Sunday, February 1, 2009

Usrah /Tazkirah (reminders on Islam) in Lipat Kajang.

Seven kinds of people will be sheltered under the shade of God on the Day of Judgment...They are: a just ruler, a young man who passed his youth in the worship and service of whose heart is attached to the mosque...two people who love each other for the sake of God...a man who is invited to sin...but declines, saying 'I fear God' who spends his charity in secret, without making a show...and one who remembers God in solitude so that his eyes overflow.

* Riyadh-us-Salaheen, Hadith 376

Admittedly I have not been back for a long time even to pray in the mesjid of Lipat Kajang. I have blogged on how lonely the mesjid looks like today. Probably its just my impression, but I am sure I am right, without doubt.

On Islam in the kampong I am very sure all the Malay kampong folks are Muslim. But I have my doubts if they listen to a (lot?) of usrah / tazkirah (on the religion of Islam). Maybe they do but I do not know. My experience in the nearby kampong where my in-laws are, they do not do much usrah /tazkirah. They are adverse to such practice I observe.

If it is true that the kampong do not listen to usrah /tazkirah, I feel sad for them. Sad in a sense that they are not exposed or made aware of the progress of Islam in those bygone era and of today, though they claim that Islam is their practicing religion.

I believe that the kampong should organise usrah / tazkirah (if they have not done so yet) to make them more aware of what Islam is all about, not that they are not aware but to make them more aware.

I am very sure that the mesjid committee can find good Ustaz (Islam religious teachers) to conduct usrah / tazkirah in the kampong, never mind the kampong bigot or those against such usrah / tazkirah. Hell and heaven are in your own hands, just choose where you want to go (insyaAllah) in the next world.

I have blogged a site where we do usrah / tazkirah in where I live today. The blog

Lipat Kajang people (or decendents) are encouraged to participate& contribute (Orang Lipat Kajang, atau keturunan, di jemput memberi sumbangan idea)


  1. bagi dia orang di kampong tu yang mentalitinya dah sangat menguncup, apa saja yang dikatakan oleh "orang luar" macam kita ni dianggap mengutuk menyampuk tak tentu pasal, they know best what they are doing, including how to manage the mosque, how to utilise it beneficially and how to promote and enhance Islam for the benefit of most of the kampong folks who are actually a lot more ignorant about Islam than anyone can imagine, no surprise at all...

    at least i am happy to see all the women in the kampong are now bertudung, unlike before...

    dulu mana ada kesedaran untuk menutup aurat bukan saja dibawah tapi diatas (kepala)

    usrah dan tazkirah atau syarahan agama (senang cakap) adalah perkara baru bagi kampong kita itu, sadly
    but never mind, nothing is too late to be adopted, executed, implemented, practised
    get the JK Masjid to start organising

  2. pada pendapat saya yang tak seberapa ni, mereka tak dengar tazkirah tu kerana tak ada guru, dan kerana politik. jkkk takut kena pecat kalau bawak guru ugama (agak nya lah .........mungkin jugak saya salah anggap). ada jugak kemungkinan mereka tak ada duit nak bayar guru ugama.

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  4. at the very least maybe just organise some tauhid class or tafsir class, engaging just one of your own who have had some religious studies capable enough to handle such sessions, no need to think big initially
    kalau nak seribu daya, pasti ada yang oleh dilakukan sbg permulaan kalau lah belum pernah dibuat rather than choosing to remain in "darkness" lacking in knowledge about your own agama which you are supposed to practise wholly in your life, kewajipan
    but again talking is easy
    anyway if we don't first talk about it how can we detect any weakness

  5. Usrah/Tazkirah

    Those are for our rohani. Sadly those are not the top list matter of the Penghulu, JKKK, JK Masjid (not sure).

    Sincerely it is not available either due to Uztaz or finance not so sure either.

    Again as in the other post, kelas menggaji pun diadakan di surau LK darat. Hairan jugak so i ask why?
    The answer is because Tuan Guru tu is a .......malas nak tulis sebab sakit hati.

    Macam mana nak dapat ilmu kalau kita dok asyik sekat kerana politik. Agama is agama. No mixture.

    Hairan lah the Japanese mentaliti masih ada lagi.

    Again must have a LIPAT KAJANG-ite as Penghulu.

  6. The problem is not money but politic. Most are those elected or more aptly appointed to posts in Lipat Kajang are members of a certain political party. The masjid money chest is brimming at slightly under 20K but the criteria for penceramah is that he must not from the other party. That is the catch 22. That clause almost exclude everyone, on one side they are not able to locate one who can do & at the end potential penceramah are disqualified. You can tell LK is a diehard county. So hard that it is dying a slow one.

  7. 20K? siapa yang audit akaun tu?
    dimana duit tu di simpan?
    And I presume (rightly or wrongly) that they have proper book keeping.
    Have they got a monthly accounting (income/expenditure)report? Is that report pasted on the notice board for all the members of the qariah to see?
    I think I am evil, but when it comes to money, eyes will go 'green'.

  8. Try give a call to Cikgu Ibrahim Carok Panjang. Maybe not a direct question.