Saturday, February 7, 2009


Ini adalah post untuk saya menerima dan mendapatkan cadangan, pendapat atau pandangan berkaitan dengan SILATURRAHIM KAUM KELUARGA - PERJUMPAAN n PERKENALAN.

Ianya juga untuk melebarkan jaringan untuk menjadikan post ini sebagai daftar/ mendapatkan nama ahli ahli keluarga untuk di jemput.

Jika ada apa apa cadangan pendapat atau pandangan bagi acara tersebut sila kemukakan di post ini dan sila perkenalkan diri untuk saya berhubung dengan Tok Aki/Wan, Pak/Mak, Abang/Kak, saudara/i sekelian di LIPAT KAJANG PAHANG.

Tujuan nya ialah untuk mengeratkan silaturrahim anak anak LIPAT KAJANG PAHANG. Untuk dikenalkan kepada yang tak kenal. Macam saya yang telah merantau rata takut bertembung hidung dengan ahli ahli LIPAT KAJANG PAHANG yang saya tahu semua nya adalah dari satu rumpun.

Cadangan untuk diadakan pada bulan JUN 2009. Tarikh yang ada ialah 6 Jun 2009, belum ditetapkan, ianya juga bergantung kepada keupayaan kedatangan ahli ahli keluarga LIPAT KAJANG PAHANG.



  1. Sdr Sirad,
    I do not have anymore close relative in the kampong excepts cousions all over the places over there (and one 'menjanda' auntie). My brother Saad and family are in Kuantan, my Brother Din and family are in KLIA quarters, my sister Nong and family are in Pasir Mas Kelantan. I will email you privately their hp nos. We will invite them.

  2. sirad,
    PokDe will give you hp nos and/or e mail addrs of all from my lineage in ulu lanjut and also all over the places,
    invite all of them and also entice their coop in whatever form !? $

    if you later decide you want me to call them, no problem

    if i can be of any help, just also let me know
    you want to form C's and subC's
    ke, whatever

    we will together make it a success

  3. this Penghulu issue:
    the argument is the Penghulu must be a son of Kg LKP as a first preference, first choice by whatever reason at all
    ...if and only if we have exhausted in our search for the right candidate from among the LK community then only we can appoint the next (second) preference, someone having connectiion with Kg LKP, then again it must not be based on political influence, it must be based on democracy, let us be fair to ourselves and our own people, and not simply agree with any political appointment of a crony as the Penghulu of Kg LKP
    whoever is reigning now must resign in favour of another Penghulu who is born and bred LK-ite fairly and justly elected and agreed by the whole community

    if you were not born and bred in Kg LKP how can you know and appreciate anything about this kampong to be a good dedicated Penghulu???

    do i sound intimidating ???

  4. i hope the date/time/venue for this June Perjumpaan can be finalised and fixed ASAP and made known to all so that everyone can plan well ahead for them to prepare themselves to come back to attend this gathering, then there will be no plausible excuse anymore not being able to attend

    other details can be thrashed out amongst the organisers

  5. who appointed this present Penghulu?
    was he appointed in a democratic way being elected and chosen by the people of Kg Lipat Kajang Pahang, or was he appointed unilaterally without any consultation whatsoever with the kampong people?
    What was the basis, the rationale in electing him other than being the brother of the MP, his crony?

    these questions must now be answered by someone,
    remember - the Penghulu is the focal point of reference and the source of inspiration or dissuasion

    nothing personal or emotional about this issue, we want justice and fairness for the kampong so that it can move forward and not get derailed and remain stagnated

    i beg everyone's wise thoughts about this issue, and act accordingly

  6. Question mentioned by KM.......i quote with permission......

    who appointed this present Penghulu?
    was he appointed in a democratic way being elected and chosen by the people of Kg Lipat Kajang Pahang, or was he appointed unilaterally without any consultation whatsoever with the kampong people?
    What was the basis, the rationale in electing him other than being the brother of the MP, his crony?

    The choice must be from LIPAT KAJANG PAHANG.....again i quote from KM.......with permission....

    if you were not born and bred in Kg LKP how can you know and appreciate anything about this kampong to be a good dedicated Penghulu???

    I for one relish the democratic, open and transparent means of election.

    I for one believe that only an insider knows better than any half breed(no malice here) worst still a 100% outsider to take the helm and at a later stage people like us will have to retract and pave again the path in ensuring that LKP is not in slumber.

    We need the helm so that folks in LKP can look for direction and in my opinion contained them harmoniously just like the 40's, 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's glorious years of LKP.

    We need to be in the radar of development plans of the power to be. LKP need to be in their radar. The right word is "MUST".

    LKP was there before and must be there again for the future.

    The date chosen was base on the availability of holidays(SPB YDP Agong Birthday)and it is in conjunction with mid year school holidays.

    Anyway it was a tentative choice and i really need feedback on it.

    After putting some thoughts about it, my conclusion is that the project is massive. I am slowly building the pace and will put in the requirements and itenirary for all to view and for me to receive feedback.

    Insya'allah this is the first and not the last. We will have that gathering whether it is big or small in numbers.

    We just have to start something rolling from the drawing board.


  7. In essence beside the perjumpaan & perkenalan, the more serious stuff is the formation of a formal persatuan that will collect membership,oganise fundraising, spell our what we want to do, elect office bearer, register the society, monitor what it set to do,assist whoever(members? needs help. Once we have the number and the names,we can call a meeting with JKKK or ADUN or whoever appropriate to thrash out the issues that has been plaquing our LK. We have to preempt several scenario like what if JKKK resist to cooperate & other scenarios. They have their political master & how do we deal with that? What we should do if we want to influence the selection of penghulu

  8. we have no control over the apppointmnent of a Penghulu in a kampong. In the days of the British the Peghulu had very wide powers but today the Peghulu is ....... not really that powerful anymore. So a local Lipat Kajang-ite who wants to be a Penhulu has to do a lot of campaigning with the 'power that be'.

