Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Lipat Kajang in History.

None recorded as far as I know. Why? Because we were/are insignificant, or was/is it because we did/do not make waves? Were/are we satisfied people, that we did/do not make waves? Or were/are we people with no guts? Or were/are we suppressed people?

The above are questions we should ask ourselves to understand why we are not in history. We have existed long enough, perhaps since the 18th Century, perhaps even before that, in one form or another. Even during as late as Tok Bahaman’s time, when he fought the British, did we exist? Did we sent braves to fight the British? Or were we on the Britrish side? And then during the Japanese Occupation time, did we fight the Japanese? OR we were still with the British? Followed that by the Emergency time, fighting the Communist, did we fight anyone? Or were we still for the British? If we were to ask some old Lipat Kajang folks they will tell you some very interesting stories on what had happened during those periods. Ask them and write down what you found out.

My friend Hj The Seman has collected some weapons, those from his father and his grandfather. Were there weapons before that? What did we use for fighting, (did we fight? For whom? When?) for hunting? Can we tell the difference from’jut’ and ‘jerat”? “Lembing” and ‘serampang”? Well I can, but does the younger generation of Lipat Kajang folks understand what I am talking about? I have seen ‘jerat’ and ‘jut’ at my late grandfather’s house. They are all gone now after he died years ago. Taken way? I don’t know. They just went lost. Can we tell between ‘dulang’ and ‘talam'?

There are so many questions that I can ask, in our history, to know who we are. Get photographs if you cannot get the real things or if the owners refuse to part with them. Probably you may even record down who the owners are, in case we need to verify the items.

Do you know what our parents and grandparents wore when they got married? How was the ceremony like? Do you know what ‘bunga telor’ is? What is pokok ‘sepam’ and how this tree gets involved in the marriage ceremony? What 'sesuap' means? What is 'tetawak'? What is 'berdikir'? Who used to 'berdikir', how, when, and what musical (?) instrument they used?

Our jobs now are to recollect, to get stories of our history, and to trace artifacts. Perhaps one day we will even built a Lipat Kajang Museum. Why? Because we are Lipat Kajang-ites, that is why.

Lipat Kajang people (or decendents) are encouraged to participate& contribute (Orang Lipat Kajang, atau keturunan, di jemput memberi sumbangan idea)


  1. even before this blog was started i had many times tried in vain to find if there is any mention at all about Kg Lipat Kajang Temerloh Pahang in any history book or any historical records,
    i have searched the internet far and wide, to say the least, incessantly for about 3 years, simply because i want to know if we (Kg LK people) or the kampong itself have actually been recorded at all in any history for whatever reason, good or bad.....and i have found none, and i gave up searching

    any record about "the land" i believe can be found at the Temerloh Land Office, but that's it, only about the land (where located, acreage, ownership, etc, etc) and nothing more,
    maybe we will be aware from these Land Office records of the earliest date of title ownership of the land, and who was the first owner, that's it, only that

    why nothing recorded in history about Kg LKP? the answer could have been long buried somewhere in the old graveyard which was already closed in the year 1886, or somewhere else....pioneers, first settlers, warriors, brains, memories, statistics, recollections, anything and everything...
    because it is quite unbelievable that Kg LKP or its earlier settlers were too insignificant, too suppressed to be noticed? had no commendable deeds to be proud of? never really been a part of the bigger picture (of the State of Pahang)?
    in short, nothing to be archived...

    it's quite mind-boggling really...

    the next question that we can now ask is...whether we as sons and daughters of Kg Lipat Kajang Pahang are happy and think that we are dignified to be historically non-existent, and the fact that our Kg LKP is not even mentioned anywhere in history does not bother us at all? make us ashamed of ourselves?
    who are we then? from where did we come? are we genetically complete homosapiens? which of course leads to another question, why have LKajang-ites become so timid, so naive, so conventional, so trapped in a very "orthodox" thinking, so incongrous and "downtrodden" socially economically and politically, and have systematically become victims of human greed and material lust !!!

