-economic-political developments
    we are not here to promote any kind of political upheavals amongst our own folks in Kg Lipat Kajang Pahang, if we by default (by tradition) and not for any other reason that we still continue to uphold the same political allegiance, so be it, nothing wrong with that, but we must know what we can benefit as a community, as a village (and not just as a few selfish individuals) and how we can benefit out of our undivided loyalty to the government (i.e. the political master) of the day, that we must be conscious about, kemaslahatan seluruh warga kampong, is of the utmost priority to be sought, and not just the pursuit of private interests, in alluring each and every vote for "the power that be" every time the folks are asked to do so
    that is the very core of the problem(s) resulting in a very slow pace of development og Kg Lipat Kajang Pahang
    the voices from inside have not been loud enough
    and any distinct voice(s) could have for certain been muted by some unseen on/off switches
    the one fortunate enough to have been every time and all the time elected into power have taken for granted that these village folks are so dumb, so naive and could easily be tamed by bits and pieces of negligible chickenfeed hand-outs (subsidies) that actually have not or never flowed down to each and everyone especially the needy and the desperate
    it is the responsibility of each and every one of us the born-and-bred people og Kg Lipat Kajang Pahang to demand justifiably for more concrete actions to develop this village in the same way as developments of many other remote parts of this and other States are being undertaken that most of us have obviously witnessed, such as in many parts of Selangor and Johor that i know of
    basic amenities that have reached this village are nothing more than electricity and water,
    what other basic modern day amenities that can benefit the people towards getting them more exposed and more involved in spiritual, economic and social developments are still being short-circuited when all these should actually have already in place many years ago
    and that is the very reason i am sure why the initiative to create this LKP blog has inspired our brother, and have all of a sudden, fortunately, made us all inspired as well and became dignified to do something, to contribute in our own small but significant ways, towards realising the enhanced development of this village where we all were born
    so let us all be focussed on just this Kg Lipat Kajang Pahang without meandering into other peripheral areas, at least for the time being, irrelevant
    our own agenda have not even begun yet, and there is really so much that could be done in Kg Lipat Kajang itself, so much untapped opportunities for development, so much potentials to be developed, so much natural resources to be commercialised, all for the benefit of the village folks, and we all can then certainly share the pride of having done our part, having given our contribution...

  9. my focus is on Lipat Kajang. I am aware of what may be going on in the neighbouring kampongs outside Lipat Kajang, but let the anak Kerdau or anak any other kampong nearby look after their own backyards. I know of many anak22 other kampongs nearby, and I know of their abilities, and financial capabilities, but do we have that in Lipat Kajang? We may actually have such people but they have not surfaced because no one has yet open the way to them, no one has yet 'tebas' the path, and no one has 'tonjol' Lipat Kajang. Now we have 'tebas' the path, we have 'tonjol' Lipat Kajang, and I believe that we have been 'looked' at. Give us some time, we will see the results.
    I would like to see where we were such as boats in the river and all that, but let us get into the first stage of our development, let some of us earn some money from whatever efforts and capital we put in, whatever resources (human and material) we can enhance in Lipat Kajang, and let more people know Lipat Kajang, let them know that we exist (many did not even know that Kg Lipat Kajang ever existed, and many Lipat Kajang-ites when asked where he/she comes from will say either 'Temerloh' or 'Kerdau' ..... except Sulaiman Osman far as I know ...... who will always say that he is from Lipat Kajang proudly ...... and Sulaiman lives in Bandar Tun Razak, Ampang in case any Lipat Kajang-ite wants to know).
    Please focus on Lipat Kajang. Its not a dream, I know that its there. Work hard and we will succeed.

  10. pihak munisipal (local council / majlis perbandaran) bertanggungjawab mengutip dan membuang segala sampah sarap dan sisa2 yang berselerak ditinggalkan setiap kali selepas pekan sehari sabtu, kerana munisipal yang kutip cukai, peniaga2 bukannya berniaga percuma, walau pun keadaan susunatur tempat perniagaan (untuk beberapa jam itu pun) amat tidak teratur, ada siapa yang peduli?

    that row of old shoplots dah bertahun tahun disitu masih macam tu jugak dari zaman pak idham dan paklang chen dulu lagi, walau pun disebelah sana dah ada sekolah menengah, sebenranya orang tempatan di simpang empat itu sendiri tak ber minat nak buat apa apa dengan persekitaran disitu, banyak isu isu pemunyaan tanah pusaka, isu isu sosial (spt saya katakan dulu) yang membantutkan

    setiap kali saya balik ke Lipat Kajang saya mesti singgah di rumah ex kakak ipar saya ditepi jalan menghala ke LK/Kuala Kerdau tu tak jauh dari simpang tiga tu, dan macam2 maklumat panas dapat didengar (from the grapevines), true or not, kalau tak ada angin masa kan dahan-dahan pokok boleh berbuai bergoyang
    pendekkan cerita, who are we anak anak Kg Lipat Kajang to poke our hands into matters and issues pertaining to adjacent kampongs such as kuala kerdau or simpang empat, which are of no interest to us and not relevant to our current objectives, and totally beyons our jurisdictions to even discuss it,

    bear in mind that (as far as i can figure out based on my experiences having mixed with peers from adjacent neighbourhoods), their thinking and their perceptions, their outlook and their approach (in handling issues) are at different coordinates compared to ours, that of anak anak lipat kajang, with due respect and without any prejudice in me saying this, they are also closely related to us in lipat kajang

    our agenda cannot be compared to theirs, though may be parallel in some aspects, perhaps because they are (and have always been) admittedly one step (or a few steps) ahead of us in their pursuits in life, believe it or not

