Saturday, January 3, 2009

Siapa Orang Lipat Kajang?

This Kg Lipat Kajang (in Pahang) that we know of today has seen and blessed many cross-breedings i.e. many intra marriages between the different lineages in the village itself, or inter-marriages of the kampung lad/lass with "outsiders" of their very own choice be it from other towns/districts (or FELDA schemes) in Pahang or other States in Malaysia, some had even taken up brides or bridegrooms from far away places or from different origin/background.......
love knows no boundaries, certainly.

These marriages have produced offsprings some of whom have either came back to settle in Kg Lipat Kajang or somehow have identified themselves or be associated with the fact that either his/her father or mother, grandfather or grandfather originated from Kg Lipat Kajang,
every year we definitely can see droves/herds of them coming back to Kg Lipat Kajang to celebrate the Hari Raya Aidilfitri with their folks, for example, or just to come back for a brief visit, drop by at his/her Wan's (grandma's) delapidated house for a taste of the "sambal buah getah" on the "sengkalan" (know what that is?) or the bitter hot "sireh/betel nut/gambier" grind to small bits and pieces with the "gobek sireh" (know what that is too?) or whatever else the reason why these half-bred Lipat Kajang-ites have been willing to drive their big shiny powerful cars into the village >>> they have become more than half-breds, they have become one of us, Lipat Kajang originals, but with some circuit modifications and some new softwares inserted into them, coming from their Minangkabau or Javanese or Chinese or other original foreign design (ancestry) .

Especially in the early morning on the second day of Hari Raya Aidilfitri, I can safely say that you can easily count up to hundreds of cars/vehicles (including motorbikes) of various brands/makes/shapes/sizes/capacity snuggly parked in the compunds of practically every house in Kg Lipat Kajang - they all have come back to enjoy the "uniqueness, naturalness, openness, simplicity, kind heartedness and the spirit of togetherness" of this village even if it is only for one night or just one day, the day when everyone and all will gather at the main graveyard at Tanjung Nyior? (I am not sure of the name, but I believe that is the name), young and old, to dedicate that annual remembrance to those "who have gone before us", i.e. the annual "tahlil kubur" (the annual praying at the graveyard, as mentioned by brother mylias).

Now, we the original Kg Lipat Kajang-ites, have we really known, do we really know and can we identify positively by name or by whatever personal info/data.....who are our forefathers, our ancestors? Can we say, "oh, so and so (name) were the first settlers in this kampung and we all are their direct or indirect descendents .......we are all blood related between one another.....aren't we proud to say definitively that these brave warrior-like so and so were our "datuk nenek".....I for one am very proud to say that if I had known who they were !

I know there a few lineages (family lines) that have produced the villagers of Kg Lipat Kajang of today, but purportedly coming from the same ancestors, the same "datuk nenek", I say "purportedly" or presumably because there are no known concrete info/data or even slightest hints as to the real "who and who" were them, these ancestors of ours who first stepped on this soil, first set foot on Kg Lipat Kajang?

On one of these possible lineages, it was narrated to me that one adventurer (pengembara) from the "kepulauan", a brave invulnerable/inpenetrable (kebal) Bugis man by the name of Tok Hashim was among the first few (not many of them, can count by the fingers I was told, but who and who exactly, their names?) to set foot there on the river bank in this village of ours having arrived via the river from the estuary (refer to my comment on How Lipat Kajang Got Its Name). But only his name, no other info about him I have so far obtained, and I am just wondering how/where to source for such details.

Why did Tok Hashim decided to tie his boat (sampan/perahu) permanently to the riverbank, named the place Lipat Kajang (Pahang), settled there and established his family there???

This Tok Hashim somehow got married (to whom, when and where, I don't have a clue) and produced one son and one daughter, known only as Hj Pin and Singah (f) respectively. There might had been more than just two siblings, but again, no info....

In turn, this Hj Pin got married (to whom, when and where?) and was a blessed with a son names Sabudin, who might not had been the only offspring of Hj Pin, I don't know...

