Friday, February 6, 2009

‘Wakaf’ land in Lipat Kajang.

I have heard that there are some ‘wakaf’ land in Lipat Kajang. But its all hearsay, nothing definite as far as I know. Anyway I do not know much about the kampong anymore nowadays, it’s a long time since I have been back.

However from what I have heard (from reliable sources) that certain people who have passed away have left words that all the earnings from some rubber tappings (minus labour and other costs) on certain land are to be given to the mesjid. I do not know how far this is true. But are these land ‘wakaf’ land or are these just verbal wills?

I believe that the Penghulu (Official Headman) of the kampong must have (or should have) a list of ‘wakaf’ land in the kampong, for easy reference by the interested parties in the kampong, so that there is no dispute in the future. The methodology of ‘wakaf’ must be agreed upon to prevent future queries.

I have no definite information or record but I am just throwing the idea into the air.

Lipat Kajang people (or decendents) are encouraged to participate& contribute (Orang Lipat Kajang, atau keturunan, di jemput memberi sumbangan idea)


  1. i have said before, and i will say it again, if Kg LK keep on having "orang luar" as Penghulu, who does not live there, could not care less about the kampong, shows his face only when he has got some personal chores to do in the kampong, or visiting his wife's kins, or that he is the Penghulu only because of the allowance, then can we expected the Penghulu to be so pro-active as to start looking into "wakaf" issues in the kampong or for that matter any issue at all concerning the kampong - it is not his kampong, in the first place, why he should be so concerned? again i am willing to bet to my last sen if the present Penghulu is concern at all about Kg LK, he doesn't case a damn !
    the role of present day Penghulu must be based on a very pro active community friendly empathic attitude, willing to sacrifice whatever necessary, time and energy, may be monetarily sometimes, to help alleviate the community from afflicting woes, no matter how small or trivial, and unlike two or three decades ago when the Penghulu admittedly functioned quite differently if ever he who was the Penghulu then was caring enough about his "subjects", the Penghulu is the focal point of reference !!!

    another point that i beg to raise here is this, anybody who writes postings or comments should not be known only as "anonymous" it would be more discerning to have an input be identifiable with a name, either your real name or "a name" that you want to be known as,

    what happens if we have many "anonymous" writing?
    after all this is all about our own kampong, our community and we all know one another and are related to one another in one way or more ways than we expect >
    this is my unworthy suggestion

  2. I am no anonymous nor miscellaneous.

    I am Sirad Marzuki (Mohamed Sirad bin Mohamed Marzuki).

    I say my piece because I believe I have to give back to where I came from.

    Though my piece is sometime, full of riddle, that is me. I have a learned grandfather and father. They make me think and analyse whatever they say.

    I am born to survive and i have survived. So is my father and so is my grandfather.

    Lipat Kajang Pahang MUST be headed by someone from LIPAT KAJANG PAHANG.

  3. bravo sirad !!!

    that is why I have been in constant touch with your father practically wherever he had been wherever you all had lived, even in batang berjuntai i had gone there looked for your father searched for the house where you all lived, and talked to him xchange many ideas, outputs and inputs
    and teh sulaiman (abang teh) never had i been that far from him, he knows, from the time when he lived as a bachelor @ jln masjid india (selangor mansion or malayan mansion, i'm not sure now)
    so has been my close interactions with abang yunus (mylias), he knows it...all of us share the same spirit and vision

    of course now that we are all in our "senja" days, we are no more in a position to be able to continue doing that, constant interactions with all our kins bcos we have increased responsibilities on our shoulders (we have children and grandchildren, we have "restricted" in many aspects, all this is always taxing on our time and energy, etc
    but all the same, we all know it the spirit remains intact, never fade, never subside

  4. I know that Teh Sulaiman is one of those who feels very patriotic to Lipat Kajang. When people ask him where he come from he would say "Lipat Kajang' immediately.

  5. As i see it the wakaf land, some are being run well, while mostly are left without any proper usage.

    As such we need someone from LIPAT KAJANG PAHANG to institute change and utilise the available wakaf land for the purpose of economic activities if i may, correct me here, to resolve the miskin tegar and other activities worthy and in accordance to Islam in LIPAT KAJANG PAHANG.

    Pok De u brought me memories of Batang Berjuntai, specifically Ijok , in my younger days.

    It is still malayan mansion. Yes Ayah Teh Sulaiman was there in his bachelor days. I think he did mentioned just before he left for Australia.

    Yes Pak Ngah, Ayah Teh Sulaiman is a true and true LIPAT KAJANG-ite. Orang asli nickname him Tuk Bumuh. why is that i am quite blur but i will ask him when we meet up.

    I think u know Ayah Da Yusof, pass away in Pasir Tumboh Kelantan, way back then. My auntie Mak Itam Raudhah and Mak Cik Norlia.