    About the meeting, I would like to think that it will be more of a social cum business gathering with no politicking. We have seen each other quite a bit during the annual 'tahlil kubur' but we did not and still do not know each other from Adam. Of course we may like to discuss issues of comon interest, and also on the tools for the progress of out 'tanah tumpah darah'.

    Did I hear 'formal persatuan? Can try.

    Fund raising? A good idea but for that we may need a good treasury organisation. We can of course pass a hat around to pay for our expenses, or just maybe a few of us can be the organisers for the function, say food, tents, cleanlines, etc etc, Sdr Sirad had to think of what areas that he will need sponsors.

    I feel that for the start we just deal with the Tok Empat2, and the JKKK (they are all Lipat Kajang-ites I believe) because if we bring anyone 'foreign', the 'foreigner' may feel slighted if they are not 'entertained'. This is our meeting, a Lipat Kajang-ite's meeting. If we can successfully manage such a meeting of Anak2 Lipat Kajang, then we may think of extending our activities to include meetings and discussion with 'foreigners'. We don't even know yet if our proposal will meet with success. We have a lot of hurdles to cross, and challenges to overcome.

    For the time being I would say "Berdoalah kita kepada Allah SWT supaya cadangan murni kita ini berjaya"

  9. My recommendation is that let this meeting of waris waris/anak anak LIPAT KAJANG PAHANG be an informal meeting. The idea is to know and reach all the "roots" (cam Kunta Kinte).

    For the formal organization, not a bad idea, best let see if we get the "numbers". Once we get the "numbers" say 70% of the total population then we can delve into it to form the organization(a lot of leg work but can be done).

    Since this is the first to be meeting lets make it a close affair situation. We among ourselves without the power to be. Tok 4 and JKKK boleh le sebab berkaitan.

    Lets see where we move from here. We need the "numbers" because it is important in wanting to make the changes.

    Again the "numbers" will determine our ability to make changes in a democratic way.

    "Tak nak le tarik benang sampai tepung berterabur"

  10. Pok Ngah n Pok De

    I really need the "C" and sub "C".

    Ramai tu tak tercapai sendirian.



  11. at this hour, i can only say this



    esok saya akan sambung lagi ....apa yang saya dapat perkatakan tentang C's dan subC's

    good morning...

  12. sirad, at this moment i feel the same as you, this proposed gathering is an 'experimenet', see how many waris can come. the medium of internet we are using may not penetrate a wide spectrum of lipat kajang-ites, yet. i believe that not many lipat kajang-ites has access to internet, and even if they have access not many looks at the internet that often, and not many may even see our blog. of course we can us the 'word of mouth' method to reach the 'crowd'. we all can try that.
    to those waris that we have hp nos of, we will sms them (each individual of us will have to do that to all our waris222). and even those having no handphone we will call them. those having only addresses, we will write to them. stamps? i will pay for the stamps. each individual of us will have to start the effort from now.
    we only want waris to reduce formality and protocol (anyway we do not want 'foreigners' to dictate the events). and we want waris to contribute time, efforts, and money (if possible .... and don't ask for subsidy or peruntukan please).
    we have to think of where to meet and what the facilities we want, what programme we can propose to make the gathering interesting and memorable, do we want to do 'charity' for the kampong ...... tebas kubur atau cuci jalan dari tahi lembu umpamanya, (or even solat jemaah at the mesjid the night before followed by probably tazkirah by a penceramah who has pahang permit,........if its not too expensive i can pay for the penceramah ... kalau ada Ustaz tempatan lebih elok), if there is permit required for such gathering. date? you have already mentioned the date ..... a good date to me.
    tapi kalau banyak sangat waris yang nak datang ....... apa nak buat?
    just do it.

  13. Assalamualaikum to all.

    It is a great step that all of you good-men are innitiating and I pray for its success, Insya'allah.
    I do not know how I can be of any help???
    Please do cnfm the date as i am away 'seberang laut' (KK Sabah) as I look forward to be there...
    Abang Sirad...I can remember you when I had many a times sat on your shoulders ( and your siblings) as a young boy...(KM...abah.... ni anok ayahwe bukit kan???) if i recall correctly.

  14. sirad, and his siblings, anok-anok Nong Zuki aka AyahWer Bukit, Taman Keramat (those days)- you know all of them, they also know you

    PakNgah mylias aka Abang Yunus is Sofina's father, that Kak Sofina who hugged and kissed you in public (in Portsmouth and Brighton) much to the shock and "astonishment" of all the onlooking Malays (students and families) (thinking that you were
    trying to molest a Mat Salleh girl, and we all had a good laugh after that, they all did not know who Sofina is, can't blame them)
    (i am sure sofina reads this blog and she will be laughing)