Now, who from my generation or earlier generation in this village does not know who this Sabudin is or was......Hj Sabudin lived a long life (more than a centenarian, I was told but correct me, I may be wrongly told), a brave man, a kindhearted man, a pious man, a man who could cure many ills among his descendents during his lifetime, etc, etc........there is a Jalan Sabudin in Kg Lipat Kajang, named after him.......that was my Yan'g Sabudin (my maternal great grandfather) who I had met and seen in person when he was still alive.

Hj Sabudin married someone (again, I have insufficient info as to who when and where, about this marriage, or that I missed to jot down the info when it was narrated to me), and he produced a few offsprings, daughters, and maybe son(s) including one lady who passed away at the age of 96 years in 1982, she was Hjh Timah Binti Hj Sabudin, my maternal grandmother ! She was my grandma whom I loved so much.

Has that small piece of info shed any light, give any clue as to who I am?

The descendents of Hjh Timah Binti Hj Sabudin, no need to tell lah, you all know already.

Now, the daughter of Tok Hashim, named Singah (f) married this man, Derahim (from another lineage) (when and where.....we also seek this info) and this couple produced many sons and two daughters, according to the narrator who narrated to me...

These sons and daughters of the happy couple, Derahim & Singah (f) (my paternal great grandfather) were known by their respective names and had been identified on official State records by their names - Akib, Kasim, Komen, Abd Rani, Daud, Senan (f) and Sehah (f) (7 of them, have I missed any?........feel free to add)

These names sound familiar to us, isn't it???

Was Derahim together with Tok Hashim, from "over the sea", one of Tok Hashim's hands/helpers? Or that Derahim's father or grandfather (who?) was together with Tok Hashim, or was from a different group of settlers? who were they? from where? What were their ages then?

Abd Rani (Allahyarham - the Late) had lived to be a weathy well-to-do prominent figurehead in the village, reverred, consulted and referred to on many matters.

This is only one lineage (my lineage) that I know of, luckily I had managed to capture some info on this lineage. As for the other lineages, I am inviting everyone sones and daughters of Lipat Kajang (Pahang) please go and dig up for whatever info that you can possibly obtain from anyone anywhere at all, and put it all on record to be shared and cherisehd by us all, in the one and same family that we should be proud of.

As for this lineage from Tok Hashim and Derahim's dear brothers and sisters, and all our younger generations, I am happy to share these bits and pieces with you all, but you might already have got more info than what I have, never mind, well and good. In any case please seek and dig for more info so that a genuine concrete family tree can be constructed, that which we can cherish and pass on to our future generations so that they know who they actually are........
it will be not only nostalgic but also history will be established and recorded, an achievement of some sort for all of us.
("Kas Mahmood")

Lipat Kajang people (or decendents) are encouraged to participate& contribute (Orang Lipat Kajang, atau keturunan, di jemput memberi sumbangan idea)


  1. Hjh Timah Binti Hj Sabudin, my maternal grandmother, married to Kasim Bin Derahim, my maternal grandfather
    and my paternal grandfather is Daud Bin Derahim, the brother of Kasim, and also the brother of Akib who is brother mylias' paternal grandfather, who else....

  2. Yes, Akib was my grandfather (on my fathers side) and I lived with him (and my grandmother Hjh Jebah) almost all my life. Akib passed away at Seberang Darat Sir at his sisters house Wan Wer Bibah whren I was about 6 years old and Hjh Jebah passed away at home in Kg Durian Sangka (there is a road named Durian Sangkan in Lipat Kajang) when I was in Form 3. I will download my family photo later.

  3. I thought Jalan Sabuddin in Ulu Lanjut is named after Aki Sabuddin? I remember Aki Sabuddin. The same Aki Sabuddin I am thinking of? Father of Yusof and Grandfatherb of Musa?

  4. Yes, the same person, Allahyarham Hj Sabudin, pangkat/gelaran "Yan'g" to both mylias and myself, mengikut "susur galur" that i observe, along mylias' paternal line and both my paternal as well as maternal lines (correct me if I'm wrong), the Jalan Sabudin in Lanjut is named after him, the late Aki Itam Yusof's father and Ayah Wer Musa's grandfather

  5. A person by the name of KAHIR (Bin ?) was/is the father of DERAHIM....who was/is the father of KASIM, DAUD, MD AKIB, KOMEN, ABD RANI, SEHAH (f) and SENAN (f).

