Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Looking back (menoleh ke belakang)

Most of our postings now are those 'looking back'. I expect that. We are still looking for directions, and we are still looking at ourselves and at our friends and at our mates. We have contacted many of our long lost friends, with high hopes that many of then are still around, and to those who have gone before us we can only say "Innalillah .........".

To those who have contacted us we say "Welcome", and to those Lipat Kajang-ites who have looked at our blog we say "Thank you" "Ribuan terima kaseh". Welcome back home!. And to those who want to contribute we look forward to your contributions. Blogging may be new to you, but its the 'in thing' now, its like riding a bicycle, you will soon learn. Saya tidak lah kesah sekiranya anda ingin menulis dalam Bahasa Malaysia, semua sumbangan kita akan terima.

Show this blog to all your friends, those from Lipat Kajang and those not from Lipat Kajang. Be proud of Lipat Kajang. Show it to all your relatives, especially those from Lipat Kajang. Get their feedback. We want the world to know that we exist, we have been hiding for too long, we now open ourselves.

The future is bright for us and for our children and grandchildren and so on, our roots are in Lipat Kajang. We will talk (blog) about our future directions when we have finished "looking back". There are still many more subjects to talk about in our "looking back". After that we will write on 'looking forward'; but if any one wishes to write on 'looking forward' he/she is most welcome.

We have reached this level now, thank you for all your support. When I started this blog I did not expect to receive much interest, but now the interest received have exceeded my expectations.

What we are lacking now are photoes of old, photoes that showed what we the people of Lipat Kajang have achieved, photoes of our people in action, in play, in war and in peace, in working or even lazying around, in sadness and in happiness, beautiful and ugly (and none in Lipat Kajang is ugly). Scan them, upload them up in our blog, share them, for all of us to see (to enjoy or to sympathise).

And if any lady of Lipat Kajang who is blog and/or internet savvy, we want to hear from you.

Good luck and selamat majujaya.

Lipat Kajang people (or decendents) are encouraged to participate& contribute (Orang Lipat Kajang, atau keturunan, di jemput memberi sumbangan idea)


  1. "looking back" is a healthy thing to do to jolt your nerves, where you came from and how have you journeyed so far to reach where you are, and along that winding path you have tracked day after day.....who were around you, what did you see hear or feel, and who/what has conditioned you to be what you are? it's a basis for "muhasabah diri" to think how to be a "better you" tomorrow than who you are today.

    many around us, young and/or old, and even the much younger ones, from Kg Lipat Kajang have acquired enough knowledge and exposure to be able to positively benefit from whatever the internet can offer, and also utilising the www to make life more happy and interesting, better informed and definitely better educated though informal as it may be, based on acceptable social and religious norms; therefore surf as much as you desire and when you reach this site, regard yourself as having physically and spiritually reached Kg Lipat Kajang the village of your origin where you will be able to "meet" peers, elders and the younger ones, and "look back" look sideways look up and down, and by the time you have looked at all directions via this site, you will surely be exalted and inspired enough to "look forward" together with us all (as ONE), with one aim, one desire, one expectation, one determination, one destination...and the willingness to move forward together with a new outlook, new perceptions, new understanding, new inclinations and new thinking...fully self motivated...
    we need to come out from that cocoon of defeatist attitude and conventionalised thinking...
    what say you ???

  2. I need some young minds to look forward/ahead, to see what can be done, to have vision and mission for Lipat Kajang. But we cannot work in vacuum, we need to see what is happening around us, and to plan our strategy accordingly so that Lipat Kajang is not left out. I am feeling that Lipat Kajang had been left out for the last 50 years, I cannot figure out why. Is it because we are too remote? Why can't we make the 'weakness' as a strength? More of that later.

  3. bro mylias said, "...I am feeling that Lipat Kajang had been left out for the last 50 years...."

    we all know the reason why.....we don't need to smokescreen the facts, we already have the answer(s)

    the truth is Lipat Kajang has never really seen any "daylight" since Merdeka 52 years ago, the common folks had been left in "darkness" to fend for themselves hopelessly without any sense of direction, no one cared to lead the way show the correct path towrds progress
    and absolutely without any sort of real concern from "the powers that be" (be it just as a kampong leader, or branch head of a political party, no denial syndrome please) about the development of Lipat Kajang and about the lamentable and distressing living standards of all the kampong folks

    just knowing where your next meal come from is not a yardstick of a "healthy wealthy" living even by kampong standard, and how has, for example, the PPRT scheme benefitted these folks, someone please tell me.

    local Kg Lipat Kajang (Pahang) politics have brought nothing for the folks except dreams that can never come true can never be say the least, for as long as they are duped, fooled, cheated, and misinformed

    this lot of people have been so naive (drugged with a "conventionalised thinking"), while one or two "smart" ones had become so crooked, "cakap tak serupa bikin, bikin tak serupa cakap" (either way sama aje)- that is the cause of the 52 years of neglect and the deplorable state of Kg Lipat Kajang, Temerloh, Pahang.

    and this certainly is not a blatant prejudiced insinuating statement....i stand by my words

    the "tsunami" may soon overflow the banks of Sg Pahang

  4. I agree.

    There must be some thing(s)that can be done.

