Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Respects (for other’s properties) and trust.

This is an area which I feel that the people of Lipat Kajang has got to understand (fully). Living in a close kampong community like ours (and currently there are very minimal number of ‘outsiders’ living among the community), we tend to feel that what belongs to others (who may be our very close blood relation) may also belong to us. Not knowing that the others have worked hard (and scratch their brains) to come out with ideas and products which they have to invest money and time to make those ideas visible and viable.

And people plant fruit trees waiting for the plant/trees to bear fruits, but when the fruits have arrived they get taken away by person/persons unknown. People tap rubber trees hoping to sell the latex for cash for a decent living. But the latex gets stolen in the middle of the night. People rear fish hoping that they can catch the fish for marketing, to earn a small amount of cash (very small in most cases) but the fish got trapped away in time unknown.

These are examples which I can think of presently, but there may be more examples as and when I think further about the challenges in living in a small kampong community, a community that rely on trust among friends and close relatives. Do we have that respects and trust in Lipat Kajang? I believe that we have, but we must also be aware if anyone of us breaks the rule of ‘respect and trust’.

These are small aspects of ‘respect and trust’ thrust to us in the kampong against when compared to some other rural or urban communities where people run away with other people’s wives or daughters, or even small children. And in more modern society people use other people money (charitable collections for example) to enrich themselves. If ever it happens to us (Allah forbid) in our kampong community, then we need and have to go back to the basic of the religion of Islam for which 100% of us in the kampong subscribe to.

Lipat Kajang people (or decendents) are encouraged to participate& contribute (Orang Lipat Kajang, atau keturunan, di jemput memberi sumbangan idea)

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  1. "old habits die hard"
    in Kg LK the people have for decades regarded these petty mischiefs as part of their everyday life, maybe, nothing to worry about,
    stealng fruits, chickens, dried rubber sheets, vegetables, etc or even money and jewellery (viz a viz, taking without the owner's permission)- we definitely have heard of all this happening in Kg LKP, nothing to hide,
    who did it? i don't know nobody knows,

    even some serious misconducts (may or may not have been committed by one of your own) can sometimes be easily forgotten, just like that, through silence and indifference

    all this menace in the village must be put to a stop, not slowly but swiftly and begotten rid of

    the concept and practice, of trust and respect between one another has all been spelt out very clearly in the Quran and the Hadis (Sunnah of the Prophet SAW) not only where it concerns properties, but covers also every person's body (jasad), integrity, morality, modesty, etc, should never be criminally encroached, no matter how trivial, it is all punishable by the law of this country, and definitely by God Almighty (Allah SWT), aren't we all afraid of that?

    it will in everyone's interest if all incidents from now on perhaps be reported to the Penghulu (at least) so that the problem (each and every case) can be judiciously resolved (just within the community, as a first step) to deter anyone from continuing to be the elements of disrespect and untrustworthiness in the village,
    ----- again here the Penghulu plays a vital role, no doubt, and the JKKK ??? two or three decades ago, and earlier, there was no JKKK, but now there is the JKKK, what role and responsibility must you uphod and perform ???