Thursday, January 8, 2009

Membangunkan Lipat Kajang

Sudah sampai masa nya untuk kita sama sama brainstorm untuk memberikan pendapat, cadangan dan pandangan untuk membangunkan LIPAT KAJANG, TEMERLOH, PAHANG.

Buat lah ia macam nak mendidik anak yang baru nak belajar berjalan. Perlahan perlahan asalkan ianya selamat.

Ianya biar lah untuk kemajuan ummah di LIPAT KAJANG, TEMERLOH, PAHANG dan menjadi model kepada lain lain mukim di PAHANG, MALAYSIA, BUMI.


  1. Lipat Kajang Pahang.

    Walaupun mukim yang kecil agak besar juga untuk diusahakan.

    Yang pasti terdapat banyak resources untuk dimajukan dan yang dah terbiar.

    It is still individualistic and not economically group to make an economic impact.

    I think.

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  3. cannot disagree
    walau pun serumpun, asal usul sama TAPI noticeable as it has been all the years....quite polarized and too family-centric, you know what "family" means

    i don't know why it has crept into and has plagued the kampong, Bong Taib also spoke the same tone, now am i alone in saying this?

    that is why NOW as mylias said is the time for us all not to have that ....centric anymore in our God-blessed minds, not being individualistic any more, pool all our resources and become a united force to implant a total change in attitude (some kind of paradigm shift)....that is the starting block for us to sprint forward,
    and we cannot afford to do it like a snail, there must be continuous momentum, many of us can easily be identified as being capable enough, if not very capable, to contribute, bro mylias could take the lead, why not?
    I definitely say, YES I agree

    inilah satu peny

  4. actually I am too old, too tired to take any physical initiative. I can only give ideas and share experience. I do not have the resources nor the energy anymore.

    I appreciate the response from the young folks of Lipat Kajang in this blog so far, and I pray (berdoa kapada Allah SWT) that more young folks will respond.

    the direction of development? I have not really given a thought about this, but as I keep on writing, ideas will be formed and I will share the ideas with everybody, (Allah's willing), praying that some young Lipat Kajang man with resources and energy will put them into practice, modified to suit the time and the circumstances.

  5. I like the buzz word "paradigm shift".

    This should be the first step. The kedai kopi mentality must be eradicated.

    Not easy but must be done.

    Sifat malu must be change.

    Adventurous attitude and hijrah must be inculcate especially to the young ones.

    The love of Lipat Kajang and the olden days culture of gotong royong or syarikat again (read that in thes blog...Munshi says about Pahang, Trengganu and Kelantan people)must be taught and assimilate.

    Just a thot.

  6. Koperasi/Syarikat/Gotong Royong

    This could be the platform to jump start things.

    They can do it in their time, i think we can do it with a better model on a larger scale.

    Have to think of how to haul the Lipat Kajang-ite.

    Think, think, think.

  7. agreed on that paradigm shift. The kampong folks must be given other activities to occupy their mind. With the current mentality of 'wanting subsidy', it will be quite a challenge.
    And also where they always want YB to be involved, they will not look for the kampong leadership but instead will be looking for YB leadership.
    I believe that the 'gotong royong' must be started as soon as possible, to clean up Lipat Kajang (as a whole and not baruh or darat). This is where the anak2 Lipat Kajang will need to help in some financing, refreshment and tools. Have the Tok Empat (2 of them?) being the leaders, and JKKK members the planners.

  8. Agreed with the initial financing, refreshments and tools.

    Have to push project to the 2 Tok Empat and to the JKKK as the planners.

    Planners......who's who, i don't have the list.

  9. a few other easily identified "liberated" LK-ites perhaps should first pow wow and formulate some kind of Work Plan, ie what do we want to be done (what is the issue/problem at hand), our target/aim, how do we go about in implementing it, making it workable in the most cooperative and effective way to ensure results, what resources available/required, who and who can we rope in as "leaders" as frontliners, to what extent will we want to get involved, what sort of role must we, i mean "we" play and so on and so forth, and that seems to be my line of thinking, not necessarily the correct thinking of course
    and this may be the same for all the other "projects" that "we" want to pursue fog Kg LK

  10. POW-WOW

    Agreed. The awakening of a lumbering naga.

