Sunday, January 11, 2009

who are we?

Are we prepared to have a social gathering of Lipat Kajang-ites in 6 months time? say in early June. With wives and children if possible. Where? We will deliberate on the venue. Depend really on the no. that will be coming.

Why June. We will have 6 months to prepare and in June its usually hot with no rain.

Can I ask Sdr Sirad to organise? He still has a very strong connections in Lipat Kajang.

Actually there was a meeting of Lipat Kajang-ites a few months ago, i read about it in the newspapers ......... Sinar Harian Pahang Edition I think (or was it a notice on some trees somewhere). Anyway, I am not sure how many of us were invited or even informed.

This time let us organise the social gathering ourselves, at our own cost .......... we go Dutch. Don't ask for donation from anyone and don't ever use some sort of allocation from any organisation. Then we will be free from encumberances, and we need not invite anyone other than Lipat Kajang-ites.

We will then see our friends and relatives face to face. I bet the cost will not be much, especially so if we get our Lipat Kajang relatives to help out. Satu kerbau hanya cost RM2000.00 kalau di beli dari orang Lipat Kajang (I plea that a Lipat Kajang-ite will help out there).

Say AYE if the crowd agrees.

Lipat Kajang people (or decendents) are encouraged to participate& contribute (Orang Lipat Kajang, atau keturunan, di jemput memberi sumbangan idea)


  1. if you and i did know know or was not informed about that meeting of LK-ites held a few months ago, then i can safely say that their agenda may be quite different (forgive me for saying this) and we can always supersede that with another which is going to be more encompassing, we can explain to these elders/abang/adik who had organised that previous meeting, no holds barred, no prejudices, no ill feelings, WE ARE HERE FOR ALL THE PEOPLE ALL THE FOLKS OF KG LIPAT KAJANG PAHANG, lets accept that fact - no more "...centric"s no more you, you, i, i, kon kon, awok, awok, no more sinister feelings, no more dendam, iri hati, menyampoh, meluat, tak gemor lah, pedo'oh lah, and so on and so forth....that's the message we must send to all, irrespective

    and then...we can be more comfortable more at ease talking about what we want to organise, what we want to do for our beloved kampong !!!

    as for that social gathering, proposed by bro mylias, a big YES from me, it will be a good start, to see all the familiar and also the "unfamiliar" faces of Lipat Kajang first and moremost, there are those we have not met or seen for donkey years, maybe for "kerbau" years (dah berapa kali kerbau kerbau dikampong tu beranak bercucu bercicik kita tak pernah jumpa dia orang) JABAR SALLEH, our cousin...for example, that ex policeman, or SHAARI also cousin...who now works with KADA, Kelantan, or BASRI anak Abang Zahid who i presume now lives somewhere in Kajang Selangor...and many many more...SANI ALI, also ex Army now lives in Taiping, Perak...etc, etc
    Ada juga yang sekarang tinggal di Sri Alam Masai Johor

    1) the time, date, day - hopefully coincide with school holidays, weekend and during the day

    2) the budget, i'm willing to contribute a bit

    3) the organiser, the chairman of the organising committee, yes, Sirad is very suitable...don't you decline, we give you total support

    4) your c'ttee members, can pick from a the broadest base covering all nooks and corners of LK, all "precint"s, we all can i'm sure give lists of names of suitable pontentials (from me, via our e mails, or your hp's)(my e mail addr, mylias and sirad dah tahu)

    5) no involvement of any YB no political flavour, strictly us as anak-anak from any sort of encumbrances, YES

    6) it will be dalam semangat ukhuwah dan persaudaraan yang sejati dan tulin, not just say hello, salam tangan and walk off (salam orang politik)

    7) ...sayur umbut sangat sedap

    6) ...what to do now, i think to spread the news as quickly as possible to as many as possible all the places

  2. Aye on the idea.

    Me the organizer. No experience on that. Connections still there.

    Mum, Dad, Uncle's and auntie's, cousin's and nephew's need your help there.

    June school holidays...6th June is Agung birthdays.

    Just mentioning.

  3. Pray that we can make the meeting, and the deadline.
    Sirad, I will be in KL next week ..... just give me a call and we can talk. You know my phone number.

  4. how far have we progressed towards realizing this proposed gathering?

    still plenty of time, but to organise a large scale "perhimpunan" is quite a monumental task, a "project" by itself

  5. Pak Ngah in KL next week. For how long a period.

    Miss ur comments in the blog on that.

    Not much since the idea inception. Still slogging and probing for a solid hold and ground.

    Moving forward it will be fast pace as ideas becomes motivated and in to reality.

  6. in KL now untill weekend. going to ipoh and taiping monday and tuesday, next week free in the afternoon only. malam2 pun boleh jugak .. but i will miss my tazkirah at my surau.

    you know my phone no.? 0129837987. my phone on silent mode, so just sms me if we want to have a meeting. and i will teach you how to write a blog.