Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Teachers (Guru2)

At Sekolah Melayu Lipat Kajang, many teachers (guru2) have come and gone. How many of them? Who were they? What were/are their names? Perhaps Cik Gu Ibrahim (Harun) may give some information on this. He knew them all. And he still lives in Lipat Kajang.

When I was a small boy, I remember well Cik Gu Malek (late), Cik Gu Nokman (late) whom not many of us now knew. Remember Cik Gu Taha (late?), Cik Gu Hitam (late), Cik Gu Abu? And who can forget the pretty and petite Cik Gu Busu, (I think the only female school teacher who ever taught at Lipat Kajang, the last I heard she is married to a Kelantan guy but her husband has passed away I am told and she is residing in Kelantan now - Correct me if I am wrong). And Cik Gu Hamid, Cik Gu Razak (Abang Jak to many of us) ....... and many many more whom I cannot name, and whom I do/did not know personally.

We have a history, and many of us have our initial education given by these teachers. And now many of us are somebody,.......... never ever forget our roots! Wherever or whoever we are we are still the son of the soil of Lipat Kajang. And these teachers gave us that ......... we are today.

Kita biasa jugak berdoa, "Ampunkanlah dosa guru2 ku".

Lipat Kajang people (or decendents) are encouraged to participate& contribute (Orang Lipat Kajang, atau keturunan, di jemput memberi sumbangan idea)


  1. when i primary attended school at SK Kg Lipat Kajang Pahang, we had (let me recall slowly).....Cikgu Yusoff (who originated from Kertau, in Chenor Pahang) he taught in this school for many years, and lived in Lipat Kajang for many years too
    then there was Ciku Hanifah, or Cikgu Nipah, born and bred in LIpat Kajang, he was left handed and showed us many extra ordinary feats with his left handedness !!!

    Cikgu Nipah said, if you have to study for your exam while lying down (that is if your backbone refuse to work for you and does not want you to sit up straight) then you very well put (or rest) your head on a coconut fruit (buah kelapa) (with thus husk not peeled off yet, sabutnya belum dikupas) and you start reading...and when you want to fall asleep Tvery sleepy) and begin to close your eyes, your head will definitely fall off from the top of the coconut fruit on to the floor, and you certainly will have to wake up again and be wide awake again to continue reading (you see , when you fall asleep you cannot balance your head anymore on the hard coconut (kelapa).....what a crude and painful way to ensure that you are always wide awake to study for your exam (all because you are too lazy to sit up straight) BUT does anything come easy in life ???
    Cikgu Nipah, you were GREAT !!!

    then there was this Cikgu Bakar, who was the school headmaster, travelling everyday to and from, Temerloh/Lipat Kajang/Temerloh, using a "basikal berenjin" we called it (that bike bigger than a bicycle, but with pedals which you can use in case you run out of gas (minyak), and powered by a small engine, and the best part is he was commuting using that stretch of "road" on the riverside all along the Pahang River between Temerloh and Kg Lipat Kajang via Bangau, what an adventurous journey he had everyday, back and forth, but that was Cikgu Abu Bakar
    and i think he did carved a name for himself out of his tenure at the school
    i remember his son, Wahid, fair skinned, who was a close friend, i don't know where Wahid is now, hope he is still living....lost touch for so very long
    then there was a local, our very own, Cikgu Isa who taught in the school and was also the headmaster, his tenure I can't remember, but he was known to be so fierce (garang) and no play play

    he lived in a (shall i say, secluded, maybe wrong word to describe, in a way it was though it was nearby shops and other houses) house next to the village mosque, not many people can gain access to his house or get to casually visit him or his family in that house, or so i had the impression when i was small, like some kind of .....dreaded (i'm sorry) but that was it
    Cikgu Isa did not talk much and that serious kind of personality, his brother was AyahChik Midin (am i correct?)and i remember there was a house in front of the "new" mosque but who house was that I can't remember but it had links with Cikgu Isa and this AyahChik Midin...maybe their sister's house?

    then there was this Ustaz MatAlim Konok, we knew him by this "name" or nickname (whatever) who hailed from Kelibut across the river, he taught for a while in SK Lipat Kajang if i'm not wrong; i know his father's name was Lambak, becoz he had a brother named Sulaiman Lambak who worked as an office boy at the District Education Office (Pejabat Pelajaran Daerah) in Temerloh, just outside the gate of the Istana Abu Bakar in Temerloh next to the Kadi's office......that was then, during those days
    Ustaz MatAlim KOnok was just like one of us, in fact one of us in the village, everybody knew him more than an Ustaz, and he was somehow related to Tuan Hj Ahmad Hurairah the Grand Ulama' of LK, was he the son in law of Tuan Hj Ahmad? i have forgotten

    these are just the few teachers i still remember, the rest...???
    anyway I went to that school only for 3 years, fron Std 1 to Std 3 and after that i went to a boarding school

    cikgu cikgu cikgu.....

    there were/are also many sons and daughters of Kg Lipat Kajang Pahang who became teachers, took up teaching as his/her career (job) but taught in other schools elsewhere, near or far. Of course some also came back to teach in his kampong for a significant tenure
    i remember very well and never will i forget Cikgu Aziz, or his real name Cikgu Marhusin, eldest son of Tok Sidek Penghulu, now Hj Marhusin living in Kg Bintang near Temerloh...he was my teacher and my hostel master for 3 years in Chenor (the Tengku Muhammad English Primary School) which now do not exist by that name anymore i think
    Cikgu (or Abang Aziz) I owe that much to you (you know it) only God can repay all that you had done for me.....

