Sunday, January 11, 2009

Internet in Lipat Kajang.

To the best of my knowledge, the nearest TM (Telekom Malaysia) exchange is in Kampong Simpang Ampat, Kerdau (about 4 km away). Streamyx (broadband) of TM normally can go as far as about 10 km from the TM exchange. Therefore Lipat Kajang folks should be able to get a node for internet connection. Is there one now?

Normally schools have internet connection through schoolnet (provided an internet node is available within the distance as specified by TM from their exchange). I am just wondering if Sekolah Kebangsan Lipat Kajang (our kampong school) is connected to schoolnet. If so then Lipat Kajanag folks can get internet connection from the nearest internet node.

Lipat Kajang people (or decendents) are encouraged to participate& contribute (Orang Lipat Kajang, atau keturunan, di jemput memberi sumbangan idea)


  1. if TM has an xchange @ S Empat, then there shud be no problem xtending internet service to Kg LK technically speaking

    there is no reason why SKLK is not connected to the schoolnet, one call to the GB can confirm

    its really a pity when everywhere else everyone has become internet savvy, and wants to have access to the internet, Kg LK is still lost in the wilderness of yesteryears, or is it that the "could'nt care less" attitude of some "creatures" has left these folks far behind time...sad to think of it, after 52years of shouting MMM...

  2. couldn't careless may be the answer. but the folks of Lipat Kajang probably has no money to buy computer. or maybe they have not learned how to operate computers. if they want to, we can teach them.

    but I know of one kampong which is connected to the internet, has a few computers at the mesjid but nobody cares to use the computers (so I have been told). it can happen to Lipat Kajang folks as well.

    I wish that many people in Lipat Kajang is connected to computers, instead of watching Mawi on Astro.

  3. Computer/Internet

    This is the in thing of the cyber world.

    I think the Education Budget tabled warrants for internet access and computers be made available to every schools, urban or rural.

    School is still the best place to educate people about computers and its purpose.

    Kids will then "educate" their parents about it and that will kick start the learning cycle.

    Its pertinent to have this made available to each houses but than again they must earn it, finance it and own it.

  4. check, if our sekolah lipat kajang has schoolnet. kalau deme nak belajar computer (ICT), kita semua boleh volunteer at week ends, setakat mana yang kita tahulah. old computer? boleh cari. internet? yang mahu boleh dapat hanya kena bayar RM44.00 sebulan. boleh kongsi, kalau mereka berpakat.

  5. bro mylias is in the most appropriate position to be able to get someone in the kampong (such as Tok Empat or just anybody who can be entrusted, to do the checking, to make bits and pieces of enquiries here and there, including having a look at the SKLK (they are the PIBG and the PIBG are them) see what they have what they don't in terms of the Internet facilities, and what needs to be done to make not only the kids but also the parents internet-literate,
    they may not necessarily be internet savvy but they all must at least appreciaste how they can benefit from the internet, www, as a tool in moving forward for further develeopment and progress in every aspect of their life,

    again, it really irks so much to see and hear the existence of the "couldn't care less" attitude

    get rid of the subsidy mentality is a must but for such facilities to be provided for, the gomen whic you have voted into power for the last 52 years surely have got all the allocations, why not ask for it

  6. I would think that the infra is not the problem. if the TM exchange is within range of the 'power' of streamyx, there is a high probability that TM can provide streamyx (just my assumption presently) through the normal hard wire telephone lines (which I am sure many houses in Lipat Kajang have already got). Initial payments probably (this is a big fat hope) the folks can ask the Gomen. But the monthly payment, I doubt the Gomen will pay.
    As I said earlier, we may try to build a centralised internet facility, provide them with PCs just for internet but will the people use the facility. I mentioned of one kampong where they have 4 PCs with internet connection at a mesjid and now the PCs are gathering dust. Nobody uses the internet facility. Why? I cannot guess, lack of training? lack of interest? Lack of ... so many thing that we do not understand on kampong folks. It can happen to Lipat Kajang as well. They say "you can bring the horse to the water or even bring the water to the horse, but you cannot make the horse drink". In Singapore they have regular computer classes in mesjids and the sessions are very well received. ICT in Singapore is just like TV in Malaysia, people cannot live without them.

  7. Pak Ngah......

    Please push forward the idea. I think it will work not for any other reason but for the anak buah to have a facility and not be afraid to play with the computer.

    It is a challenge that is to provide a facility that will help them in future. Probably move things in LKP.

    We can do it.......

  8. Sirad, this is where I need your help. Can you try to get internet connection to your father's house at RM44 a month. Its going to be a burden on you or your brothers a bit but I believe that it will give a start to internet in the kampong. And you or your brothers (or uncle and aunties) can use the line whenever you or them are back in the kampong. Tapa used to have an e-mail address but with no internet he cannot surf anywhere. But if you get the RM90 a month, you can use an unlimited time on the internet, which also include paying for the TM hard line rental.

    Faisal, is there anyway you can get some PC to be given (for free if possible) to Sirad at his father's Lipat Kajang house? It would help to kick start internet in Lipat Kajang.