    I will personally invite them for the gathering.

  6. , arwah abang choh (yusof) was always smiling and laughing whenever he met people, anybody at all, utterly friendly

    kak siti? (lupa dah ye ke tidak nama dia bermula dengan - siti) (raudhah), kon tumpang naik motosikal suami dia (siapa namanya, zainal?) dari Ceruk Panjang ke T'loh kena exhaust pipe yang panas melepuh habis betis, terbakar kulit, bukan salah siapa2, terkena by accident

    i am sure kak siti is always that kak siti that i have known who she has been

    norlia, whenever we meet we certainly will be in jovial mood to talk and laugh, it has been so cordial


    WAKAF means an irrevocable dedication, made expressly or by implication, of property or giving it away in charity for purpose of acquiring merit in the eyes of Allah.

    The following hadith records the authority for the establishment of wakafs:

    Narrated Ibn Umar:

    When 'Umar got a piece of land in Khaibar, he came to the Prophet saying, "I have got a piece of land, better than which I have ever got. So what do you advise me regarding it?" The Prophet said, "If you wish you can keep it as an endowment to be used for charitable purposes." So, 'Umar gave the land in charity (i.e. as an endowment) on the condition that the land would neither be sold nor given as a present, nor bequeathed, (and its yield) would be used for the poor, the kinsmen, the emancipation of slaves, Jihad, and for guests and travellers; and its administrator could eat in a reasonable just manner, and he also could feed his friends without intending to be wealthy by its means.

    Excerpt from Sahih Al-Bukhari
    (Vol. IV p.27)

    Wakaf may be created to take effect inter vivos or only upon death through a Wasiat. Although trustees must be appointed to administer a wakaf, the various Islamic Administration enactments throughout the country now mandate that only State Islamic Statutory authorities may act as such.

    Amanah yang berbentuk penyerahan harta secara kekal untuk apa-apa tujuan yang dibenarkan oleh undang-undang Islam seperti untuk tujuan keagamaan, membantu orang miskin atau kebajikan dikenali sebagai WAKAF yang bermaksud "penahanan"
    Menurut istilah undang-undang Wakaf adalah pemberian yang tidak boleh dibatalkan, dibuat secara nyata atau tersirat, harta diberi untuk tujuan kebajikan untuk mendapat pahala dari Allah SWT

    Wakaf mesti dilaksanakan dan diuruskan dengan cara yang terbaik mengikut hukum-hukum dan undang-undang yang sah

    Permasalahan mengenai WAKAF (juga WASIAT), jika berkehendakkan, boleh dibincangkan dengan saya untuk penjelasan dan bagaimana hendak melaksanakan secara kemas, teratur dan sah
    (Certified Islamic Estate Planner)

  7. Alhamdulillah

    At last there is someone certified to tackle the wakaf land.

    Then we turn it into a charitable means to reap the rewards and from it to enable us to fight and free the needy in LIPAT KAJANG PAHANG.

    As i see it we can send LIPAT KAJANG PAHANG folks for Umrah or Haj with careful administration of the wakaf land.

    Can we do that?

    Pok De, mak itam memang ada SITI kat depan. Husband dier Abdul Samad. Mereka sekarang menetap di Sanggang.

    Mak Cik Nor memang cam tu le. Kon gelar "homeh" (:. Tang tu je tapi hati baik.

  8. yes, Kak Siti Raudhah, dan Abang Samad (Pak Samad) having that popular Kedai Gunting Rambut di Temerloh (decades ago), am i right?
    i am sure he had long stopped cutting people's hair, and ventured into something else

    Norlia, cakap dengan dia...PokDe cakap macam murai....kalau dah bercakap.....traffic light merah pun dilanggar....non stop
    nanti lah kon jumpa dier nanti

    On WAKAF
    well Sirad, I am no expert I am only saying that I have been certified as a IE planner, boleh lah beri pendapat sikit-sikit, what i have learned, what i know,

    mungkin ada orang lain (anak LK) yang betul2 expert, lebih arif, risik2lah

    and, yes we can
    manage all the wakaf hartanah dan harta all together collectively for charity, for the benefit of ALL the ummah, the whole community, in whatever way viable and feasible...kalau dapat banyak hasilnya, pastinya menghantar orang ke umrah atau haji tiap-tiap tahun akan mendatangkan lebih banyak rahmat dan pahala dari Allah SWT
    asasnya...demi kemaslahatan semua, seluruh warga kampong, bukan untuk kepentingan atau keuntungan seseorang atau hanya satu orang atau beberapa orang sahaja,
    insya'Allah kita akan selamat dari membuat dosa
    a careful detailed study required
    wallah hu a'lam

  9. wakaf yang diuruskan oleh baitulmal pun sama juga asasnya dan prinsipnya, syukran