Thursday, January 1, 2009

What is in a name.

With humble respect, the last generation (or even generations before that) were fascinating people. They were very inventive, in a way.

In a kampong like ours, there are many Sulaiman or many Osman (or Othman) or even Abdul Rahman, many Mat (or Muhammad) or sometime names which other people have never heard of. Even heard of Jantan. Maybe, but his real real name may not be Jantan at all. Jantan is translated literally as 'manly'. Maybe there are more than one Jantan in the kampong. So each has got a pet name, Jantan Kone' for example or Jantan Azid. Jantan may not be Jantan at all, his true name is Abu Jahan but in the kampong they just call him Jantan and Jantan Azid is Azid. Outside, Jantan Kone' is known as Sergent Jantan because he was a Sergeant in the Army.

Well, lets see other names. Real names or just names given by the kampong folks I don't know.
Man Sabai, Man Tanjung, Man Degil, Mat Degil, Mat Darat, Ali Rabun, Chik Katak, Teh Sakar, Mat Lebak, Mat Parut, Man Chenor; well these are not insulting names but names given to distinguish individuals in the kampong.

And what about pet names? Manja, Intan, Wok ....... those I know of, but maybe others that I do not know of. And the kampong folks know and acknowledge these names and know who is called what.

And calling a person by the given names is not the thing to do in the kampong unless you are of the same 'badge' (not even of the same age). Each has got a title, not of age or of honour but of relationship. For example Pok or Ayah is father, Mok or Enche is mother (though in some household Enche is father), Tok or Aki is of course a grandfather, Nyang a great grand-father, Nyek is great-great-grandfather, the rest I do not know. And uncles (and aunties) Pak Wer, Pak Ngah, Pokde', ........... the rest I am not sure. If its a woman its Mok Wer etc etc. You never call anyone by their given names or worse still by their nicknames.

And each person in a kampong may have a different official name (in town), and another name in the kampong. Asking for 'that' name of 'that' person in a kampong, you may not find him/her because in town he/she is known as another name, the official name. Much of that later.

But what is in a name? Its important in a Malay society, especially if you are from the same village (kampong).

Kampong Lipat Kajang is no exception.

Lipat Kajang people (or decendents) are encouraged to participate& contribute (Orang Lipat Kajang, atau keturunan, di jemput memberi sumbangan idea)


  1. what is in a name
    well you see, not only the inconspicuous dwindling older generations have got nicknames, special names, what names other than the own real names as written on the IC (Kad Pengenalan, MyKad?) the newer younger and more affluent ones aslso have got "names" identifying nobody else but him or her

    take for example, brother mylias is better identified in the kampung asn"yunus" and his brother saad as "ma'il"
    and this suhaimi manaf, the petrochemical engineer in petronas, the village know him only as "tan tambi" maybe because he is a bit dark skinned, like a tambi (indian youth)
    there is also this "kunai" son of ahmad (mat odek), when we see him we will just shout, "hei kunai" what is his name, i can't remember

    these are only a few that i can recall ... many many more

    whatever name we call him/her by.....nothing insinuating, nothing insulting, nothing swearing (mencarut), nothing filthy ...all in good spirit, the spirit of Kg Lipat Kajang

  2. "What is in a name"

    That is what i like about Lipat Kajang Pahang. They have an uncanny way to name a person and it differentiate the person from the rest.

    Come to think of it, its unique.

  3. anymore new names that I do not know of?