Monday, January 12, 2009

Kerbaus (Water Buffaloes)

The above (decoration) video is just to show what a 'kerbau' looks like, not (by any mean) representing the 'kerbau' of Lipat Kajang.

In the kampong life, one of my favourite topic is ‘kerbaus’ (water buffaloes). When I was a small boy in Lipat Kajang I virtually lived with them. Firstly I remember my grandfather owning many ‘kerbaus’. He traded in them, I saw him doing selling of ‘kerbaus’ to many people. I saw the money being exchanged for ‘kerbaus’ and I saw them taking away the ‘kerbaus’ after they have paid the cash (in those days every transaction was done only in cash). Not much then, say Ringgit 150.00 or Ringgit 200.00 but in those days it was a lot of money. Maybe by todays standard it is RM 1500.00 or RM 2000.00 or maybe more (USD 1.00 = RM 3.3 now).

I have heard a lot stories about ‘kerbaus’ and the trading by Lipat Kajang folks of ‘kerbaus’. It seemed that in the days of my great-grandfather (and maybe before that) they traded ‘kerbaus’ with the people of Selangor (the neighbouring State). They used to go up the Semantan River (in those days the Semantan River was still navigable somehow then), while dragging (?) their ‘kerbaus’ behind, I suppose, or maybe walking along the river bank, I have no correct information on that, the upper reaches of the Semantan River or one of its tributaries reaching the upper reaches of the Kelang River (in Selangor) somewhere after Janda Baik where they traded their buffaloes with the Selangor folks who came up the Kelang River to what today is probably Ulu Kelang. That was distance of about 80 km by my estimate, through small navigable rivers and jungle tracks. Those relating the stories to me always say Kelang but to my mind it must have been Ulu Kelang. Such trading was even mentioned by my father and my uncles. So it must have been quite recent really that such tradings were done by the folks of Lipat Kajang with the folks of Kelang (Ulu Kelang, Selangor?). What nobody told me was how many of them went at a time, how many 'kerbaus' they brought with them and how they got from Lipat Kajang to Sungei Semantan. (Lipat Kajang is about 20 km from Sungei Semanatan). In those days Lipat Kajang folks were strong physically, mentally and spiritually.

Of ‘kerbaus’, I even had a couple of ‘kerbaus’ given to me by my grandfather but I did not know what happened to them when I went to school out of Lipat Kajang. And when I was in Lipat Kajang as a small boy I could even identify my ‘kerbaus’ .

My father and my uncles then still have enough ‘kerbaus’ (after my grandfather passed away) to keep them busy in the evening, they had to go looking for them in the secondary jungle nearby or in the water holes to get them to ‘come home’ and be pened up at night (in their ‘kandang’ ). ‘Menurut kerbau’ (going searching after your buffalo) was the common lingo in my family then. I followed them once or twice but I found such job too straineuos, not my kind of job if I can help it. But my father who was a sickly man did the job well enough, well he had to show that he was a man man.

I like ‘kerbaus meat, its different from cows (lembu) meat. There is a certain sweet aroma about them unlike cow’s meat where it’s a bit pungent. And ‘kerbaus’ are clean internally, they only eat greens, where as cows will eat anything. But of course ‘kerbaus’ are dirty outside, they like to cool themselves in mud especially in hot afternoons. Then Lipat Kajang have many ‘kerbaus’, most of them belonging to my family or close relatives, the decendents of Derahim.

Then ‘kerbaus’ roamed free, there was a lot of ground for them to roam to get their greens. Occasionally they get into other peoples fenced up areas, like a padi field where the padi folks fencings have weak spots. Otherwise they are quite harmless, unless in their mating season when they can be quite aggressive.

