Saturday, February 7, 2009

People of Lanjut Hulu

Do we know these people who lived in Lanjut Hulu (not Ulu lanjut) (the Sek Keb LK being in the middle and there is Lanjut Hilir, where PokDe Wei's family lives)

guess who are they?

Lipat Kajang people (or decendents) are encouraged to participate& contribute (Orang Lipat Kajang, atau keturunan, di jemput memberi sumbangan idea)


  1. thanks for the eyes were in tears when I first looked at the photoes.
    I wish more people would upload more old photographs like those.

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  3. top photo (taken in 1961)
    sitted - sulaiman bin daud (arwah)
    standing L to R
    samah (now lives in kuala kangsar perak), sahidun (arwah) and who else?

    bottom photo (taken in 1950)
    sitted left - MakNgah Timah (arwah) wife of PakNgah Malek (arwah), on her lap, ghazali (now lives in FELDA chemomoi, bera)
    sitted right - zaharah binti kasim (arwah), my mother
    on her lap, who else?

    standing left
    mat jaeh bin malek (arwah)
    standing right
    sahidun bin sulaiman (arwah)

    do you know them?

  4. assalamualaikum....kon kenai sangat, especially 'who else'....maybe some other cousins of mine should look at these pics and start thinking...still remember reading Alex Hailey 'ROOTS' when i was a boy.

  5. assalamualaikum....kon kenai sangat, especially 'who else'. Maybe its time that some of my cousins take a look at these pics...still remember reading Alex Hailey's 'ROOTS' when i was a boy.

  6. w'kum salam ano' mza, you must be another of my long lost cousins scattered all over the place,

    thousand apologies, kon puas mikir dan sampai noh subuh dah ni tak dapat nok ngagok sape ano' mza ni
    awok kenai amat "who else" awok jadi awok tau lah sape nama kon, itu kira dah kira sangat baik

    wah awok heavy biker ye weh...

    sunday night 8th Feb (the night before tonight) just about an hour before midnight, "awet" (dr ghalib) and myself, "who else", had sat down together for teh halia tarek and nan bread/chicken tandoori and we started a long interesting sembang (berborok) with "azman" (anok abang jantan askar dekat empang simen LK) @ Syed SS6 Kelana Jaya

    his real name is actually ...azman

    i tell you, i have never met azman before, and now you see a 40+ year old man sitting beside you and calling you PokDe and calling dr G "AyahTam", how do you feel?
    and we sat and talked like good friends you see everyday

    indeed we are relatives and we are friends, all of us (across the age barrier)
    there mustn't be any .....centrics

    and the three of us berborok borok like as if there is no tomorrow, with all the laughter and the "typical orang LK style" of talking, etc

    zahari (azman's elder brother, the retired Navy officer) was dr G's (Awet)schoolmate @ SK LK and his good buddy when they were young, and they both used to shout at each other across the "paya" (paddy field) when Awet lived in Tanjung Inai with his mother (arwah) just opposite abang jantan's house

    i'm sure deep inside they both still feel exactly the same as before, as peers not just relatives

    you know what time we adjourned our teh tarek session that night, ask azman !

    well bro ano' mza, likewise, feel like having teh halia tarek with me, ur long lost kin? and recall and reminisce, feel free, any time
    tapi di sebeloh sini ke, KL PJ Shah Alam Klang anywhere
    kon tak tahu awok duduk di mana, kalau di sebeloh sana, Temerloh Mentakab ke, kena buat beloh siang lah, kon boleh drive ke sana, tak ade hai, atau awok ber bike ke sini, after all, heavy bike can go at 200kmj
    just e-mail me...

    mata dah ngantuk ni, not young any more, nice hearing from you again

  7. assalamualaikum...
    thank you for your warm welcome KM. Althought my paternal side is from LK, i'm proud of my heritage. I used to travel a lot by land, and whenever i passed by T'loh i will visit LK (only place i always head to is umah arwah Aki Ngah Malek/ arwah Wan Ngah Timah....always had the sense of belonging.
    Anyway...PokDe KM...mungkin awok kenai apok kon...retired from the police,if i can still remember his 'no polis' - G5359. Rings any bell?

  8. i guessed as much, even after reading yr first comment

    mana ada anak anak cucu cucu PakNgah Malek yang heavy biker setakat yang kita semua tahu, bawak Honda Cup ada lah...or ride motor bike long distance that much, nvr have i heard

    i'll make sure your cousins access this blog and see the pic and start thinking about their LK roots