    YES we have no control over the appointment of the Penghulu BUT we as anak anak Kg Lipat Kajang have got our rightful say, "vote" if we want to call it from a political angle, which nobody can deny us that right;

    we all are directly affected by such an appointment, rightly, it will benefit us and wrongly, it will inflict on the whole community unnecesary stress and strains, problems !
    nobody not even the "powers that be" can just simply appoint anyone he/she likes/prefers as a Penghulu (of any kampong (sub district) for that matter) without referring such appointment to the kampong community, not for approval but seeking their honest sincere and rightful opinion (say) about the appointment, the community cannot be regarded as "dumbs" or "stooges" (who knows nothing about "government") and simply forced on to them a Penghulu who i am sure they have misgivings about but damn scat and afraid to voice out...if at all they can depend on him for leadership, guidance, authority and assistance

    we are not concerned about how much power that the Penghulu nowadays can wield, compared to those British days, what we are disputing is if the Penghulu is not a "born and bred local" how can he function effectively wholeheartedly conscientiously empathically and fully identifying himself with the community, 24/7 ever ready to answer any distress call from anyone in the community, at any time of day or night,
    that actually is esssentially the function of the Penghulu immaterial of whatever is his job scope or JD or KPI
    and we know fully well that this Penghulu is being slotted there because of the allowance, lets not deny it, lets not be hypocites, and nobody from the community had ever dared to open his/her mouth to say that the most suited to be their Penghulu is a "born and bred local" as first preference, this is really a political blackmail (i am not talking about politics, no political sentiments) but we must be very clear and honest about the underlying juggles and quiet slapstick (lakunan) that had hypnotized the community into a silent agreement;
    a second preference will be a man married to a woman from the kampong (any kampong for that matter, in this case Kg Lipat Kajang Pahang) and this is totally agreeable to everyone i am sure, no one will dispute it if we sincerely invite their honest opinion, after having exhausted a search across the kampong for a suitable anak jati kampong to be the Penghulu, i have said earlier;

    now this is a very serious flaw in the governing of this sub-district of Kg Lipat Kajang knowing very well that all the issues that we have been discussing here hinges heavily on who is rightly or wrongly sitting on the Penghulu's chair in order to get things moving the way we want to without encountering too much hick-ups,

    that is the logical reason why the Penghulu must be knowledgeable enough about the "history" (of course we don't have any history, do we?), the "selok belok" of the kampong (who lived/lives where which precints? recognising most if not all of the LK faces, not just by look but by name/nickname, having the bits and pieces about LK at his fingertips and at the back of his mind, no need to ask anyone about it)and only a "born and bred local" fits into that
    non-physical mental/emotional "sarung", not just anyone can fit in

    can an "outsider" Penghulu, living km away from the community, be what/who we want him to be, readily available 24/7 ?

    i am not touting, not canvassing nor campaigning against anyone, my conscience is very clear, and i am not saying anyone of us is aspriring to be the (right candidate) Penghulu of Kg Lipat Kajang, I am saying what is undeniably wrong but be made right, straighten out, iron out, negotiate and compromise, and above all be honest with ourselves, ask ourselves questions we have never asked before - >

    the Penghulu post must be returned to the community to be filled as the community desires and recommends altho' they don't have the final say in the appointment;

    the Penghulu can be likened to the "Panama Canal" or the "Suez Canal" between the community of Kg Lipat Kajang and the District Office (the Government) in Temerloh; if the "canal" is mentally blocked by some hidden agenda then nothing can go thru either way, thus depriving both ends of the necessary communications required for good transparent efective governance that can benefit the kampong community...

    i for one have no interest whatsoever in this matter, in as far as my present abode is concerned and where i live now whoever is the Penghulu there makes no difference

    HOWEVER i have a lot of personal interests in the kampong by way of my roots, and my land, my soil...apart from the interests of my kampong (which historians cannot read anywhere) and my kampong people, i say again "enough is enough"

    i would also recommend anyone with vested interest to read carefully all that i have written about this issue, i have no malice no bad intention towards anyone, even a person who is married to a woman from Kg Lipat Kajang is also related to me, no question about that whatsoever
    my kampong my people and i personally have been "ardent" and faithful fans of "the powers that be" for more than 50 years already, can anyone dispute our loyalty and patriotism?

    and please don't forget, "the powers that be" also need every single vote from Kg Lipat Kajang in order to "remain alive" therefore while we all are something like being "blackmailed" or "induced" (whichever way you define it?) we can also do the same in return, because together we are a power, a force to be reckoned with, insignificant as we have been !!!


    Saturday Sabtu 6th June 2009 / 12 Jamadil Akhir 1430H di Kg Lipat Kajang Temerloh Pahang
    PH Hari Keputeraan DYMM SPBYDP Agung Malaysia

    all of us must plan from now for that day/date

    TO BE CONTINUED.........

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. Sirad, from the mails so far I observed that you have set the date (Sat 6th June?). Am I correct? Better block our dairies.
    And I suggest that you have better get some pledge for donations (RM or food/refreshments or whatever). Otherwise it will be very difficult to manage the events. (Lipat Kajang-ites, please contact Sirad for whatever you can do for Lipat Kajang and not what Lipat Kajang can do for you).
    As I said earlier, I pledge the postage and the Ustaz (for tazkirah the night before the big event).