    Who was this KAHIR? anyone got any info, any hints/clue on him?

    Then there was this man named MAT CHIT who was married to a woman named ASIAH (f)and they had a daughter (plus any other children, I don't know)named SAOMA (f)

    MAT CHIT and ASIAH (f) were/are my paternal great grandparents, because SAOMA(f) got married to DAUD Bin DERAHIM and they produced two sons, my father and a brother

    Anyone has any hints/clue as to who this MAT CHIT and ASIAH(f) were, may be they were connected in some ways to (or their names appear in) other family lineages?

    We already know who Daud and Md Akib were/are.

    As for their siblings....
    KOMEN was/is the father of NORDIN ...who was/is the father of ZAHID (Abang Zahid) and his siblings....Zahid is still very much alive and kicking
    One of Zahid's sisters was married to Allahyarham Tok Sidek (the Penghulu who had served in Kuala Krau) and she is still alive, a widow with successful children

    Komen was married to whom, when and where, someone can info us?

    KASIM was married to Hjh Timah Binti Hj Sabudin, and they both were/are the father and mother of ABD MALEK, ABD RAHMAN, ZAHARAH(f) and MAZNAH(f) all passed away long time ago...
    Abd Malek was/is the father of Mat Jaeh (Allahyarham), Ghazali and their siblings

    Abd Rahman was married to Sa'adah(f) the daughter of SEHAH(f) Binti DERAHIM (his cousin), and they both were/are the father and mother of Abdullah (the Late)(Abang Dollah), Esah, Jebah (f), Aminah(f) and Kalsom(f) and who else...I'm not sure
    Jebah(f) (Ngah Jebah) is still alive, was married to Allahyarham Abdul Razak Bin Abd Hamid (Abang Jak aka Cikgu Razak) of Tanjung Perian presint.

    SENAN (f) Binti DERAHIM maried to who, when and where, her descendent certainly have got the details...
    SENAN(f)was/is the mother of OSMAN (Pak Uda Man Tanjung) who was/is the father Marzuki and his siblings
    Hj Marzuki is still alive in the kampung and is the father of Sirad Marzuki and siblings

    OSMAN's wife was/is the daughter of Allahyarham Tuan Hj Ahmad (Hurairah) the Grand Ulama' of Kg Lipat Kajang (see posting by brother mylias)

    These are some details about this person, Allahyarham DERAHIM BIN KAHIR, our great grandfather
    I stand corrected

  6. Daud? You need to ask Dr Dad (in our IGP) for that, he was his grandfather (I think I am correct in that, but correct me if I am wrong). Dr Dads' brothers are Saidun (late), Hamzah (in KL), Samah (in Kuala Kangsar). You know Dr Dad? We used to know him as Awet in the kampong.

  7. dr dad, yes i know him, 'kan ke his mother was/is the daughter of that Pawang/Pendekar Awang who lived across the river, she got married to dr dad's father, apa namanya...yes, sulaiman (man sabai) anak kepada daud bin derahim, now i remember

  8. that marriage I am not sure. i am even not sure of dr dad's mother. dr dad may be able to enlighten us on that.
    sulaiman sabai is correct.
    he died (i think) when he was married to mak ngah betiah - janda arwah pak ngah mat saman (rumah belakang mak ngah timah dekat sekolah.

  9. So Dr Dad is Awet.

    Kenal le apa tak kenal.

    Tapi saya ni tak berapa peka tentang susur galur keluarga.

    This blog helps me to enlighten in that area.


  10. dr dad, when are you going to get involved, poke your finger in ...
    join in the fray, i have already spoken to you about this, stir the air with some of your anti-denggi fog, spray it all over Lipat Kajang

    sirad, awet tu ayahtam (pak itam) ikut belah ayah dia (man sabai) (man sabai ada kena mengena juga dengan ayah awok dan juga mak awok, as far as i know), (awet tu uncle lah to you and your siblings)ikut belah mak dia, arwah Yang Sapiah Binti Awang (Pendekar Awang, seberang sungai) awak tanya lah mak awak susur galurnya, kon blur tentang tu