Friday, January 2, 2009

Lipat Kajang Baruh

This Kg Lipat Kajang (Lipat Kajang Village) situated in the State of Pahang (as posted earlier by brother mylias) is unique, may not be that significant or conspicuous enough in the eyes of "outsiders". However the villagers in general especially "the elders" (parents, grandparents especially) and us and our younger ones are satisfactorily happy and proud of the fact that this little traditional Malay (Muslim) village has over the years produced sons and daughters who have attained commendable success in their education, in theirs respective careers and to some extent also in the social (and maybe also political) standing, indicative of the fact that the people of this village deserved some degree of respect in terms of their spirit, willpower, effort, brilliance, cleverness, hardwork, and most importantly their positive attitude towards life.

I know for the fact that brother mylias and myself we both come/originate from that half portion of Kg Lipat Kajang call Lipat Kajang Baruh (Lower Lipat Kajang, low lying part of the village with respect to the river, Sungai Pahang, i.e. the part nearer the river). The other half of the village is of course known as Lipat Kajang Darat (Inland of Upper Lipat Kajang). LKB include those "precint"s like Tanjung Perian, Masjid, Tanjung Sungai, Ceruk Panjang, Lanjut, Ceruk Seratus, Tanjung Keling, Paya Lentang, Ceruk Udang, and all the areas on both sides of the riverbank of Sg Pahang, such as Kelibut, Krai, etc while LKD includes all the other "presint"s of the village. Both Lipat Kajang Baruh and Lipat Kajang Darat have their own respective "Tok Empat" (village head), their own respective UMNO Branch, their own respective surau and almost every aspect of their daily lives seems to be identified with and related to the fact that a villager lives either in the lower or upper Lipat Kajang.
Interestingly this seemingly divisive apportionment of the village into LK Baruh and LK Darat (due to some unknown ancestral deeds of some sort) has not and does not in any way divide the villagers into any sort of discriminative characteristics between the "orang Baruh" and "orang Darat" simply because all the villagers in Kg Lipat Kajang, through generations thus far, by whichever lineage, directly or indirectly, originate from and are descendents of the same ancestors, believe it or not, whether anyone lives in the Baruh or the Darat is not particularly a subject of dispute. Thus there is only one balai raya (community hall) located right at the "border" of Baruh and Darat, one masjid (mosque) located near the river bank, one Sekolah Kebangsaan LK (primary school) located at the Lanjut "presint" of Baruh, one Imam Masjid (mosque chief/president) who comes from Darat, one tanah kubur (graveyard) near the balai raya, and one of almost everything else, for Kg Lipat Kajang as a whole, because there is only one Lipat Kajang there, for us all anak Lipat Kajang (sons/daughters of Lipat Kajang).
Incidentally, the Penghulu, though also only one, comes from another village/place and not a son of Lipat Kajang and this fact seems to be a bit of an irony and sometimes a source of some difficulty when it comes to having to deal with him (the Penghulu) on matters of conccern.
My apology for this little comment/remark which has some validity to be concerned about .... and i am open to discussion on this subject.
Both Lipat Kajang Baruh and Lipat Kajang Darat have produced commendable sons and daughters, whose names I would not be able to list here because there are so many of them. They have excelled in their own fields in their own the Army, in the Police, in Petrochemical, in Veterenary, in Agriculture, in Finance, there are Engineers in various disciplines, Architect, Biologist, Accountants, Lawyers, Civil Servants, Diplomat, Doctors, there are so many Cikgu (teacher, young and old and retired), there are Islamic scholars, there are also politicians whether small time or big time, there are also good expeditious well proven Writers one of whom had risen up to and retired as a Deputy Editor of a prominent long- established nationwide newspaper (what an achievement, see how damn good he has been and still is I am sure, I make special mention of him here), etc, etc .......and perhaps there are also those who have limelighted themselves in the artistic and entertentainment world (menyanyi berlakun melawak melukis menghibur), I don't know.....but whatever I have mentioned are testimony to the fact that this Kg Lipat Kajang in the State of Pahang can continue basking in its own pride but certainly never to lull into complacency and insensitivity that can obliterate us all into non existence.
Let us all these intelligent brilliant educated sons and daughters play our part and contribute in whatever way we individuaaly or collectively can and are able to do towards the continued existence, growth and development of Kg Lipat Kajang, Temerloh, Pahang.

If we don't then who else can.........?

("Kas Mahmood")

Lipat Kajang people (or decendents) are encouraged to participate & contribute (Orang Lipat Kajang, atau keturunan, di jemput memberi sumbangan idea)


  1. My wish is that Lipat Kajang has Internet node, and people in Lipat kajang are internet (streamyx) savy.
    And I also wish that all those Lipat Kajang-ites outside the village have access to this blog.
    On the first, is there anyone who can persuade TM (Streamyx) to have a Internet node? Can we organise 'celek mata komputer' kepada orang2 Lipat Kajang'?
    On the second, we should attempt to collect all e-mail addresses of all Lipat Kajang-ites? I have a list of e-mail addresses in my family eGroup but that also include my relative outside Lipat Kajang. Some of them are no longer active.
    About the family tree mentined in one of our postings, I have got one made but my Australian software is very conservative. I cannot download it into this blog.

  2. Dimasa saya di Sekolah Melayu Lipat Kajang dulu, orand LK Darat selalu menggunakana perkataan "Bala", tapi orang LK Baruh jarang2 menggunakan perkataan itu.