  17. ...CONTINUED

    personally i don't have that much experience or expertise in organising large-scale occasions, nobody has and
    nobody can do it alone, esp. this one, no doubt we cannot really anticipate the response and the attendance but we must be ready and be prepared, for a reasonably big gathering bcos that is what we target it to be, and at the final stages, our readiness can always be scaled upwards or downwards accordingly.
    it's going to be "waris-waris only affair" for a starter, i fully agree, and it must cover the whole kampong the whole community, no exceptions and no one must be left out.............
    a great number of these waris-waris are scattered all over from perlis to sabah, while those residing in Kg LK are not so much of a worry to be reached, and we've got approx. 4 months to get everything in place well in time,

    so let us all be together with Sirad (whom we have entrusted as the Chief Organiser / Chairman of the Organising C'ttee) in making our first "perjumpaan silaturrahim keluarga" a success;

    whatever has been suggested and detailed by Abg/Uncle mylias are fully agreeable, nothing more to add, that's how it's going to be organised and held, strictly a pro-rata sillaturrahim gathering and NO POLITICKING whatsoever

    spread the words about this blog via sms, e mail, voice mail, snail mail, phone conversations, etc very quickly and make special reference to the posting on SILATURRAHIM where everyone can be well-informed about the proposed perjumpaan; explain about this perjumpaan SILATURRAHIM to all

    the programme/agenda for the perhimpunan should fit in nicely with the length of time available for everyone to be able to attend and participate and benefit, neither too much and very elaborate nor too little and scanty....this is just a humble beginning, a preamble, a mukaddimah to a revival of our history, the history of Kg LKP

    a short tazkirah on a "relevant topic" (bfore solat waktu perhaps) can be quite ideal as a brain teaser

    its up to Sirad and his C and subCs, i believe he knows how to organise it to our satisfaction

    the two Tok4, the JKKK Chief and a rep from the Mosque C'ttee must in my opinion be coopted into Sirad's main C'ttee,
    and with their permission (dengan keizinan mereka) may i suggest sdr Mazlan Yasin (of Ceruk Seratus)(now in Bandar Muadzam, he has got his own blog and can be easily reached) and sdr Norazman Jantan (of Paya Baru) (now in PJ and we can reach him quite easily) to be also included in your main C'ttee, both are very capable and very experienced, i have no doubt

    anybody else, perhaps what sort of helping hands you need from and can hope to rightly get from them; there are quite a few eligible and capable and very appropriate ones in the kampong who can be approached and coopted, and i think their response will be positive (i maybe wrong)

    then you can start forming your subC's, how many you really need to form to be tasked with what responsibility -


    program&agenda (running the main "stage show", etc) (sounds simple but can be very difficult),

    food&catering (nak sembelih kerbau ke, cari umbut ke, masak memasak, penanggah ke, macam2lah),

    organise the tazkirah? (quite a task),

    organise a suitable "gotong royong" (if time permits)?,


    first aid&emergency, security?,

    treasury (finance) most important,

    etc, etc - up to yr main C'ttee to decide how many subC's you need

    (within budget)

    as for me personally, i am available, for whatever help i can offer, within my calorie (energy) limits, in whatever capacity, apart from contributing like everyone else, i hope

    Abang Nong Zuki (Sirad's father) and the Mosque Imam (ex Penghulu)can also be depended on for some elderly advice, apart from Abg/Uncle mylias of course

    these are just my humble unsolicited thoughts and ideas, not really meant to teach or educate anyone,

    i have full trust in Sirad


  18. p/s
    better still if the main C'ttee can be broadly based to cover the whole kampong, a few adjacent precints be represented by a "prominent" person in the C'ttee, hence no precint or Ceruk seemed to be unrepresented or "left out" in organising the gathering,

    whatever it is we do not want anyone to feel that he/she is being left out, "being able to contribute" is not the basis but participation is what we want, and more meaningful


  19. Sirad,
    Saw that mail from CikGu Besar Sek Keb. LK? He has found us, and I am sure that news is spreading fast in the kampong about our planned gathering. Use him wherever you can.
    Just to let you know. We have a Lipat Kajang-ite who has a PA system, which he rents for weddings (with the disc jockey as well). He may give a good discount, or even for free ....... his gathering contribution.
    We have also a caterer who is married to the daughter of a Lipat Kajang-ite. He might help us, that will reduce our cooking and cleaning time ..... give time to everyone to enjoy themselves. Cost? We will have to negotiate with him. I plan to see his father-in-law soon about old time we had together when we were children in the kampong. I might just try ....... whatever I can do.

  20. Just saw a comment from Lias (Marzuki). Dia baru sedor ke tentang blog ni? Wake him up!

  21. i thought if sirad had already known about this blog, lias would invariably have come to know just a few seconds later
    i actually had sms lias early Jan about this blog, if he still remember
    well lias, perhaps you will come in handy to look at things from the legal point of view, legal aspects, it seems to me things are gettings more interesting here

    about the proposed gathering, i think everyone whether you are on the outside or you are in the inside of the kampong now, we all MUST agree that the intention and objective of holding this gathering is simply SILATURRAHIM, to let everyone meet everyone, all the waris-waris, descendents, never must we doubt that intention,
    and next of course that we must align our thinking to this, as Abg mylias had said, "don't think what Kg Lipat Kajang can do for you but what you can do for Kg Lipat Kajang (Pahang) and the community"

    in BM probably it essentially means - taburkanlah jasa bakti kepada tanah tumpah darah, tempat kelahiran atau tempat asal usul mu, Kg Lipat Kajang Pahang, tanpa memikirkan kepentingan diri sendiri

    saya percaya mereka sdr mara kita yang sekarang berada menetap di kampong boleh dan mahu memberi sokongan dan sama-sama dalam usaha ini, untuk tujuan dan matlamat bersama, bukan untuk kepentingan peribadi sesiapa, terutama yang telah menurunkan tulisan-tulisan dan komen-komen dalam ruangan (blog) ini, NO PERSONAL INTEREST WHATSOEVER, at least i speak for myself, i am sure the same goes for everyone else

    maka itu saya yakin sdr mara kita di dalam tu ramai yang boleh bersama dan membantu - termasuk GB SKLK Cikgu Shah dan semua warga SKLK, just perfect

    sdr Tan Kamalunshah pasti mampu menyumbangkan banyak bantuan dan memainkan peranan yang mustahak !!!

