Monday, February 16, 2009

Tourists (Pelancong)

Now that I see a few people in Lipat Kajang who are thinking of going into homestay, I thought I will put down my views of tourists (pelancong). This is just my private views, not found in any textbook, and from what I observe of tourists coming this way and from what I experienced when I became a tourist.

Tourists are visitors, your non relatives.
Tourists want to see other people’s country and the culture. (Local tourists want to see how others live)
Touists are fussy people, they want o have the same facilities and ammenities as what they are used to in their own country. (They want clean running water, good toilet facilities and clean environment. No foul smell ……… to their nose)
Tourists like to see nature. The more natural the better (but must be clean and meet their expectations)
Tourists are sensitive to personal questions about their lives (and their earnings).
Tourist s expect you to communicate with them in the language that they understand.
Tourists like to read books.
Tourist are non-political.*
Tourists are non-religion.*
(*Don’t talk to them about local politic or the religion that you believe in)
Tourist need quiet scenery.
Punctuality (and keeping of promises) is a good habit when treating tourists.
Tourists need clear instructions on what can be done and what cannot be done.
In a emergency, tourists must know exactly what to do, and the responsibility for this is with the host.
Tourists are very concerned about hygiene (of the local)
Tourists never (99.9% of the case) get emotionally attached to locals.
Many tourists are allergic to insect (mosquitoes and flies especially) and hot sweaty weather (even local or Asians).
Female tourists are more fussy than male tourists.
Many tourists like the beach.

Tourists have a lot of money.
Tourists want to see big towns and cities (and shopping complexes)
Tourists can live like the locals.
Tourists can eat local food even if its very hot (pedas)
Tourists like to buy souvenirs.
Tourists are easy target for sexual harassment. (Single female going about are “asking for it”).
All couples (not all) going together (sleep together) are married.
Tourists are all healthy people.
Tourists understand English.
Tourists carry with them a lot of luggage.
Backpacker tourists are either uneducated or poor.
Tourists like to be talked to.
Tourists are easy going people.
Tourists stay long in one place (that they like).*
(*They may make a return visit or their friends may come for short stay).
Tourists never get angry.
Tourists pay all bills.
Tourists do not cheat.

Tourists from the Middle East have a lot of money.
Only rich tourists go shopping (but Malaysian are the exceptions, even poorer tourists go shopping when they are in other people’s country).
Married couples seems more loving than unmarried couples (except for Asians)
Many Asian (not all) like noisy places.

Lipat Kajang people (or decendents) are encouraged to participate& contribute (Orang Lipat Kajang, atau keturunan, di jemput memberi sumbangan idea)


  1. mungkin ada baiknya juga jika dialihbahasa ke BM supaya semua lebih faham
    nak masuk dalam sesuatu keusahawanan mesti perlu mengetahui selok belok, yang boleh dan yang tak boleh, jika tidak tidak dapat bertahan lama dan nama kampong akan bertambah "wangi"

    saya yakin kaum kerabat kita semua sudah buat kajian terperinci dan mempelajari secara mendalam segala ilmu dalam bidang berkenaan
    wallahhu a'lam

  2. pada saya adalah tidak menjadi masaalah sekiranya sesiapa ingin menulis dalam BM.

    saya menggunakan BI untuk international audience, tapi juga untuk local audience yang mana faham BI.