Sunday, January 11, 2009


Our Sekolah Kebangsaan Lipat Kajang (our kampong school) is catgorised as SKM – Sekolah Kurang Murid (school with less than 150 pupils). How do you like that? Its just the categorising really but the rest are all the same like normal school with non-SKM category, so I am told by reliable sources. In fact the school Head Master is a University Graduate. It never happened in my days at the school.

SKM indicates that the kampong has limited number of children because mostly old folks are left in the kampong now. Young producing married couples are few, indicating a dwindling of population of the kampong. The solution? Either some of our young folks have better settle down (back) in the kampong or bring in ‘immigrants’ to populate the kampong in order to increase the school going children population.

Lipat Kajang people (or decendents) are encouraged to participate& contribute (Orang Lipat Kajang, atau keturunan, di jemput memberi sumbangan idea)


  1. while we offer suggestions as to how to multiply the number of our children going to SKLK to avoid closure, the fact is the gomen cannot simply close according to their whims and fancies make a decision SKLK only becos of its SKM status, that cannot happen, and the people of Lipat Kajang has got many reasons to argue against it...biar hanya ada 10 orang murind pun, SKLK cannot be closed

    can the gomen simply close SJK Tamil or SJK China of SKM status??? likewise

  2. make more children, then SKLK will be out of SKM.

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  4. our children and our children's children can make more children, but if all of them don't want to come back and reside in Kg LKP, still the SKLK will not be filled up, still a SKM
    how to attract the younger generations to love this kampong so much so that some of them will want to "return" and reside permanently in Kg LKP?
    that's the challenge nobody has ever accepted and grapple with it successfully...none so far !
    can we now together take up this challenge, to make Kg LKP attractive enough, again i must say, in socio-economic aspects, and inevitably also, in the political aspect, becos politics is also a determinant...
    whose call now?

  5. I don't have the answer, and I have asked those questions for years now. many people want to have a country home. Why don't we open the land to Kelantanese say? Or even to Chinese? I am pretty sure we will have an increase in population.

  6. It is pertinent to maintain it as status quo.

    There is a need to show results that would allow for recognition as performance reports are sent to the Education Ministry for evaluation.

    However, SKLK, has not been in the limelight in any sector, be it in results performances or excellence in sports(wakil sekolah, daerah, negeri).

    SKLK should be able to mould great swimmers in the calibre of Daniel Bego (from Sabah represent Malaysia in the SEA games and Olympics).

    Dirt bike racers, Divers (rhythmic or board), middle distance runners, marathon runners and cross country runners and the like.

    All those need commitments, discipline, self indulgence into rigorous training modes and perseverance.

    Something along the line.....we have doctors, engineers, top brass but no athletes.

    Why a swimmer.....that is because i saw Aide Majid anak Aki Awang di Lengkur Naga boleh berenang menyeberang Sungai Pahang dari jeti pergi balik dua kali non stop and with the river flowing (bukan le musim air deras) but still.....there must be a jewel to be polish i.e. along the river n hope that it is from Lipat Kajang, Pahang.

  7. problem? masing2 tunggu subsidy. tunggu peuntukkan. nak mengeuit dalam poket sendiri jauh sekali. memang lah tak ada duit, semua orang tak ada duit, tapi ........
    tentang sukan tu, sebenarnya bukan budak2 lipat kajanag tak pandai, bukan tak boleh, bukan tak mampu, bukan tak cerdik ........ tapi yang saya persoalkan ialah mana leadership dalam kampong tu? dulu ngapa kita masuk sukan daerah? ngapa kita masuk 'show' di temerloh? ngapa banyak anak2 lipat kajang yang boleh menuntut di sekolah2 ternama? saya tak ada jawapan, tapi fikirlah sendiri.

  8. excellence is not gifted but acquired, thru hardship, tireless effort, perseverance and persistence

    kepimpinan (leadership) amat diperlukan tetapi yang perlu dipimpin atau hendak dipimpin juga perlu berfikir seperti seorang pemimpin, bukan seperti seorang pengikut
    think as a leader, not think as only a follower

    kamu adalah umat yang terbaik yang dilahirkan bagi manusia......Quran, Ali Imran, 110

    gunakanlah anugerah itu sebaik mungkin