    Cikgu Razak's (Abang Jak) son in law, Cikgu Maain (or Moin) (i don't get correctly his name) also taught elsewhere but now retired? living in (Tanah Moden) Kg Lipat Kajang Darat

    there was also one Cikgu Armia (the late) a son of the village, who later became a Wakil Rakyat (ADUN - People's Rep in the State Legislative Assembly) representing UMNO and i think after only one term, he retired or that was he not nominated to contest for a second term? of course, teachers are synonymous with politics, you can expect teachers (maybe not all) to be UMNO members, perhaps holding some posts at Branch, Divisional or higher level....Cikgu Razak (Abang Jak) was the Ketua UMNO Cawangan Lipat Kajang Baruh for many many years. then passed on the baton to Cikgu Ibrahim (retired now living in Lanjut near the SK Lipat Kajang)

    BUT times have changed, the mood and the atmosphere have also changed, the perception the believe the thinking and the expectations have also changed....and teachers are no more synonymous with only the politics of UMNO, sadly or ...

    cikgu, cikgu, cikgu...we luv you all and we value all your good deeds forever

  2. Cik Gu Nipah was my classmate in Sekolah Melayu Lipat Kajang.
    Sulaiman Lambak is my cousion.
    Cik Gu Esa, he had the biggest house (coloured green) in Lipat Kajang then, near the mesjid.

  3. addendum -
    there was also Cikgu Aziz, anak Pak Uda Mat Yamin, cucu Pendekar Awang (seberang sungai)
    i'm not sure if Cikgu Aziz had ever taught at SK Lipat Kajang?

    also there was Cikgu Abdullah (Cikgu Dollah) asal dia dari Bukit Bangkung tapi kemudian menetap di Tanah Modan LKD.....pun saya tak tahu pernah mengajar di SKLK ke tak?

    of course.....in the 1970s, 80s, 90s coming to the present era, there must be many from Kg Lipat Kajang who had become teachers, and teaching somewhere.....

    come you all the cikgu's from Lipat Kajang join us in this blog, sambil bersantai....blog tu maknanya berborak borak (cikgu mesti tahu dan mesti celik komputer), apa saja lah topiknya, tak kisah

  4. Arwah Cik Gu Dollah was in Sekolah LK I think. He became Tok Empat after he retired.

  5. Cik Gu/Guru

    My sincere apologies. The only name i recall is arwah Cik Razak/ Cikgu Jak.

    Yang lain i am blank.

    Nice to know that there is so many CikGu from LKP

  6. Tahniah kerna wujudkan blog Lipat Kajang, saya teruja membaca komen tentang sk lipat kajang. Saya kini GB SK Lipat Kajang yang ke-17 semenjak cikgu Abd. Malek (1946)dulu... saya menantu Ayah Wi (Kg. Huma Luas, Kerdau) asal orang Perak ..nama Cikgu Shah kini menetap di Kg. Huma Luas, Kerdau dan telah menjadi GB di sini sejak 2002. Ramai nama2 dalam bloh tu saya kenal juga kerna saya dah menetap di Kerdau dan mengenali orang Lipat Kajang sejak 20 tahun lagi, termasuk nama-nama seperti cikgu Armia, cikgu Dolah, cikgu Jak, cikgu Nifah - (semuanya arwah)...cikgu Ibrahim rumah dekat SK Lipat Kajang...ketua kg. Lipat Kajang Mesjid. Murid-murid kini serama 76 orangtermasuk murid Prasekolah dengan jumlah guru semua seramai 12 orang, staf lain 4 orang dan 3 pengawal keselamatan. Penghulunya orang Kg. Peragap Hj. Shamsudin Mohd. said abang kepada YB Parlimen Kuala Krau sekarang. Kami selalu bekerjasama dalam segala aktiviti sekolah, JKKK dan Mukim. YDP PIBG dulu menjawat selama 6 tahun ialah abang Tan (Kamalunshah Ahmad) dan kini Encik Nomli..... bagus juga ada blog ini boleh teruskan supaya dapat berinteraski dan cadangan saya kalau boleh cuba kumpulkan semua alumni sk lipat kajang dan buat satu majlis kesyukuran/ pertemuan semual di sk lipat kajang. Saya amat mengalu-ngalukan.

  7. salam. terima kaseh CikGu kerana melayari blog kami. memang kadangkala pedas sikit kata2 kami tetapi itu lah perasaan kami yang memandang dari luar ini, memandangkan seberapa mundornya kampong yang kami cintai tu. Tak ada lagi nak di kata kan.
    Tujuan kami adalah untuk memberi buah fikiran, dan untuk membaiki keadaan kampong kami itu, kampong dimana kebanyakan kami telah di lahirkan dan membesar.
    pandangan CikGu itu sangat kami alu2kan. dan sekiranya boleh, beritahulah murid2 di SK Lipat Kajang betapa megahnya kami dengan kampong kami itu, dan juga beri tahu mereka, jika boleh, tentang latar belakang kampong Lipat Kajang, sejarahnya, methosnya, dan cara2 hidup lama orang kampong itu di zaman2 yang kami semua ingat. Juga susun alior penduduk2 nya, siapa moyang2 mereka dan siapa saudara mara mereka. Ini mereka kena faham.
    juga di atas 'concern' kami tentang kebersihan kampong, kemajuan di kampong, serta 'attitude' pemuda2 kampong yang agak berbeza dari segi productivity apabila dibandingkan dengan orang2 luar dari kawasan dan apabiloa dibandingkan dengan pendatang dari Indonesia umpamanya.
    blog kami adalah dalam BI dengan tujuan dapat dibaca oleh orang2 anatarabangsa, serta mengalakakan belajar BI.
    Mungkin satu hari kita boleh bertemu.

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