Today ‘kerbaus’ are few in Lipat Kajang, and those that are still around do not roam as free anymore. Once upon a time they had grazing grounds (padang ragut), a gazetted area for ‘kerbaus’, by the Govt. but today there is no more padang ragut. All lands have been given to the people. For example in Lipat Kajang there was a 50 acre of land at Cerok Ara (which I was informed rightly or wrongly) being the ‘padang ragut.’. Would not it be proper if that lad is given or gazetted at ‘kerbaus’ grazing out instead of subdividing it into housing lots to the given to the people of Lipat Kajang?. After all Lipat Kajang folks already have enough land for their houses, and their existing land are observably not attended to. Why should they be given more land. Maybe the Power That Be have their own reasons, for which I may not comprehend.

Back to that 50 acre land at Cerok Ara, if it is not used as ‘padang ragut’ (as there are not many people owning ‘kerbaus’ in the kampong nowadays), the next scenario would be to propose to Institutions like a University or a College where the buildings of such Institutions will create values to the community not only will it make Lipat Kajang more well known, but increases the economic values of the society and of the local properties.

Am I out of focus now, first talking about ‘kerbaus’ and ending with talking about a University (or College) branch in Lipata Kajang?. It’s a strong possibility if the folks of Lipat Kajang voice their intentions to the Power that Be ………. if ever.

I shall take a rest now.

Lipat Kajang people (or decendents) are encouraged to participate& contribute (Orang Lipat Kajang, atau keturunan, di jemput memberi sumbangan idea)


  1. .....i arrived from heaven a bit late to be able to recount these kerbau trading
    ....but i agree as mylias said, the descendents of Derahim had got so many many kerbau(s) - they talked about the kerbau practically everyday, and you will see one or two kerbau(s) tied with a thick rope grazing nearby their houses, as a symbol of their plentiful life
    .....and when they require extra cash they can anytime dispose of one or two kerbau(s) - sell to their one of their own in the family, or to a buyer from elsewhere
    ....and my late father also sold kerbau to get enough money to cover initial expenses to send us off, one after another, to go continue our education @ boarding or secondary
    ...luckily we all had the kerbau(s)

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  3. as for that 50 acre piece of land in Ceruk Ara - a clearer picture need to be obtained before any review and necessary action can be instituted to remedy whatever possible wrongdoing or impropiety so that this large piece of land can be better utilised instead of being subdivided into housing lots (purportedly)- after all how many LK folks have built houses there and live there in Ceruk Ara? or even work on that small lots given to each and everyone of them? hardly any, if not none of them, i believe,
    the "smart ones" surely had their own personal agenda !!!

  4. being a 'foreinger' I do not understand 'their' thinking.
    I would have thought that turning that 50 acres into a grazing ground would be a better deal so that 'kerbaus' and 'lembu' (cows) can roam free with their owners having their own 'kandang' (pen) so that the roads of Lipat Kajang will not have cow dungs (tahi lembu) and the plants of the people of Lipat Kajang won't be 'cerohoh' (disturbed and eaten) by the 'kerbaus ' dan 'lembu'.

  5. I have this dream All 'kerbaus' and 'lembu' (cows) to migrate to Cerok Ara. Also all goats (local or imported) and all big time chicken and egg farming. Only chicken to be left at home are for those small timers. So Lipat Kajang will have an integrated animal farming.

    The land? Lipat Kajang Koop to manage all infrastructure. And collect nominal rental.

    In addition Lipat Kajang Koop can do dung business. Koop collect all the dungs and sell them back to interested Lipat Kajang folks and to outsiders, Koop to find the markert for all the dungs.

    The area is big enough even for 'cacin' (earthworm) business. And the paya (swamp) nearby for 'lintah' (big leeches) business.

    With all that in mind, it will be very easy for Veterinary Dept. or Agriculture Dept. to visit and give advise. Also easy for buyers to visit or to buy anything they want.

    The swamp can also be used for 'ikan keli' (cat fish) and 'ikan haruan (snake head fish) farming.

    Result? Clean environment for Lipat Kajang, an on going industry for Lipat Kajang, and probably giving employment to the unemployed youths of Lipat Kajang.

    Sounds OK isn't it?