    Cikgu Ibrahim yang amat kita hormati, juga mesti bersama

    sdr Mustafa Bin Chik (aka Tapa, anak MakLang Mahani, tinggal di Lanjut Hulu) ialahmempunyai banyak kemudahan - Kompang, Nasyid, PA System dan berbagai lagi - tentunya juga dapat bersama

    Cikgu Maain (atau Moin, apa nama dia sebetulnya, kurang pasti) juga amat patut bersama dalam barisan pengelola perjumpaan

    Tok4 LK Darat dan Tok4 LK Baruh (atau LK Mesjid, panggilan sekarang)

    Tok Penghulu???
    walau pun kita telah banyak perkatakan tentang "isu perlantikan Penghulu" tapi dia dah pun dilantik sbg Penghulu Mukim LK (setidak tidaknya untuk satu penggal)
    namun isu perlantikan Penghulu tetap akan diketengahkan secara rasional dan berasas,
    Tok Penghulu mesti berada bersama sama untuk mendfapat gambaran yang sejelas-jelasnya
    selain dari mereka ini saya tak berapa pasti, dari PIBG SKLK? dari JK Masjid? dari JKKK? dari golongan tua (generasi terdahulu)?
    dari Ceruk-Ceruk, Paya Paya, Tanjung Tanjung, Bukit Bukit, Sg Sg (all the "hamlets") ???

    sdr Sirad, over to you, all of them can be in your main C and your subC's

    i believe all of them can work with you, just knock at their doors, kita semua berasal dari akar umbi yang sama yang satu


    macam mana ayer sg pahang tu tak akan berhenti mengalir tak putus-putus, begitu juga lah pertalian kekeluargaan diantara kita semua anak anak Kg Lipat Kajang Pahang


    kepada Abang mylias, maaflah kalau saya terlebih sikit cakap, macam mengada ngada pulok (got carried away a little bit), takut2 nanti jadi, cakap tak serupa bikin...

  22. I was in the kampong today. Things have improved a lot and the kaampong looks pretty clean.
    I met many at the Pekan Sari, and Mutafa actually have read our blog. I asked him to provide us PA system for the gathering. And also Aziz Yatim 'menantu' for catering services. Met CikGu Ibrahim and told him about our proposed gathering. He welcome it.
    I took a lot of photoes of the kampong and I shall include those into our blog thro' Slide.

  23. Lama tak balik........rindu kat Lipat Kajang. Nak nangis tengok gambau Mak & Abah.

    Anyway dalam ni pun ramai saudara.

    Ano' mza.......anak Pok De ke. Dah tak ingat dah yg mana satu.

    Pok De dah pun pen down some of the itinerary for the 6/6/2009 as per "venue&infra&facilities,

    program&agenda (running the main "stage show", etc) (sounds simple but can be very difficult),

    food&catering (nak sembelih kerbau ke, cari umbut ke, masak memasak, penanggah ke, macam2lah),

    organise the tazkirah? (quite a task),

    organise a suitable "gotong royong" (if time permits)?,


    first aid&emergency, security?,

    treasury (finance) most important,

    etc, etc - up to yr main C'ttee to decide how many subC's you need

    (within budget)"

    add my tinkering on the matter

    +Surat jemputan perlu ke tak perlu? Mesti nak kena jemput the Tok Penghulu, the two Tok4, the Imam Masjid, the JKKK Chief, PIBG SKLK, JK Masjid, GB SKLK Cikgu Shah

    +Place - Masjid [?], Padang SKLK[GB SK],(anywhere else?).

    +Sound system - Tapa?

    +Infra - needed (khemah, penanggah dll)[caterer blh sediakan?].

    +Logistic - needed for those w/o transport drpd ceruk/mukim/precint/hamlets yg jauh e.g Ceruk Ara(dah tak ingat kat mana tapi jauh le tu dalam ingatan)

    +Lodging utk yg jauh - Homestay, rumah saudara mara, Seri M'sia.

    The one's that i need to be in Committee are

    Penghulu (?)
    JK Masjid
    Kemas jika ada
    Bistari jika ada
    Ayahanda Haji Marzuki
    Cikgu Ibrahim
    Cikgu Shah
    Kamalunshah (maaf pangkat tak ingat)
    Pak Ngah Yunus
    Pok De Hamzah
    Ai Chu Baharom - Treasurer
    Dr Dad aka Awet
    Mazlan Yassin
    Cikgu Moin
    Tapa aka Mustapa Chik
    Aziz Yatim
    Norazman Jantan (ni yg lama tak jumpa - tak pernah gamak nye)
    Thafarallah Marzuki

    Melantik seorang daripada setiap jalur keluarga/dari setiap mukim utk menjadi penjemput, penyampai i.e. communication link for the Committee.

    Mencadangkan utk mengadakan satu mesyuarat untuk menjadikan Committee, Sub Committee dsb seperti yg dicadangkan oleh Pok De

    Mencadangkan kawasan SKLK untuk tapak perjumpaan.

    Setuju dengan cadangan Pok De dengan jamuan makan tengahari [lepas zohor/ceramah/tazkirah]atau [makan malam lepas isyak/lepas tazkirah/ceramah] sembelih kerbau, umbut, nasi beriani, nasi putih, air syrup, semangka:puteri mandi:pandan talam:agar agar:[pls add anything else]atau apa apa buah yang ada di bawa sebagai
    "pot luck"

    Mencadangkan "Pot luck" dari setiap mukim kuih muih buatan sendiri, buah buahan sendiri, rebung sendiri, umbut sendiri dll untuk jamuan tersebut.

