Sunday, January 11, 2009

How safe is Lipat Kajang? (Part 2).

On the other aspect of safety, thieves and robbers, in my young days in the kampong there were thieves, but most of them are just our own school going children, or some adults whom we knew in the kampong. What did they steal? Mostly chicken and eggs. Not goats not buffaloes not breaking into people houses. The kampong was quite safe in that respect. How about today? I have the kampong for a long time now but from reports I got todate there is nothing serious to worry about. Again its our own school going children and the people that we know in the kampong that steals. Probabaly they have graduated to stealing money and some jewellery but nothing really of concern, this happens on very very occasionally (to the best of my knowledge). Of chicken and eggs, well there is not many people in the kampong rearing chickens anyway..

Of robbery, have not heard of any. Maybe I have been away too long, so nobody tells me.

The concern was in the old days, during the Emergency. Communist Emergency they used to call it or was it just the British who called it that? I have a few stories about that period. I have noted it down in my biography, and I shall share it with everybody soon. Emergency to me briefly was that I feared walking about during dusk or at night, to me every tree in the kampong hides a Communist, lurking and ready to take a pot shot at you. Early signs of McCarthyism syndrome.

Under the present reported condition I think that Lipat Kajang is one of the safest kampong to live in. Unless other elements are introduced.

Lipat Kajang people (or decendents) are encouraged to participate& contribute (Orang Lipat Kajang, atau keturunan, di jemput memberi sumbangan idea)


  1. serious crimes, i have not heard for a long time
    petty thefts, mischiefs, etc etc small-scale i have heard, but i believe those responsible can and will sooner or later be identified and recognised, and that's when/where the "tidak apa" attitude of the kampong people become the catalyst of these petty crimes, "tidak apa" means "lantoknya lah dia bukan mencuri ayam dalam reban kon..kalau dia mencuri ayam kon kon tau lah apa nok buat dengan dia..."

    "...poh paleh weh, kon tak pernoh dengor dia tu sejahat ni, tak sangka yek..." and that's it...end of the theft story...

    there was once this "bapa saudara dua pupu" (lebih kuranglah, no need to mention name, dah arwah pun)who stole my late grandma's purse (and all it's contents) from the hut (sapar) she built beside her paddy field (paya) di ulu keling...she was at that time out in the middle of the paya, harvesting (menuai) paddy, and this crook crawled out of the bush and .....action !
    we all came to know later that he was the culprit, he was that "lazy" kind i must say, he was desperate, he was habitual, he stole from his own auntie...but he had so many "good" too about him, kindhearted at the same time, so how do ou deal with thak kind of character in the middle of the kampong, the "tidak apa" attitude fits in well...all in the family

    nevertheless, this sort of attitude (problem) shouldn't continue

  2. our peace will not be long, people will be 'spying' on us when we get more progressive.
    why some people have moved to town? children all grown up and work in town. house get burglared. ok if you are not in the house, but when you are in the house ...... with kids .... its not funny.
    in kl many have moved into condos .... to escape aggressive facing burglars.
    Lipat Kajang, so far so good.

  3. when you live in backwardness and "poverty" there is no threat to your security and safety from anyone, except from within your own fold, because because of sheer ignorance (kejahilan), and lack of morality and religious authenticity

    i have heard (quite distinctly) of deplorable "happenings" (illicit in nature)(which can be aptly classified as serious crimes, punishable both under Common Law as well as Hudud) happened in the kampong (Kg LKP), which are not wrth mentioning for the sake of our own dignity and "water face", and these were/are, in my opinion, all committed out of "primitiveness" (tidak ada ketamadunan akhlak dan kurang celik dari segi keugamaan (Islam) -amat kasihan sekali,
    i saya "enough is enough"
    if we don't save our own people then who will?
    keperibadian arwah Tuan Hj Ahmad Hurairah tidak pernah dicontohi,
    sayang sekali
    otherwise, Kg LKP is quite peaceful

  4. Lipat Kajang used to be ......... maybe a case or two ...... but it was under control. People took the law into their own hands .. but it worked.