    The beginning of a new era.

    LKP must move in tandem with vision 2020. Fight for prominence say by entering in the kampung cantik competition/contest.

    Takkan tak boleh kot....JKKK amacam

  11. one thing about competition that I am not very much in favour of is that there is expectations. If you win you are happy, but if you do not win then you become very very unhappy.
    Also the effect is very short. You clean and decorate your kampong only for the competition, after that 'you let go' .... jadi macam asal.
    I believe that the kampong folks must be taught to be proud of their environment, proud of their kampong, proud of their family, proud of their houses. Then only it will be a long term effect. We can go further, when the folks have learned to be 'clean', be 'polite', be 'civilised', we may even organise tourists for them, a homestay for example. Not now, they are not ready, the kampong is not ready ......... too far from being ready. We have other assets, which I shall elaborate in further writings later. We have diamonds which must be polished hard.

  12. at least these much we can give back to the land where we all originated, Kg Lipat Kajang Pahang

    c'mon everyone who happens to cross this site in cyberspace, stop by and read and get to know about this site, who we are because you are really part of us, and rightly you should come back to where you belong, nothing to lose but so much to gain, maybe not for yourself but your anak cucu cicit cuit and so on and so on...why hesitate?

  13. Competition

    Its likened a kenduri. Groups to work together to get things done.

    Just an option/way to infuse such working group attitude. To select and filter potentials abilities for future projects or objectives.

    Yes, there is much more to give.

    Given we must not be. For that,lose more we would.

    Together, we must. Ideas, we need.

    Resources, we have. Value, create we must.

    The top hand we must be, give we can. To take we cannot and hesitant we cannot be.

    For the future of Lipat Kajang, Pahang

  14. competition, when greed set in. jelousy follows and quarelling results. peace goes down tyhe drain. do you want that to happen in Lipat Kajang?

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  16. majority of the folks will just shy away at the thought of a clean house/clean compund/clean village competition, what more if it's forced on to them, even with persuasion and a lot of justifications explained
    let's just tell them, we all gotong royong to clean up your own house and compound, clean up the whole kampong simply because we want the kampong to be clean and neat and everyone lives in a healthy surrounding, real GOTONG ROYONG (with no political undertone by anyone, or any creature)by the people for the people of this kampong

  17. Challenge/Competition

    The reality of life has not set in into Lipat Kajang. I'm sad.

    Isn't there a wee bit of a glimmer of hope/light to shed them into a shining metal.

    Then i feel there is a need to motivate them in a soft manner.
    Gotong Royong like the 2nd day tahlil, or occassion as such, will justify/induce/entice their participation/commitment

  18. you are right sirad, cara bermusyawarah dan berlembut / bertolakansur, that is, after making all of the aware and concious of the hard-hitting facts of life, as you dais before

    similar to the 2nd day tahlil, it may more swallowable for them

  19. the 2nd tahlil is good, but it has remain stagnated. its not exciting anymore. it has no added value, though originally it created value. The organisers now have grown old, and young organisers are not coming out in numbers. if we are not careful, it will die a natural death. i have not been there for a number of years, ....... sad but its true. maybe some others old men like me also have not been there for a couple of years for all i know. it is an occassion i agree, but does it have to remain that 'dull'?
    children look forward to it, i know ....... but for how long? ...... untill which generation?
    we have to seriously think about how to make the occassion memorable, to make people wanting to come back again. we cannot have a pesta 'atas kubur', its not proper ...... but is there other ways where we can make the occassion memorable? let be practical about this, many of our people now are buried outside Lipat Kajang, ... many have been buried in KL or in Kuantan ... what is there that will make people of Lipat Kajang and their children and grandchildren wanting to come back to Lipat Kajang for the 2nd day of hari raya?
    think about it.

  20. Salam...tahniah kepada tuan kerana mengadakan@mengwujudkan blog lipat kajang.Pandangan dan pengalaman tuan amat-amat di perlukan untuk generasi baru di Lipat Kajang.maafkan saya kalau mengunakkan bahasa melayu kerana saya tidak mahir dalam english. tapi saya akan cuba belajar untuk mengunakan bahsa english sekiranya salah harap dapat di betulkan.

