Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Braves Of Lipat Kajang

The 'braves' of Lipat Kajang, photo taken in the 1950s, at the height of the Malaysian Emergency. Photo provided by Jantan Azid, a Lipat Kajang-ite.

"The Braves Of Lipat Kajang" - the caption that catches our eyes as soon as we open up this Lipat Kajang Pahang Blog
How many of us would for one second stop to look and stair at this image of "the brave ones" of the 1950's in Lipat Kajang, and try to recognise them (do you know who they are?) and picture in your mins about their bravery, their unrelenting spirit putting on that khaki uniform and taking up arms fighting the communist terrorists (i presume) and/or the japanese invaders (i'm not sure) during those years all for the sake of the village - so that they and others in this kampong and their families, and their descendets could and can live without any harassment, live peacefully - yes, they all wanted peace and harmony in the kampong.
I definitely recognise a few of them, either by name or that i had actually met and seen them when i was young, such AyahWe Tan Mat Ali, for example...

Now, these braves have certainly carved their names in the history of Lipat Kajang, Pahang, along with many more others surely who could not be featured herein, but they could not be the only ones from Lipat Kajang who possess that kind of commendable bravery as to be bold and daring enough to wear uniforms and carry firearms in defence of "peace and harmony".

Over the years, since the era of these "home guards" up to these very decade (I'm sure) there have been many sons (i'm not sure about daughters) of Kg Lipat kajang who have joined the Army or the Police, in the other words, they become soldiers or policemen (join the Malaysian Armed Forces or the Polis Di Raja Malaysia) and these two careers, mind you, were highly regarded......those who had become "askar" or "polis" became the talk of the village with high praises for them, but maybe, just maybe, these days the police are not that well respected any more as the custodian of public "peace and order and tranquility", why, I don't tell me lah, why?

There was this gentleman, i'm not sure if he is really orang Lipat Kkajang or orang sempadan Lipat Kajang/Kerdau or orang Kerdau, someone definitely could enlighten us - this man rose so high up in the Army to become a three-star General (vaguely as i know it) and bestowed as a "Dato' " or "Datuk", i'm not sure also.....and then I vaguely that he was married to that famed singer of yester days, what's her name? Fatimah something?
All my respect for him, this General

Who else had become soldiers, I can tell you, its a long list
Abdul Manaf Talib (PakUda Manaf), his brother Abd Kadir Talib (PakTeh), Pak Itam Kama (Kamaluddin ke or Kamaruddin, his name I'm not sure), Jane', Mat Jaeh, Sani, Kamalun Shah, Kamaluddin Ahmad (Abang Kama), Bakhtiar (now Tok Empat LKD), Teh Seman, Mat Lazim, Majid Awang, Teh Yahya (Teh Sakar / Abang Teh), Mansor (asal dari Kelantan tapi sekarang dah jadi orang Lipat Kajang), Hamid (Abang Mid, was he a soldier?) and many memory and my knowledge is limited, my apology to those whose names I fail to mention here...tak ingat / tak tahu (Many of them are no more with us, they have gone, Al Fatihah...)
You can lengthen the list...
And who had become policemen? Again we can make a list

So you see, talk about any profession any job any career at all, some names of anak anak Lipat Kajang Pahang will certainly be inclusive,
and if these who had become soldiers or policemen were/are not brave enough, they would not have ventured to take up the job/career, and that bravery (keberanian) could believe it or not have been hereditary, inherited from our brave ancestors, The Braves of Lipat Kajang,
aptly remembered

Lipat Kajang people (or decendents) are encouraged to participate& contribute (Orang Lipat Kajang, atau keturunan, di jemput memberi sumbangan idea)


  1. many from Lipat Kajanag were the 'pahlawan' who risked their lives to make Lipat Kajang a peaceful place for all of us to to live and to be proud of today. In fact Lipat Kajang was a model for fighting the Communists, and none of our braves even got wounded, even though many time they came into the line of fire (by the Communists then). When I was small, we saw blood after the night attack but not our blood, it was their blood.
    If I have my way I would love to show more pictures of our braves but this is the only photo that I can get hold of todate, thanks to Jantan Azid.

  2. General (B) Dato' Ghani Abdullah is very proud of Lipat Kajang. Though from Bukit Pancur, he always say that he is from Lipat Kajang.

    The other General is Gen (B) Dato' Abas Yunus. The son of Penghulu Yunus (late), he has many relatives in Lipat Kajang though his mother is from Kerdau.

  3. gambar "The Braves Of Lipat Kajang" telah diberi pinjam oleh Jantan Azid untuk dimuatnaik di blog ini
    bagus juga kalau gambar Jantan Azid dipaparkan juga buat tatapan sesiapa yang tidak mengenali dia,

    he mus be keeping a lot more photos that will recall the yester years of Kg LK Pahang

  4. and jika boleh muatnaik juga gambar gambar Gen (R) Dato' Ghani dan Gen (R) Dato' Abas (dengan izin kedua-dua Dato' berkenaan), they are definitely our local heroes, to be emulated by the future generations dengan semangat kepahlawanan yang kental dan sejati

    may we upload your photos on this LKPlog, Dato' Dato' ? (i am anak Lipat Kajang born and bred, but have been away from the village since i was 18 years old, but Kg LKP always reamins dearly in my heart, and i "come home" to Lipat Kajang as often as i can, though briefly as it may be)

  5. I have no 'pangkat'. I am only a Datuk because I have grandchildren.

  6. if I can get their photographs I shall try to upload them (after asking their permission that is)

  7. there you are - gambar Jantan Azid, seen under posting "Memories of LK", thank you Abang mylias

    wajah dan rupa muka (facial looks/features) Abang Jantan Azid memang tak berubah sampai sekarang, he still look the same as in 1952, that warrior (pahlawan) look, he is also a pahlawan Kg Lipat Kajang, uniquely

    and he is a Datuk too (or Aki) i'm sure, tentu dia dah punya ramai cucu...dan cicit, belum lagi kot