  6. .............going on about my ambitious thoughts on integrated animal farming, I can see that if ever it materialises Cerok Ara will be populated in no time. people will start coming to look after their animals, buyers will start coming in, and other people will also join in the activities. Shop houses will soon crop up and before long a small town will be formed. And property price in Cerok Ara will shoot up.

    my other dream is for a branch campus of a U to be built at Lipat Kajang (at Cerok Ara of course, why Cerok Ara .................? because it had a big enough area, not flooded, and quite close to Temerloh Jerantut road. Probably that will just remain a dream.

  7. Integrated farming.

    Pak Ngah, we have to dream first then move on to reality.

    The idea i pragmatic. A whole lot of opportunities available and has added value to the projects.

    To me it does not matter whera as long as there is resources to toil and churn consistently to provide better alternatives for LKP.

  8. Integrated farming

    I think if LKP folks tended their belongings with purpose, diligent and consistency, then it might solve half of the problem.

    When their own areas are not being tended with purpose, diligent and consistency then i feel it is like pouring water on the daun keladi.

    The Koop have to be consistent with standard and quality. That i think is lacking in Lipat Kajang, Pahang.

    I advocate and solicit for standard and quality. When have not been compromise then only we can stand against competitors/competition.

    It must come from within Koop i.e. the members, in this case LKP folks.

  9. Kerbau

    I think we have tended kerbaus in our plot of land in Cherok Panjang, my grand fathers place.

    Nothing much just a small number to past our evening and as an exercise.

    Still a long way to go to emulate our great grandfather or even our grandfather, Osman or Jaafar.

  10. talking of integrated farming, it can be done provided we have big enough dry land. that was why i mentioned cerok ara. but if you are really serious about buffalo (kerbaus) rearing, try a combination of paya cerok panjang, cerok seratus, paya lanjut, rotan sega, tanjung perian and you have a big field of area where kerbaus can breed. Its only as matter of wanting. get everyone to agree and you have a big field of kerbau land. water? not to worry, open the empang and you have dry land. close the empang you have swamp. after all those payas will not be worked anymore. you only need to get people to agree and to fence up the area. Berpakat lah weh kalau nak maju!

  11. want to do itik? paya cerok panjang ada. londang saya di lipat kajang ada. what is the difficulty?
    ayam? there is a vast expanse of unused land available in lipat kajang. cik gu moin buat kambing dalam tanah getah and he is (i think) quite successful. talk and negotiate, and all can be done. i bet you if you give our lipat kajang land (unused land) to the Chinese di Kerdau ...... semua nya menjadi. babi pun deme boleh peliahara.

  12. there are plenty of tanah terbiar (unutilised land) including paya (paddy field) not used for a very long time, all of it wasted in Kg LKP, malahan noreh getah pun dah kurang masing masing, beli beras minyak garam gula dah tentu dari kedai cina di kerdau,
    plentiful of natural resources not gainfully harvested or used, mostly depend on whatever bits of cash from here and there (from FELCRA for example, from jual petai dan jering di pekan sehari, etc) enough to keep their stomachs full from day to day,
    can hardly call that an acceptable "standard of living" by any standard, it all boils to the fact that there is no awakening, a "force" has yet to come and awake every one
    baru lah boleh bercerita pasai kerbau lembu itik ayam ikan lintah cacing dan sebagainya

  13. getah dah murah. RM 1.50 a kilo, last week it was RM 2.00 a kilo ........ price not stable. so where got money to buy from kedai china di bandar kerdau?
    Dulu getah RM5.00 a kilo, all happy. Deme tak tahu sebab getah mahal, deme pun 'enjoy'. Saya harap deme tak banyak hutang sekarang, tapi orang kampong kadang kala lebih 'finanacially sound' dari orang bandar. Deme tak kaya, tapi ..... senang.

  14. Kerbau

    As i have mentioned earlier and i have to mention it again.

    If only they would have tended their own kerbau, kambing, ayam, itik, serai, lengkuas, bunga kantan, kunyit, halia, pokok mengkudu in their own compound then they will learn something, get some money from sale of their produce, trade their buffalo,kambing,itik,ayam for cash.