  21. w'kum salam dean, you must have got connections with Kg LKP, but it does not matter really if you haven't, and you are most welcome

    don't worry about whatever language you are good in or poor in, what's matters is you canand are able to communicate through or across to the other party, that's what we are trying to do here, well not just trying, but doing our best to inject some common sense(s) towards changing mindsets, attitudes and paradigms as the appropriate appetizer, whether digestible or not it's really not meant for our stomachs

    you can read more on english/malay or malay/english under posting "Language" by bro mylias

  22. after so many many years absent, last hari raya i went to the 2nd day tahlil @ the kubur,
    before i arrived i could not imagine anymore how the tahlil kubur was organised, i
    arrived in the kampong a bit early, nobody was there except those underneath, so i went to lanjut, dropped by at a house and was offered teh O and kuih2 raya plus some lemang but i only took the teh O
    after that about an hr later i headed for the kubur, found a few people already there, mundar mandir kulu kilir ke cerok sana ke cerok sini, i also met Resad (Arshad) anak arwah PakCik Ya (Sirad's uncle?) (had a tough time recognising him, until we both said, "i am so and so"...and then we both laughed loudly), resad was a cheeky small kid, not much younger than i was, when i last saw him many decades ago in the kampong...and we had a long chat

    i was right at the very end of the perkuburan, almost beside the paya (paddy field, or is it just swampy patch, i'm not sure) trying to figure out where my late mother's kubur exactly is, semua tanda-tanda dah hilang (of course i finally determined where she lies)
    ...then this Bong Taib emerged from nowhere, all of a sudden, and again, the long dragging conversation, until he got no more saliva, and he excused himself to go and meet all the rest
    then i headed back to the front part of the perkuburan, beside the kampong main road, of course by that time, i can clearly see everybody was already there, young and old, big or small, the recognised ones and the unrecognised ones, the Tok Empat of LKD (sdr Bakhtiar) was already on the PA system telling everyone where to drop their "duit sedekah tahlil" and offering a few do's and don'ts about the tahlil kubur
    and though the crowd was reasonably big, comprising mainly of the younger generations, everybody very much seems to be on their own, either standing or squatting beside the graves of their loved ones, or just chatting among themselves, i mean "themselves" - oblivious to anyone passing beside or in front, as if he/she didn't see (but actually he/she knows who you are) - that's a bit peculiar, i noticed....another .....centric

    and most of these younger ones (i mean in their early 40's or in their 30's or younger were just standing all over the kubur and chatting with one another, exchanging interesting "stories" maybe and laughing, not really befitting the actual real reason why they were there, more like being at a "pesta" literally, and
    then the kids as usual i remember just like in yester years, will quickly take their best sitting positions in the circular sort of sitting arrangement (on the ground) eagerly waiting for the tahlil to begin so that they can quickly raise up their open hands to get the "duit tahlil kubur", nothing else that they want, perhaps that is the very reason, in the first place, why they come for the tahlil kubur on 2nd hari raya !!!
    as for the elder ones, yes they came too and as expected they certainly were looking around and walking around to meet as many as they can those they have not met for at least one year, some like me, they have not met for many many years, and they give you salam, shake your hand, engage that usual Qs and As and they go on to meet the others, that's probably is the appropriate scenario to be expected -
    nong zuki, imam ghafar, cikgu ismail (the one with 18 children, from one wife, mind you), hamid adik jantan kone', PakWer Jalil, and many others i had met there at the kubur
    after that of course the tahlil was conducted, with the very elderly ones, including the imam, those 70 years old and above, sat on that busut (ant hill) next to the rumah wakaf - i recall there was mat lazim salleh, cikgu marhusin, pakcik aziz (who had settled somewhere in jelebu ns), pak itam kama (with his crutch to support his right leg), nong zuki, pakngah lela, and others - all in all there were probably about a dozen
    of them sitting on the busut, the real warga emas of Kg LK : the MC was of course bakhtiar

    and after the tahlil was over, the crowd dwindled almost as quickly as it developed, everybody walked off the site quickly or drove off quickly or rode off quickly, probably satisfied and happy that he/she has attended the annual tahlil kubur, a seemingly compulsory attendance imposed on all anak Kg LK by tradition

    i had not attended this tahlil kubur for something like more than a decade, consecutively, and after attending it last hari raya 2nd day, i have drawn up my own conclusions about it....