    Just be patience and think.

    Look around, scan, identify and analyse the variable(s) that can be of use to jump start things.

    The "subsidy" mentality must be eradicated, first and foremost.

    The kedai kopi mentality too must be eradicated. Dari am ke pm buang masa without any economic value being added except zero talk.

    Memang orang tak tahu pun Lipat Kajang, Temerloh, Pahang.

    Some form of re-engineering and re-branding is needed to boost back to the limelight.

    Insyaallah soon or in the near future it will be in the lime light for a good reason and cause.

  5. Looking back again. Lipat Kajang was a bustling community. Now that community is almost 'dead'. The young have left the kampong and the old have died (some physically and some mentally ..... some just walking around in the kampong like zombies). I even heard once that the may close down Sekolah Lipat Kajang because there is not enough pupils. Sad.
    We have to change that. Lipat Kajang folks must once again be proud that they are Lipat Kajang-ites, they must walk around with their heads held high. Again I would say, clean up Lipat Kajang, have everyone be proud of his/her house, clean those houses, make them livable, proud if a visitor were to come, cut the grass, mend the fences, plant flowers around the house (kalau tak dimakan oleh lembu atau kambing). My model in this idea are Melaka folks ........ they are very house proud, and their houses in some cases are no better than the houses in Lipat Kajang.
    How to pass the message?
    The challenge here is to change that Lipat Kajang folks mentality of "Ngapa kon kena buat gitu?"

  6. Agreed.

    Change must come from within.

    To ask to change (ngapa kon kena buat gitu) is dificult.

    Bukan semua houses di LKP tu dilapidated beyond repair or maintain.

    There are well cropped, fenced, landscaped with fruit trees and what not.

    The inclination should be to inform them that nature will repay back by caring them.

    The school to be close, not a surprise, because there no merit for them to send their kids there. No results to show and again mentality.

    Attitude is important......A change of sort in this area is most welcome.

    There should not be a differentiation where "blood" is concern. Ideas, prophecy, way of life may differ.

    We are from the same source. Of course we meander around through different contour, terrain, hills, and mountains.

    We again reach the same point.....only time differ in reaching the destination.

    I wonder........why it happen in LKP........sedih sayu.

  7. because orang Lipat Kajang 'degil' (stubborn, hard headed), because of subsidy mentality, because many do not see how other people improve their lives, because orang Lipat Kajang is afraid of change ....... to them probably change is always for the worse and not for the better.
    somehow some one has got to inject into their minds that change is necessary and
    if change need agents, then bring in the agent, if change need goading then bring in goaders ..... say bring in Kelantanese into the kampong, bring in Chinese to live in the kampong ....... sound drastic but are there better ways? Even Indon!

  8. again, RETARDED MENTALITY, OUTDATED MINDSET, very RETROSPECTIVE THINKING plus NO political consciousness whatsoever

    contented and happy with how they are what they are and what has been need to change lah

    but change we must, and i am bold enough to say that after us (after we have gone) there will be no more who can think like us and at least have the urge to effect some changes into Kg LK Pahang, but then we are only just beginning, and lets hope we will not be bolted backwards by "unseen powers" - have the willpower have the courage have the commitment have the tenacity, come what may

  9. but i must say that some people in Lipat Kajang who is trying to be influencial cannot keep their house clean. i am not mentioning names, but just take a walk and you will see what i mean. they cannot afford to improve their surroundings? I doubt it.

  10. That is true. Upkeep oneself than one can upkeep the others.

    Banyak lah, bukan je yang ada kepentingan. Yang tak de pun sama jugak.

    Bird of a feather flock together.

  11. tunggu subsidy? tunggu peruntukkan? just joking.

  12. i am glad to report that this blog have been seen by so many people all over the world. just see the map at the bottom of the blog, one is maploco and the other imap (you have to click on the rectangle to see imap). maploco shows current and imap shows the last 100. not too bad.

  13. Waiting game

    They like to wait......kat kedai kopi yang tah apa yang dapat.

    Kedai kopi jugak yang kaya......dier nanti je kot kot rodong nak belanja makan, minum dan sbg nya.

    Banyak sangat pembaziran yang dilakukan, masa, duit, peluang, keperluan dan sbg nya.

    Sampai bila nak tunggu, nanti.

    I felt flabergasted being look at when i buy my groceries at the 4 junction shop. Don't they know that there is a lot more to be done not by wasting time lumbering into obscurity and oblivion.

    Nothing is free.

  14. Got to push them into a business minded individual/group/community.

    Got to make them know that they have all the resources/assets around them.

    They have only then to turn those resources/assets into commercial value and they themselves market it initially to "feel" the environment and the negotiation process.

    They have to go through it without shame or favour.

    There are already available models of such with the canny attitude of dispensing their produce around them at the 4 junction sehari market while their chores is the same, tap rubber trees, tend the kerbaus, bela pagau, tend the orchards/kebun, tahan sira di sungai, tahan tajur di paya, gembala ayam,kambing dsb/dll.

    They must emulate these model,learn and learn fast.