    To be continued........2.22 am.....ngantuk wuahhhhhhh.

    p/s need the number of waris waris

  24. good thinking but be careful of over organised.
    Get the JKK to be involved. I have talked to Cik Gu Harun and he is willing to assist all the way.
    Tazkirah, I will try to look at that, with CikGu Sahak (menantu Arwah CikGu Jak).
    My humble opinion, gotong royong have to ask CikGu Harun. Maybe to consider to organise futsal, between kampong and out of kampong LK youths.
    Duit, ......... sensitive. Baharom ok.
    Jemputan? Sdr2222 Sdri2222, tryt word of mouth and SMS. They must conform though, nanti tak habis makan.
    Kerbau? CikGu Harun kata, kalau hendak bisa di atur. Ada duit ke?
    Catering .......... let a Caterer cook and clean ..... very messy especially after the function ... semua orang mahu balek cepat.
    Tent? Caterer kot?
    Tempat? CikGu Harun kata mungkin cuba dapatkan padang Sekolah LK. Mesti ada toilet dekat ...... tak kan pulak nak melepas dalam belukar. Kalau guna Sekiolah mesti data kebenaran PPD (CikGu Shah kena tolong)
    Nak solat? Surau ada dekat. Tapi Tazkirah kena di Mesjid.
    Transport? Sendiri222 lah.
    Lodging? Sendiri2222222 lah. Rumah Sdr22222 Sdri222222 banyak ... tak kan pulak ........
    Pot luck? Agreed to me.
    It must only a 1 day event or else people get bored.
    Penghulu mesti jemput. Let him officiate the gathering .... bukak tirai ke atau lepas baloon ke. Orang lain tak yah lah.
    Balek kampong, jumpa CikGu Harun ...setahu saya dia maseh orang kuat dan terpengaruh. Kalau ada orang lain? Bincang dengan beliau.
    JKKK mesti get involved, kalau tidak kecil pulak hati mereka. These are young people and they have a lot of influence and say.
    Good luck, dan selamat maju jaya.

  25. Sdr Sirad,
    Coop some young active lady members from the kampong (old ones also can lah as long as they are active).
    At the gathering, i propose,
    1. no long speeches, (only short introduction and doa selamat)
    2. no newspapers reporter. and no newspapers interview. (but Lipat Kajang-ites can write as much as they can in any blog).

  26. i will just wait for your first Committee meeting, any day is OK for me except Sunday 8th March, I will not be available, but the following day Monday is a public holiday, will be OK
    thank you

    saya menunggu mesyuarat J'kuasa pertama sdr, hari apa pun OK bagi saya kecuali Ahad 8 Mac, pada hari tersebut saya tidak dapat hadhir
    terima kasih

  27. Salam semua,

    The meeting must be held to make the event official.

    It is a matter of, as Pak Ngah opine, disbursement of duties and activities.

    Noted Pok De and Pak Ngah time, concern and references.

    Must find time for it. Insyaallah.

  28. Salam semua,

    Saya masih menanti feedback dari Aki,Nyang,Tok,Wan,Ayah,Mok,Abang,Kakak,Adik , saudara dan saudari, saudara mara saya sekelian.

    Saya boleh di hubungi pada talian h/p 017-2522518 atau email saya

    Hubungi saya untuk saya menjadikan panduan akan bilangan yg akan hadhir pada perjumpaan tersebut.

    Lebih ramai lebih meriah lagi.

  29. I have just receive information that the post of Penghulu and the appointment must have the approval of the Sultan himself.

  30. Penghulu appointment - the Sultan invariably "approves" anybody whosoever recommended by "the powers that be"
    it is not really the ruler's choice, he merely puts his official Istana stamp and that's it, but in reality we all know...
    no need to hide behind the ruler's seal and dube everyone,
    the present LK Penghulu should seriously look at his appointment...and view his appointment from the perspective of the born-and-bred Lipat Kajang-ites...

  31. Sdr Sirad,
    I have been urged to suggest that you/we also invite Sdr Hamzah Sidek (anak arwah AkiTok/AyahTok penghulu Sidek) into your C'ttee,
    I will mail you his contact number (check your e mail please)
    .....please invite him

    He had retired a few years back from Utusan Malaysia, and I am sure we all welcome his contributions towards making the Perhimpunan a success, and boost our efforts for the re-making of Kg LKP
    (Pok De)

  32. ooooo koi setuju sangat lah tu, koi ni anak abdullah hashim atau lebih dikenali dengan nama halid di lipat kajang tu. koi ni cicit akashah hat ada dalam gambar kat blog ni. apa apa emellah or contact
    0173777346 /

  33. as'kum sdr sirad
    how much progress hv we made towards the gathering?
    any date suggested for yr first c'ttee meeting?
    i guess 2 months is just about sufficient time to get everything ready, any shorter period will chase us all into quite a rush,
    i am sure we all want to make it happen, as a first step forward
    salam (pok de)

  34. Saya sedang berbincang dengan Ustaz Ramli (dari Sek. Ihsan) dari Kuantan untuk dapat kita mengadakan Tazkirah di Lipat Kajang padaq 6/6/2009. Saya maseh mununggu confirmation dari beliau.
    Tenguk keadaan, Tazkirah boleh dibuat pada Maghrib 6/6/2009, dan kemudian Subuh 7/6/2009, atau Subuh 6/6/2009 dan selepas Zohor 6/6/2009 (jarang2 di buat orang).
    Semua perbelanjaan terpaksa di tanggung oleh Lipat Kajang, mileage, makan dan tempat penginapan. Saya telah SMS CikGu (B) Ishak (menantu arwah Abang Jak) untuk urusan selanjutnya. Berdoalah kita berjaya insyaAllah.