    To have all that is through hardwork. Self motivated, discipline, visionary and with mission that is to better their income and thus std of living/living std.

    When thay have gone through the/that phase and to move further than they will acknowledge that there is work to be done, a lot of it, say for integrated farming of a larger scale.

    Tak boleh la awaok buat le yek kon nak pegi ke kedei minum kopi or leave it to the foreign workers and not knowing what is happening. Baja dah tabur ke, telur dah kutip ke, kandang dah buka ke, dah cuci ka, dah bubuh ubat ke? Macam macam lagi.

    Semua kerja tu remeh tapi perlu dilalui dan mesti di kerjakan dengan segera supaya mutu/piawaiaan terjamin.

    Cina memang dier boleh maju sebab deme ikut proses kerja dengan tetap dan tepat. Deme pun bukan rajin sangat tapi deme ikut peraturan proses kerja untuk jamin mutu agar dapat di nilai pada harga pasaran yang tinggi.

    Kita je yang menidakkan dan memperkotak katik kan kemampuan kita sendiri dengan lebih mementingkan hiburan dan omong kosong.

    Berbicara dan bercakap berdegar degar tapi.....air lior berterabur, bau mulut busuk keje tak jalan.

    Implikasi nya satu Lipat Kajang, Pahang dapat nama .....Kena fikir la sendiri dimana kita dan kemana kita.

    Jgn ingat kita sendiri je kerana mayat kita nanati memerlukan orang lain untuk melaksanakan.

  15. I want to go back a bit into history. My grandfather and grandmother used to work their heart out to keep the family going. My grandfather went out after Subuh and never come back until Maghrib. Followed by my grandmother (a beautiful lady she was). They rear chicken, they had sheep, they had buffaloes, they planted vegetables, they had padi, they had the londang to fish in, in fact they had almost everything for survival. And any house guest never go away hungry / or angry, when anyone visit their house. Strangers are fed, and given lodging (if necessary). The couple was a proud couple, and they were self sufficient .....even during the Japanese time they did not go hungry, I remember.
    But come the children and the grandchildren ....... well what can I say ....... time had/has changed. Now their great grandchildren and great great grandchildren in the future, ...... pray hard.
    What I am trying to say here is that 'they' (and many more grandfathers and grandmothers in Lipat Kajang) and Lipat Kajang people in those days worked very very hard, that was why they were successful in many ways. Do we have that now? I don't know but my observation tells me that its otherwise. Tell me if I am wrong.
    Its no good to reflect too far back, but that was a lesson learnt for us now to emulate.
    But again at that time the kampong leadership was .... shall I say 'with the people' and had a lot of respect by the people. They were there for the people day and night. Where is the kampong leadership now? Even the penghulu does not live with the people. (I purposely mention this because we cannot lead the kampong because we do not live with the people........ we do not know how the weather on the ground is. But we can give ideas and be consulted if need be)

  16. Kerbau/integrated farming/koop

    Leadership........with local knowledge that is something that is missing. It seems it is happening everywhere else too.

    Yes we need locals to lead to improvise a plan, master plan, for Lipat Kajang Pahang.

    That is not materialise as our leader is an outsider and residing outside Lipat Kajang Pahang.

    Thus surely he has other agenda on top of Lipat Kajang Pahang.

    Seriously how do we get a Lipat Kajang-ite to be elected as the power to be?

    That could be our plan B?

  17. integrated farming, yes i fully agree, the idea is good, the project is proven viable, the facilities and resources plenty and available
    more specifically in the case of kg LKP - integrated livestock farming/rearing, fully modernised and mechanised and done/run with all the relevant technologies,
    why not? why not? why cannot?

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  19. I have just got information that another regular member from Lipat Kajang for the 'buffalo selling' trip to Kelang was arwah Hj Mahmood of Bukit Pancor, the late grandfather to bekas Penghulu (Abang Nong) Ghaffar.