    to organise all the people of Kg LK to participate in a gathering such as the annual tahlil kubur, yes, maybe we can get positive responses
    but to say that the annual tahlil kubur has undergone changes, no, and does the tahlil kubur performed together as one community has any benefit to our people our kampong year after year every year, maybe i say YES least it renews every year and nurtures that "silaturrahim" : more than that, i cannot say for sure, it all depends on our own PERCEPTIONS and EXPECTATIONS,

    i am not that prominent enough in the kampong to be able to speak out others' mind, even if "the others" are very much part of me, connected in many ways, i think

  23. the annual tahlil kubur has become a bit dull, maybe so
    serve the purpose and objective of holding it, maybe YES
    need to be re vitalised to make it more purposeful and meaningful, YES younger people in the kampong need to take over organising it, with new approach
    how to make it more lively, not dull, well thalil kubur is tahlil kubur, we are seldom in a lively mood when are remembering the dead, do we ?
    what added value can you give to the tahlil kubur, i don't know really but perhaps immediately after the tahlil kubur you can herd off everyone (invite politely, so to speak) to somewhere else, another spot, another gathering of a different kind with a different "catch phrase" then you can add value :
    on the perkuburan itself, what new values can we add to the tahlil kubur....tahlil kubur is tahlil kubur, it is going to be just like that year after year, i guess
    but atr least Kg Lipat Kajang Pahang has got its annual tahlil kubur for the whole community whole kampong, i have not heard of such a tahlil kubur being held annually anywhere else in malaysia, especially on 2nd hari raya aidilfitri...Kg LKP is unique

  24. Mualaikum salam Dean,

    Kita boleh berinteraksi dalam dua dua bahasa. Kita perlu menurunkan fikiran, pandanagan, perjuanagan,motivasi, ransangan dan lain lain lagi yang positif untuk membangunkan LKP.

    Lama dah di takuk lama, masih ditakuk lama.

    Tiada dalam sejarah dan tiada dalam kenangan, perlu di tinggalkan legasi dulu dan disambungkan dengan legasi sekarang.

    Anda semua LKP diluar sana bangkit, tunjul, timbul, terjah dan jadi teruja lah anda.

    Let move forward......the battle has just begun.......

  25. memanglah tahlil kubur di lipat kajanag itu unik, tapi untuk berapa lama, sampai satu masa nanti orang jemu,.......... jadinya sebelum orang jemu, lets think of something. Admittedly I cannot think of anything really good presently. but shall we wait untill 'orang jemu'. we must have plan B now.

  26. Tahlil Kubur

    Let that be the annual affair in LKP.

    I agree with having a plan B. I think
    the Plan B is already being mooted in the other part of this blog.

    We have to rearrange the listing in to 6 main categories.

    1. History
    2. Social.
    3. Economy
    4. Family tree
    5. Environment
    6. Agri business/Intergrated farming

    Just my recommendation...

  27. Teringat masa saya kecik-kecik dahulu setiap tahun ada acara membelat di empang semen. Macam-macam jenis lukah dan sira akan di bawa keluar.Bila empang di buka air keluar bersama-sama ikan. tapi ikan-ikan akan hinggap di dalam lukah dan sira. bila air dah surut ada pesta menangguk dan menyauk ikan di sungai. semua golongan ada berkumpul. dari yg setua--tua aki ngan wan di kg tu hingga yang semuda-muda cucu bawa tangguk dan sauk tak kira laki tak kira perempuan.tak de langsung rasa takut.tak de lubang dalam sungai tu yang tak di seluk.memang macam pesta. setiap tahun time tu memanglah di nanti-nantikan Macam tahlil kubur di pagi raya juga. acara tahunan yang sentiasa ni nantikan. Tapi kini kenangan menangguk ikan dari empang semen sampai ke sungai cabang tiga tu yang menjadi tradisi itu telah hilang.bila org yang lama-lama dah tiada.di tambah pula dengan macam aktiviti lain di zaman it ni. tak mustahil juga tradisi tahlil kubur ni juga satu hari nanti akan menjadi tinggal kenangan.sama-sama lah kita fikir apakah caranya untuk mengekalkan tradisi yang tak mustahil hilang di telan zaman.

