Saturday, January 17, 2009

A Lipat Kajang Man 2

This is another undeniably prominent LIpat Kajang Man who deserve to be specially mentioned, and worth profiling
However I am not going to be able to say much about him, aprt from saying that he was THE MAN in the middle and at the side (ke tengah ke tepi) in Kg Lipat Kajang I can say for sure
I really cannot remember much other than to just say that
- he was/is my father's cousin, and good friend
- he was well respected across generations and covering the whole Kg Lipat Kajang
- he was known to everybody and he knows practically everybody, by name and by the
real person (self)
- he was very humble, very jovial, very soft spoken, very unassuming and always concern and compassionate towards everyone
- he was undisputedly a brave man, a warrior too, and he had served as a soldier
- he was the key man in the community - a reference in organising or
managing/handling any matter of common interest or individual family concern, be it religious, social, or even political matter
- he held various community positions including a Branch Leader of a political organisation (party) in the kampong
- he lived to the age of 70 years or maybe more, I am not sure

But I suppose it would be more appropriate to have one of his children (who have all become successful in life) to post a complete profile of this honourable Lipat Kajang Man c/w with images of him as a person of high integrity and also it would be very fitting for a man of his stature to have his photo in army uniform be shown here in this blog for us all to see and honour another Lipat Kajang Man

He is non other than the late (arwah) Hj Abdul Manaf Bin Talib (to us in my generation - Pak Uda Manaf) (my favourite uncle) --- Al Fatihah

Lipat Kajang people (or decendents) are encouraged to participate& contribute (Orang Lipat Kajang, atau keturunan, di jemput memberi sumbangan idea)


  1. Hj Abdul Manaf Bin Talib (Pak Uda Manaf) - let it be known to all his children and grandchildren, and son...that Pak Uda Manaf was my favourite uncle, though only bapak saudara pupu (second uncle, or whatever)if they all have not yet acknowledge that fact even after they have all grown up, or just refuse to acknowledge, and simply ignore that fact !!!
    anyway I am just saying that PakUda Manaf liked me and treated me just like his own son, why? I don't know, whould have asked him, and that was/is why I loved him like my own father and he was my favourite uncle !
    and his wife as well, arwah MakUda Zaharah...was a special aunt

    i was like on of his own children, no doubt about that, i was literally with his family since i was a small boy,
    anywhere he lived I was there, he moved house a few times, and you could certainly seeme there, in Kg Batu Satu Temerloh, in Kg Darat MakBah Kuantan, everywhere

    when MakUda Zaharah was admitted to hospital just about the time PakUda Manaf had only arrived in Kg Darat MakBah Kuantan, having had to relocate to Kuantan, with loads of stuff unpacked yet, I was entrusted by PakUda Manaf to babysit for this brother Tan and his sisters in that newly rented house(I was a trainee babysitter for a few days, and qualified)

    somehow my late father had got that special bonding with PakUda Manaf (his cousin, of course), and another of his (my father's) cousins, arwah AyahWer (or PakWer) Chik Bin Bidin (alias Chik Katak)
    though the family tie between these three was no different compared to the famly tie between them and all the others such as PakUda Man Tanjung, PakChik Ya, AyahNdak Derus, PakNgah Nordin, AyahNjang Ahmad, MakWer Saadah, and all ...
    again I can't explain about that special bonding, should have asked them, but we didn't

    and another unforgettable time was when Tan Tambi wanted to leave for England the first time, go for his further studies (can't remember when, what year?)what better place to transit than my house in Kg Baru KL, before going to Subang Airport for that flight to London; and of course my wife and I were very happy that Pak Uda and MakUda had chosen to transit at our place and complete all the preparations for Tan to live in a new different environment - equip him mentally and spiritually as well as all his personal needs.
    also all those weddings of his son and daughters, all were very memorable to me

    Now back to PakUda Manaf, the ex army man -
    i hope one of his children, in particular Suhaimi aka "Tan Tambi" bumps into this blog and have the urge to write about his father's glamorous army service and very rewarding lifetime, al fatihah

    Tan Tambi can also show us his Family Tree, as far up as he can possibly tell, or had possibly recorded, so that we can all see where/how exactly was/is THE LINK

    PakUda Manaf's brother, arwah Abdul Kadir Bin Talib was also a soldier, and so was his (PakTeh Kadir's) son, Halim, was also a soldier
    Halim i believe now lives and work in Temerloh

    Tan, Ti, Ba'iyah, Ijah, Itah...???
    i love you all, in spite of whatever...I am really stupefied...I don't really know?

  2. back in Nov 2004, i had invited Tan and all his sisters to my daughter's wedding dinner at the Shah Alam Club opp the Istana (of Sultan of Selangor), I even spoke to Tan invited him thru the phone, I remember he was hospitalised round about that time...

    Ti and husband came for the dinner, all the way from Muadzam Shah...transit di Puchong I think

    Ba'iyah and husband also were there they came from Puchong

    I remember I also invited bro mylias and Kak Rahimah

  3. Nov 2004? Must be the time I was recovery from my heart bypass surgery. Sorry, I could not make it, I was still too sick at that time.

  4. no hard feeling abang, i had only hoped that ramai sdr mara kon sendiri dapat datang, yang mana dapat datang mereka datang yang mana tak dapat mesti ada aral melintang...that evening it rained very heavily, flooded all over klang valley

    august 1973 - when i got married you were there, giving me not only "semangat" to face the jurunikah that night, but more... and many of them from Kg LK too were there, i've got some photos

    and i only knew very much later about you bypass...had i known earlier i certainly would have visited you in the hospital, maybe more than that i would have done, but then...we are only human