    Kg Lipat Kajang may be located 2 or 3 km inside from Simpang Empat but it is a village of a closely-knitted community and all descendents of those forefathers of ours across many generations, bonded by strong family ties, and never fail to identify oneself as a Lipat Kajang-ite, no matter whether you are living inside (like our older old folks) or you are living far outside such as Sulaiman Osman (Abang Teh Sulaiman) in Taman TR Ampang or Samah Sulaiman in Kuala Kangsar Perak, or Juhar Ismail in Salak Tinggi Selangor...and that is the very reason why anak anak Lipat Kajang majority of them never fail to congregate at the annual "tahlil kubur" on 2nd Aidilfitri, a uniqueness of Kg LKP that we cannot find in even the adjacent kampongs
    we may be a few steps behind in terms of development and progress but we Kg LKP are not devoid of resources and are not really dependent on just one outlet/exit to the outside world, not just via Simpang Empat
    we can even choose to construct another exit cutting across Ceruk Ara straight to the T'loh-Jerantut trunk road, or build a bridge across the Pahang River to Kelibut and on to the main road on the other side, across Bintang to Temerloh (with concrete justifications the authorities will invariably agree to such new ideas of alternative infrastructures for Kg LKP such as new exit/entry road and/or bridge,

    Kg LKP also has a long stretch of river bank, and water communication can certainly be developed not just as a means of transport, but also as tourist attraction for river tourism (or eco tourism) with proper beautiful jetties and riverside homestays

    hence there is no justification is us being to unduly worried about that S4 junction to the extent that we loose our original foresight about our own Kg Lipat Kajang
    if we remember S4 came into being when in those days the British RE (Royal Engineers) decided to build a road from Pekan Kerdau to Kuala Kerdau cutting across that very spot where S4 is today, and that is why we have S4, not actually what we in Kg LKP requested for, and by convenience, the access road to Kg LKP was just branched out from that stretch
    (elders, please correct me if i am wrong with this historical fact about S4)
    and as many times stressed Kg LKP is not devoid of resources be it natural resources which are all still untapped, or brilliant, intellectual, technological, entrepreneurial brains which have not been fully tapped for the benefit of the kampong
    so are religious, sociological and/or political minds of educated sons and daughters of Kg LKP are all at our disposal (i am sure) to be benefitted in whatever ways deemed necessary and helpful...
    what are we all waiting for?

  11. woo...abang kas mahmood,
    terkedu saya membaca tulisan abang.Tinggi ngat english nyer.sampai tak faham saya membacanyer.
    If penduduk LK nak bantu majukan LK silakan dan amat di alu2kan,cuma saya ingatkan kawasan sekitar kerdau,lipat kajang,guntung,desa murni,baruh tak jauh mana antara satu sama lain.anak2 LK pun bersekolah di simpang 4,maka isu kawasan tak sepatutya di bangkitkan.
    yang penting,biar apa pun kemajuan,di mana pun kemajuan,semua di harap dapat manafaatnya,sebab kalaupun nanti LK dah maju dengan serba serbi pembangunan dan projek,kuasa membeli akan tetap oleh penduduk sekitar kerdau,jerantut,temerloh atau satu malaya.apa guna projek dan hasil jika tidak dapat di pasarkan.
    jika maju LK ,kawasan kawasan ini akan menerima tempias pembangunannya.
    lagipun sedara banyak sedara mara duduk di kawasan kawasan ini termasuk LK.kata orang pahang,bukan orang lain,puok tu juger.

    make no mistake, i am all for the benefits of LK dan kawasan sekitarnya.harap dapat di saksikan realitinya.


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  13. anonymous,and all

    kite' kite' ni semua brainstorming aje, many heads are better...

    the best of ideas that can come out will surely be useful hints, indicators and guidelines,
    our aim is just one, yours and mine and all LK-ites'

    our central focus is certainly LK but of course bird's eyeview does more often than not produce better judgements and reduce the effects of too much ...centrics

    we all agree that LK cannot stand alone by itself,
    activities in surrounding areas will have its earthquake effects on LK, like it or not - tremors can certainly be felt,
    if all our surrounding neighbours are in a state of neglect and dilapidation, our own developed status will definitely be meaningless...
    conversely if we remain undeveloped (and backward) while neighbours have progressed far ahead, there will be a lot of self pity, and much more social and economic problems suffered by our folks, and will not augur well for LK in trying to enhance the image, pride and integrity of its people, our morale will remain very low

    for many generations already S4 has been the centre of biz activities and source of even the basic household groceries, a place for mini barter tradings, a meeting/rendezvous point of some sort - all because of its centralised location and accessibility
    that's why the secondary school was built right there, if we still cannot see the significance

    BUT still I must say that the responsibility of developing S4 and areas nearby (not within our own Mukim)is not on our shoulders in the first instance, and the initiative cannot come from us altho' the idea can be mooted across to the right people...if at all they want to hear it, or will they just say that we are poking our finger into other people's problems, better we first mind our own business, put our own household in order first than only look at the surroundings to see if we can do anything to help improve it (the surroundings) in order to promote our own position and requirements for further progress

    cakap senang, nak lakukan memang perlukan iltizam, semangat, usaha dan istiqomah

  14. salam
    yeah exactly,talk is cheap and easy,to do it is a different ballgame altogether.

    maybe lk should emulate example from successful 'desa wawasan' if there is still any around malaysia.

    dont aim too high,go to basic,get the basics in place first.

    i dont have any new ideas to be frank, as all good ideas have been mooted out in here.

    the question remains - how and whos going to do it?

    good luck lk'ites.

  15. Nak tahu info-info best dan menarik mengenai ikan Keli,jemputlah datang ke...
    Salam ukhwah dari Penang... :)