Thursday, January 8, 2009

Cow dung (tahi lembu)

Cow dung on grass, but in Lipat Kajang the cow dungs are on the paved road.

I read in a local news, a SMS sent by a person from Lipat Kajang about the problems with cow dungs on the road of Lipat Kajang. What he/she said was/is the truth. On many roads of and in Lipat Kajang, my experience, I observed that its dirty with fresh and old dried cow dungs.

Whenever I want to go to Lipat Kajang my wife always say, "Drive carefully on the road there, I don't want to have to wash the car after you come back"

Don't the people of Lipat Kajang realise the problems. Or that they have decided to live with it (alah bisa tegal biasa - familiarity breeds contempt). Or maybe they couldn't careless. Or that they realise the problems, have told the herd owners but have not received any positive response. Or that the herds owner just turn deaf ears to all the remarks and advice. Or that the Authority (Tok Empat and /or Penghulu) just "make don't know". Or people from Lipat Kajang saying. "Kampong lain pun gitu jugak (other kampongs are the same)". I do not know the real situation to the problems.

But having road dirtied by cow dungs is not healthy. To the people, to visitors, to those 'balek kampong" and to all concerned. We need to control the situation. Of course its easy if those cows know how to use toilets. But do not the herds owners realise the problems, the nusiance they are causing to the Lipat Kajang public?

I believe that there should be a pow wow between the power that be (Tok Empat and/or Penghulu) with the herds owners to find the solution. We need that if our kampong is to be looked clean (at least of cow dungs) for those 'balek kampong', for the kampong folks (especially those riding bicycles or motorcycles) and for the visitors to the kampong. We do not want people or even any one of us to say "I come from that kampong with many spots of cow dungs" "or "I have just visited the kampong with many spots of cow dung" or "One of their tourists attraction is the smell of cow dung, a very natural rural smell, back to nature"

Lipat Kajang people (or decendents) are encouraged to participate& contribute (Orang Lipat Kajang, atau keturunan, di jemput memberi sumbangan idea)


  1. It is a common site especially along the road from the tanah perkuburan to the junction that leads to the school.

    Lipat Kajang folk have to organise a reception for the YB to get it clean up. I think.

  2. Nothing to do with the YB. We must be proud of our own surroundings, we need not organise these sort of things for some VIP (supposedly) visit. We need not even organise it expecting some tourists to come by. Clean our surroundings for our own sake, for the sake of cleanliness, for the sake of appreciating the beauty of our kampong. These attitudes may be new to the folks of Lipat Kajang, but we have to find ways and means of getting them across (into their heads). More of that later.

  3. perfect stunner,
    the so-called YB cudn't care less about the tahi lembu tahi kerbau

    "anjakan paradigma" diperlukan segera, a new different kind of socio-economic-political approach, i say again

  4. ...and we don't clean up only to greet and welcome the YB's once-every-five-years with all the "pomps", we clean up only to be clean, neat and healthy at all times, di Lipat Kajang tahi lembu/kerbau memang satu eyesore, menyakitkan pandangan dan menyesakkan nafas, but everyone seems to be so accustomed to the dirty filthy sight/smell, let's do something about that too, masuk agenda

  5. as I said in one of my postings, the folks of Lipat Kajang has to do 'gotong royong' to clean up the cow dungs if we want our folks to be proud of Lipat Kajang, and our visitors to have everlasting good impression of Lipat Kajang.

  6. Cow dung (tahi lembu) .
    It is interesting. A small issue yet must not be neglected. I still can remember my late father always talk about it but people don't like.

    "Sesiapa yang mempunyai kerbau atau lembu sepatutnya menjaga kerbu lembu mereka. Terutamanya daripada memakan tanaman orang lain dan mengotorkan laluan orang ramai."

    "Kerbau lembu yang dibiarkan berkeliaran memakan harta orang lain apabila dijual ,bagaimana hasilnya? Wang hasilnya digunakan untuk belanja naik haji, perbelanjaan anak sekolah.
    Dapatkah barakahnya ?"

    It could be sensitive to some of our kampung people /saudara-mara kita. But it is the truth .

    The only thing is how are we going to get the idea across without hurting anybody. Who is the right person to get the ball moving.

    Let thing about it for the betterment of "Lipat Kajang"

  7. this issue of kerbau lembu raoming around in the kampong masuk dalam kawasan berpagar orang, memusnahkan tanaman (makan) esp at night had caused many frictions in the kampong
    na dof course the dungs scattered all over, no need to say lah, kalau jalan malam dalam gelap tentu boleh terpijak tahi kerbau lembek...
    how to sort it out, again we all take the lead, bring up the matter in a meeting where everyone is present...and discuss
    i don't see any other possible way other than to herd all the four-legged into lorries at night and cart it all away, ramai yang nak beli, boleh dapat duit haram, want to do that?

  8. If we can attached a value to cowdung then it will becomes valuable and not bersepah atas jalan.
    There's a cheap technology which can convert cowdung into superior organic fertiliser and free cooking gas.

  9. tahi lembu di jalan lipat kajang cannot attach value. too small amount. not economical. tapai kalau lembu2 tu di kandang, munkin amount nya besar, dan boleh attach value. itu sebab nya saya cadangkan mereka kandangkan lembu dan kerbau mereka suapaya tahi lembu/kerbau boleh di attach value. untuk gas ke atau untuk baja ke atau untuk jual ke mana2 ke. tapi ......... cadangan tinggal cadangan.