  28. Menanguk/Menangkap ikan di Empang simen

    Tak terbayang macam mana meriah nya ketika itu. Ianya patut diadakan semula tetapi ia memerlukan suara seluruh LKP untuk menjayakan nya.

    Saya fikir tahlil kubur Raya Kedua pun tidak akan berkubur sekiranya suara LKP adalah mantap, bersatu dan bersepakat.

    LKP adalah kita, kita lah yang patut menjaga dan memakmurkan nya seperti kita "kena","mesti","wajib" memakmurkan masjid.

    LKP perlu,mesti, wajib berhijrah kearah penyatuan untuk kemakmuran ummah bukan berpecahan keluarga.

  29. semalam saya baru pergi Segamat melaui NS, Melaka, dan Johore (ke Segamat).
    what was intererting was the rearing of sheep, buffaloes and cattle i saw along the way.
    I saw,
    1. sheep was reared in rubber lands (by small holders i presume). lipat kajang banyak rubber land, dapatkan kebenaran tuan2 nya, pagar dan be'la biri2 atau kambing (macan cikgu moin)
    2. buffaloes di be'la dalam kandang (beri makan), tapi ini susah sikit. agaknya se'kali se'kala di lepaskan tapi bertali (dulu pun nenek moyang kita pun buat gitu jugak).
    3. lembu di be' dalam kawasan pagar, tapi tanah nya luas sikit. beri makan. di lipat kajang banyak tanah terbiar, luas tapi ada tuan punya. saya tahu ada se'orang hamba Allah yang ada tanah 10 ekar, tak terjaga. agaknya kalau mintak nak peliahara lembu boleh jugak. sewa lah. alang kan keling lembu boleh peliahara lembu dan mendapat hasil, mereka tak ada pun punya tanah.
    the challenges are, our people are selfish, won't give land to rear sheep, cattle or buffaloes. just across my 'londang' there are acres and acres of rubber land where lipat kajang people can rear sheep or goat, when fenced. anyone has ever tried to talk to these land owners? if anyone want to rear chicken (or even sheep) i can allow that on my small piece of land at 'baruh'. bayar sewa lah sikit.
    nak bela itik? di cerok panjang saya ada 2 ekar paya (kalau tak keringlah sekarang)dan 1 ekar tanah (untk reban dan perusahan telor masin) di tepi paya. sirad punya famili pun ada tanah dan paya di cerok panjanag.
    the other challenge is labour. no one in lipat kajang want to 'makan gaji' to rear sheep or cattle. nak kerja dalam air-cond, walau pun hanya angan2. youth of lipat kajang would rather work as 'jaga' rather than rear sheep' or even 'makan gaji' rearing sheep or cattle. rearing 'kerbau' is too low for these youths, even if they have no permanent jobs ......... most of them got SPM.
    the next challenge is capital. capital is needed to rent land, to fence up land and to get good breed of sheep, goats or cattle. bank? cakap je' they will not give loan unless you have collateral, or you are 'somebody' or .... or ... under table? don't talk to me about bumiputra, it just does not work. all these bumiputra talks are just talk, empty talk.
    so here we are giving ideas but to implement the ideas is the biggest challenge.

  30. if we cannot get the youth of lipat kajang to work then we will need to import labour from outside malaysia, say from indonesia (or from any other country which the people are wiling to work hard and long hours with reasonable pay). it will be a pity though. our own youths not being a part of the development of lipat kajang. the challenge will be that we will have to take care of social problems (jelousies etc etc) when these foreign youth are put to work in lipat kajang.

  31. not a very pleasant nor an encouraging idea to hear, isn't it?
    once these foreign workers are invited in, then perhaps we all might as well say sayonara to Kg LKP 'cos it will not be Kg LKP anymore, the next generation will see kids of semi indon or semi bangla roaming around in Kg LKP, of course the other half of these kids will be, malay (from Kg LKP)

    then we will see Kg LKP developing very fast, accelerated, not through our efforts but by these pendatangs, want to bet ?