    Preparation lain apa macam ...... sunyi sepi je' nampak nya?

  35. I have been discreetly advised that if we are to go on with this very important 'get together', the organisers have got to 'mengadap' Tok Penghulu. So make sure that all protocol are adhered to/with.

    next action?

  36. Assalamu’alaikum

    Pada 1Mac2009 Lias Nong Zuki telah menulis telah mencatitkan dalam blognya Lipat Kajang Farm mengenai
    seperti berikut,
    “Tarikh 6/6/2009 sudah cantik tapi apa perkara yang hendak di laksanakan dan bagaimana?”.

    Saya sendiri tidak dapat memberi jawapan kepada soalan tersebut, tetapi saya yakin secara kolektif kita semua bersama-sama pastinya boleh bukan setakat memberikan jawapan kepada soalan sdr (anakanda) Lias tetapi juga dapat dan boleh mengorak langkah melaksanakan segala apa juga yang perlu untuk menjayakan apa yang telah dimatlamatkan iaitu “Silaturrahim Kaum Keluarga – Perjumpaan dan Perkenalan”.

    Saya lihat rangka-rangka urusan (dan rangka-rangka kerja) untuk dilaksanakan sudah digariskan dan dibincangkan secara panjang lebar dengan lebih 30 komen/pandangan telah diberikan mengenai perkara tersebut.

    Cuma J/K Pengelola perlu bergerak segera untuk menghalusi dan memperinci segala apa yang dilaksanakan, dan langsung terus menggerakkan semua kerja-kerja persediaan/persiapan yang perlu, kerana pada asasnya idea mengenai perjumpaan tersebut sudah pun dipersetujui.

    Apa yang perlu sekarang hanyalah untuk kita bergerak memulakan segala persiapan yang perlu demi menjayakan apa yang telah dirancang, dan kita berusaha melaksanakan secara bersama-sama, maka masalah membebankan seseorang atau beberapa orang sahaja tidak timbul.

    Saya yakin kita semua yang telah menyatakan sokongan dan menawarkan sumbangan (masa, tenaga, kewangan, berbagai jenis bekalan, dll) pastinya sudah bersedia, hanya menunggu sdr Pengerusi J/kuasa untuk memanggil mesyuarat (pengelolaan) pertama, dan saya yakin selepas itu geraklangkah kita dalam usaha-usaha persediaan/persiapan menuju 6/6/2009 akan menjadi lebih jelas dan lebih cepat (accelerated).

    Walau pun cuma tinggal 38 hari saja lagi untuk segala persediaan disiapkan, saya yakin tidak akan ada permasalahan yang besar yang boleh menjadi galangan atau membantutkan usaha-usaha kita.

    Buat ketika ini saya percaya kita semua tidak berani untuk mengesahkan kehadiran siapa-siapa (dan berapa ramai) dari kalangan semua waris-waris (anak anak LK) terutamanya yang tinggal bertaburan di seluruh pelusuk negara (yakni yang tinggal di luar Kg LK) kerana kita masih sedang menunggu J/K Pengelola Perjumpaan tersebut untuk mula bergerak.

    Jika dalam bulan Mei J/K yang dipengerusikan Tok Penghulu berjaya menguruskan lawatan 55 orang penuntut universiti (UMP) ke Kg LK maka saya yakin untuk bulan Jun pula J/K yang dipengerusikan oleh sdr (anakanda) Sirad Nong Zuki (dengan sokongan padu dari semua yang berkenaan samada yang berada di dalam (tinggal di kampong sekarang) mahu pun yang tinggal di perantauan, tanpa kecuali) pastinya akan berjaya mengelolakan satu perhimpunan semua anak-anak Kg LK (dan semua waris-waris), insya’Allah, dengan izinNya jua…

    Saya mengambil kesempatan untuk menyeru kepada semua agar dapat memberikan sokongan yang padu kepada sdr Sirad (sbg Pengerusi J/K) dalam segala usaha untuk menjayakan perhimpunan tersebut.

    Tarikh 6/6/2009 memang dah cantik.
    Sama-samalah kita mengorak langkah sekarang, sebelum terlambat.

    (“Kas Mahmood” aka PokDe)

  37. sumbangan saya? sekiranya berlaku perjumpaan itu pada 6/6/2009, saya akan SMS semua adek beradek saya dan anak2 saudara saya untuk turut hadir. InsyaAllah saya percaya sekurang2 nya setengah akan hadir.
    saya juga telah berbincang dengan satu Ustaz di Kuantan untuk dapat (insyaAllah) beliau member tazkirah pada waktu Maghrib (hari?) dan pada waktu Subuh keesokan nya.

  38. This comment has been removed by the author.

  39. This comment has been removed by the author.

  40. Nak jumpa Tok Penghulu untuk perbincangan awal, mohon perkenan beliau, saya tak keberatan untuk serta bersama
    Tok Penghulu kita, kita mesti ajak dia untuk bersama sama, dia memainkan peranan yang amat penting dalam apa juga kegiatan dan/atau aktiviti kita di kampong
    .....pokoknya, kita semua anak-anak jati Kg Lipat, dan Tok Penghulu kita lah yang dapat memimpin kita ke arah kejayaan

    Saya juga mengesyorkan Tok Penghulu dilantik sbg Penasihat kpd J/K Pengelola...
    ada bantahan?