    we are not all that, and we were never all that....agree?
    our roots, solid as the "tualang" trunk and our earliest ancestors were/are definitely dignified and honourable and brave and hardworking human beings, no denial

    we have a lot of thinking to do about this, and we have to do as much as we possibly can to discover and to recover and to retrieve whatever history that we have lost, because history is evidential for any society or community, we can win or we can easily lose something valuable/precious due to the lack of any history about us all and Kg Lipat Kajang Pahang...
    ...just like Malaysia lost Pulau Batu Putih to Singapore, due to insufficient historical records/facts, if any

    that is why, our very first questions - how Kg Lipat Kajang Pahang got its name? our Family Tree, a consolidated FT the big picture covering all the lineages? where did our earliest ancestors come from, and landed/settled in KG LKP? and many other questions of historical nature, recollections, looking back, not just questions for that we can discover our own HISTORY...
    i am no historian, you?

  2. i believe that penghulu lipat kajang has all the books, unless these are now lost, due to whatever or the flood. if a research is made from those books in the penghulus office, unless they are all now lost, there should be something there. hard work this is. looks like we need the help of a professor at a U. anyone know such a person? a major project.

  3. but i suppose for our part now, just collect whatever we can lay our hands on, photograph whatever we can, keep records whatever we can record, and ask questions from the old folks of lipat kajang, record them down, and compile these and keep them in a safe place. use this blog to write anything that we think is factual, even from memory. we can always create other documents on the internet if the need arises.

  4. let us all individually or in groups of two or three make the move, go back into the kampong look for all these elderly folks (while they are still alive) and get all the stories/myths/tales/etc that they could remember and/or narrate, record it all and transfer on to this blog or into i-doc or e-doc for archiving and easy retrieval

    the Penghulu's storage of papers, documents and paraphernalia - one or two of us must go in see the Penghulu, talk to him seek or induce his cooperation, bongkar dan geledah - all for good intentions
    there are already quite a few of us here, i guess
    at the same time we can also continue to search the www if there are any mention at all of Kg Lipat Kajang Temerloh Pahang...we might just be lucky

  5. tok penghulu sekarang dok jauh dari Lipat Kajang. entah dia tahu atau dok pasal rekod2 yang ada, harapkan dia kesah. Cik Gu Berahim macam mana? dulu dia terpengaruh tapi sekarang tak tahu lah. kalau dia boleh tolong, at least at the initial stage. menantu nya tu seorang cik gu, dia pun boleh tolong kalau cik gu berahim tolong. kemudian bila dah dapat sikit info tentang di mana terdapatnya rekod2 ni semua baru kita masuk tenguk. itu pun kalau tok penghulu benarkan. nanti kena saman pulak dalam OSA.
    by the way, why don't each one of us write our biography? I have done mine, and I shall try to upload some the things I remember about Lipat Kajang in my young days ....... maybe a few stories that I have heard as well. and I have done so about lubuk mendi dan kerbau in the old days. orang lain ada cerita2 lain ke?

  6. 1)the present Penghulu must be removed, by whatever diplomatic means, or involuntary if need be
    2) the Penghulu's closet can then be easier opened/handled, with the help of some of our own, Cikgu Berhahim ke or the Tok Empat's
    3) we are not going to tae away any documents or records or remove any paraphernalia from the Penghulu's office (wherever that may be), his office but have been stacked with tons of papers/docs after so many years - we just want to go thru all the records/docs to trace and pen our history, see whatever worthwhile archiving, that is all, OSA-wise I think, no implications, after all what secrets about the kampong are being kept in the office of the Penghulu, and whatever secret there may exist is all about us

  7. this Penghulu issue must be taken up and resolved, dia makan duit gaji buta aje......petition !!!

  8. this Penghulu issue:
    the argument is the Penghulu must be a son of Kg LKP as a first preference, first choice by whatever reason at all
    ...if and only if we have exhausted in our search for the right candidate from among the LK community then only we can appoint the next (second) preference, someone having connectiion with Kg LKP, then again it must not be based on political influence, it must be based on democracy, let us be fair to ourselves and our own people, and not simply agree with any political appointment of a crony as the Penghulu of Kg LKP
    whoever is reigning now must resign in favour of another Penghulu who is born and bred LK-ite fairly and justly elected and agreed by the whole community
    do i sound intimidating ???