Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Entrepreneurship success.

Operated by a Lipat Kajang-ite successful entrepreneur in Kuala Kangsar (Perak).

I did not get to meet him when I took this photo, he was away in Ipoh.

Lipat Kajang people (or decendents) are encouraged to participate& contribute (Orang Lipat Kajang, atau keturunan, di jemput memberi sumbangan idea)


  1. don't make your judgement based on the photo you're looking at,
    this entrepreneur is a petrol station DEALER not an OPERATOR, for more than 20 years already...maybe much longer than that, as a dealer, from what i know

    successful or not, you've to ask him, but it's really big business

  2. hj juhari bin hj abd ghani is half lipat kajang, father anak jati kg lipat kajang pahang and his mother is from kg paya taram kerdau pahang, his father married and went to settle down in paya taram; but paya taram being so near, Pak Wer Ghani (the late) as we all affectionately called him, never failed to come back to kg lipat kajang as often as he could, and i must say his heart and soul never actually left lipat kajang, or maybe half in lipat kajang and the other half in paya taram, for the sake of love/marriage;
    PakWer Ghani fought the communist terrorist as a warrior and got himself shot by the CT's bullets, but he survived, mati hidup semula, ibaratnya...

    thus Pak Wer Ghani's children are very much attached to lipat kajang, as much as they are also attached to paya taram where many if not all of them were born and bred, i think, i'm not very sure of that,
    Pak Wer Ghani was/is grandson of Hj Sabudin, anak the late Wan Kalus, the brother of the Tapa's (the Kumpulan Naysid guy in Ulu Lanjut)mother, MakLang Mahani;
    hence Hj Juhari is Tapa's cousin, and also my second cousin (mother's side)(confirmed)

    as we enter the karak highway from KL, and past the gombak toll, about a km onwards, we see on the left a BPH (formerly BP) petrol station (a big one) on the left, opposite the row of foodstalls across the highway; Hj Juhari is the Dealer of the BHP petrol station, he owns it, and that is one of many petrol stations of which he is the Dealer, scattered all over Klang Valley, Pahang and Melaka, check it out with Hj Juhari himself
    he is who i term as a succesful entrepreneur, and of course he is half LK-ite, but he always regard himself also as anak LK because of his father's roots, never regard himself as half LK-ite...
    he has been in the business for a very long time, started in jerantut, if i'm not mistaken...syabas

  3. Good. Great. Tahniah kepada Hj Jauhari.
    Show him this blog.
    Has he got an e-mail? We can put him as one of those to receive all comments and blog from us.
    Sampaikan salam kita semua kepada beliau.
    Maybe someday I will look him up.