    Yes, protocol is an integral part of our social system, dan kita semua memang sentiasa beradab dan bersopan santun dan menghormati pemimpin

    Tok Penghulu ialah kuasa mutlak di kampong di samping menjadi kuasa menyatupadukan semua penduduk kampong

    ....action needed now

    (Kas Mahmood)

  41. At my meeting with the LK folks on Sat. 9th May, they expect a gathering of many LK anak2 in Lipat Kajang in June 2009. Can we make it?

    We originally suggested 6th June. Is it too late now?

    The Guru Besar SK LK said that his birthday will fall on 17th Jun. I think it will be a Wednesday, and if we can have the gathering on 6th or even 13th or maybe 29th, it will not look too bad on us who originally wanted to organise that gathering.

    The UMP visit to LK was a resounding success, as far as I could see.

    So? Any volunteer now to make the gathering a reality? When I was there on the 9th, I saw how glad 'they' were to see 'us'.

  42. jelas semua warga Mukim LK bersetuju sangat supaya diadakan perhimpunan tersebut

    ada 26 hari lagi menuju 6/6/2009

    30/5/09 - 14/06/09 ialah cuti persekolahan

    musanilipat kajang, dalam blognya, mencadangkan 17 Jun sbg hari/tarikh diadakan perhimpunan

    pendapat saya ialah jika tidak pada 6 Jun, boleh sja ditunda tarikh ke 13 Jun hari Sabtu

    "any volunteer now to make the gathering a reality?"....saya kurang faham maksud soalan ini, yang tersirat...

    kita dah bercakap dan mencadangkan satu C'ttee (JK) - ada masalah ke? nak tahu juga kedudukan nya?

    sdr musanilipatkajang (sdr mustafa chik) membayangkan pihak berkuasa Mukim LK (Tok Penghulu dan semua kerabat kita di kampong) sudah bersedia untuk sama sama mengelolakan perhimpunan tersebut

    jadinye, moh lah kite weh, apa tunggu lagi
    mereka semua menunggu anak anak LK balik berduyun durun dalam bulan Jun ini, berhimpun dan beramahmesra serta mempereratkan silaturrhaim

  43. kerana saya tidak nampak perkembangan positif dalam hal2 perjumpaan ini, saya telah membatalkan jemputan Ustaz untuk kuliah maghrib dan kuliah subuh pada hari2 yang berkenaan. juga saya akan pergi menolonh dalam kenduri kahwin di kuantan pada 6hb june itu.

  44. as'kum semua anak anak Mukim Lipat Kajang di perantauan...saya yakin kita semua dalam keadaan baik dan sihat walafiat dan sentiasa berupaya meneruskan hidup di mana bumi di pijak dan langit di junjung,
    saya sendiri dah 41 tahun merantau, tinggal di perantauan, walau pun tidak pernah lupa untuk pulang ke Kg LK seberapa kerap yang diizinkan,
    namanya - SILATURRAHIM - PERJUMPAAN DAN PERKENALAN, yang telah kita bincangkan sejak pertengahan bulan Feb 2009 lalu, sejak idea tersebut diusulkan
    saya percaya kita semua yang tinggal outside of Kg LK di luar Kg Lk jauh atau dekat memang looking forward menunggu untuk menghadirkan diri (dan keluarga) di perjumpaan sedemikian setelah sekian lama tidak bersua muka, barangkali sudah hampir tak dapat mengenali (tak cam dah) antara satu sama lain, semata mata dengan tujuan untuk berjumpa kembali sesama kita dan mem pereratkan lagi silaturrahim, amat selaras dengan tuntutan agama kita

    cakap cakap tentang perjumpaan tersebut sudah berkumandang di seluruh pelusuk Kg LK dan juga di perantauan (walau pun mungkin tidak meluas rata)

    susah senang untuk mengadakan satu perjumpaan sedemikian rupa adalah satu perkara yang pasti boleh dimuafakatkan

    saya tidak berani hendak memperkatakan lebih lanjut lagi tentang perjumpaan yang telah diusulkan ini apabila segala yang telah dicadangkan diperkatakan diperbincang kan dalam blog ini tiba tiba terputus...

    (no news is good news?)
    salam hormat

  45. Salam LK Pahang

    Ianya masih dalam perancangan. Yang "tidur" hanya lah saya, Sirad Marzuki.

    Masa tidak mengizinkan saya untuk menjayakan perjumpaan tersebut.

    Sesiapapun pun boleh mengambil alih untuk menjayakan perjumpaan tersebut.

    Jika ianya dari LK Pahang sendiri lagi baik.

    Pekerjaan saya yang banyak bergerak 24/7 tidak membenarkan saya untuk even melawat ayah dan mak di LK Pahang.

    Saya benar benar mahukan perjumpaan ini menjadi kenyataan.

    Jika ianya tidak menjadi kenyataan pada 6/6/09 saya mungkin akan mengusulkan pada satu tarikh yang lain yang sesuai untuk semua.

    Kepada Pak Ngah n Pok de, saya menyusun sepuluh jari kerana tidak menaja perjumpaan C dan sub C pada tempuh hari.

    Saya syorkan ianya diadakan seperti lawatan UMP tetapi di kelolakan oleh LK Pahang resident sendiri.

    Jika ada apa apa persoalan seperti biasa saya boleh di capai pada hp saya 017-2522518 atau email saya

    Saya benar benar menyusun sepulh jari kerana kekurangan sendiri.

    Terima Kasih.

  46. sekiranya perjumpaan berlaku pada bila2 masa sahaja, Ustaz masih di dalam akaun saya. InsyaAllah.

  47. Ada apa-apa perkembangan baru tentang perjumpaan ni?