Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Why do I write this blog in English? The answer is very simple. I strongly believe that the people of Lipat Kajang can read both in English and in Malay. They are a good class and breed of people, able to adapt. English being an International language, by writing the blog in English I expect to have a wider spectrum of readers, from any part of the world, who may not respond but who can gather knowledge on what a Malaysian small very rural village (maybe similar to an English outback parish) life is like.

And I am very sure that any Lipat Kajang person who has access to Internet will be able to read and write in English (and/or Malay) and understand both languages.

Lipat Kajang people (or decendents) are encouraged to participate& contribute (Orang Lipat Kajang, atau keturunan, di jemput memberi sumbangan idea)


  1. without doubt most of Lipat Kajang people can read English, and may be can write in English as well, with the exception of the some elder ones, who did not have the opportunity to go to English medium school or learn the English language

    hence writing in Bahasa Melayu (BM) will enable them to read whatever we have written and to understand what we really mean when we say something, without the need to have anyone beside him/her to translate or explain

    it is good if we can write in English and where necessary we can insert the BM translation of a word or phrase or sentence or paragraph

    while we want to reach a wider global readership we also want ALL Kg Lipat Kajang folks young and old to be able to read by himself/herself what we write about, hence we write in BM, and they then can give their inputs and comments, if they can't (read or write temselves)then this is where assistance by the more "literate" and can read/wrte English must always be rendered voluntarily

    please do not just transit, read and the surf on to other sites, do contribute in the form of comments, or your original postings

    i'm sure we all will be very happy to accept whatever you write, on anything at all, not necessarily that relates directly to Kg Lipat Kajang Pahang

  2. Just wondering how many Lipat Kajang-ites (or children or grandchildre) read this blog.

  3. afraid to read or write is a handicap but lazy to read or write is a contagious disease,

    now why are some of us having problems, to even read something (or anything) let alone write (such as penning your thought, giving your comments be it constructive or otherwise)- because of sheer laziness

    and we have that slogan "Bahasa Jiwa Bangsa" which we have been touting since our primary schhol days, but what language if any do we really "jiwa i" (menjiwai) (absorb and cherish in our soul and able to use it naturally)

    first and foremost do not be afraid to use the language (any language at all) in your everyday life, read write and speak, do not have that inferiority feeling/perception that you are not able to write properly (in English, for example) and hence you become thwarted, become discouraged by your own inner feelings, from being "extrovert" enough to show off how you can read and write in that language just like any other person

    for those who may be just following, or just reading or just staring blankly at this LKP blog, i hope you will soon decide to participate more prominently

    i myself am not the originator of this LKP blog, but does that matter

    i only post topics or comments, as best as i can contribute with the hope that whatever input fromn me will be relevant, if not, it does not make me lose even a sen

    we must inculcate develop and nurture in ourselves an interest in reading writing and speaking...then only we will be able to learn more...an enrich our lives with knowledge and values

  4. ...and enrich our lives with sensible and credible knowledge and GOOD values (God has created us all with so many imperfections)

  5. is there a library in Lipat Kajang. from my observation a library in a kampong is useless. in the old days just because one kampong has a library the other kampong wants one ..... because they get subsidy. after sometime the library does not get opened, books thrown about and no one cares. we Malays do not have that reading habit. baca kitab pun kita malas. baca Koraan? tak tahu lah saya.
    i once donated some books to a kampong library (not Lipat Kajang) in Pahanag and the books ended up in someone's house ........ not in the libary. anyway the library never got opened in the any time or at any time. orang puteh lain, deme baca setiap masa ..... kalau tenguk orang puteh yang datang ke malaysia ni, di bus stop pun deme membaca buku.
    di Lipat Kajang saya rasa ....... susah sikit nak mengalakan orang membaca ...... deme suka tengok mawi dalam TV. yang muda suka berpoya2 atau di simpang empat bersembang. yang tua? .... berpoltik? kubur nak datang pun deme lupa!

  6. Library

    I do not see or saw one. I think that is a requirement for one and where one can access for knowledge/information.

    It does not have to in physical nature. That is why i wondered whether there is an internet somewhere with minimal charges.

    Internet library, so many can use and so many knowledge/information can be access or accessible.

    Time is ticking away and 50 years lag is long and it could be longer.

  7. i was merely asking a question if there is a library in Lipat Kajang. None that I can see ....... if there is one I have not seen it yet.
    knowledge? they are not interested in that. to them reading berita hairan (berita harian) and utusan meloya (utusan melayu) is knowledge enough. what more do they want to know? what can they do with knowledge anyway? nak kata kan tak sekolah, deme dah sekolah, some up to Tingkatan 5.
    internet? its a foreign language to them. some cannot imagine what internet is all about.
    is there anyone in Lipat Kajang with internet line? i don't know. I cannot guess. its time someone get an internet line, with a payment of RM44 a month, its good enough.