Saturday, February 7, 2009

SURVIVAL - The Economics of Surviving

It is not a matter of just to survive. The matter is more than surviving. The jist is to survive on a higher plateau i.e. standard of living/living standard.

The matter must be instill forcefully into the mindset of LIPAT KAJANG PAHANG.

The survival matters most not to the existing generation but to the younger generations.

They should/must be taught the matters on the survival of LIPAT KAJANG PAHANG as it means their existence and of LIPAT KAJANG PAHANG existence not virtually but physically.


  1. This is a continuity of my previous post on MEMBANGUNKAN LIPAT KAJANG PAHANG.

    This post is my perceive post that should and will, as I prod along together with members, provide the distinct differences, stamina, proactive values, discipline and an attitude that does not wane under tremendous pressure or test by ALLAH that is necessary to succeed and that enable one to add value to one's life, family, community and ISLAM.

    Insyaallah dengan izin dan petunjuk nya kita sama manfaatkan bukan hanya untuk kita sendiri, khasnya untuk LIPAT KAJANG PAHANG.

  2. Lipat Kajang is a small kampong, with everyone (almost 90%) related to each other. It should not be to difficult to communicate to get a paradigm shift. The challenge is what tool to use to communicate these intentions for the betterment of the kampong (in our opinion). The kampong as it is, is surviving, but nothing more ........ surviving with no visible progress. It takes an outside mind (or those who have been outside the kampong) to see where the kampong is today in relation to more progressive kampong which have more proactive managemnet. It looks (to me) Lipat Kajang has no proactive management. How can we help without the kampong people accusing us of interfering?

  3. as i understand it, INTERFERE means to meddle (campurtangan, negatively, with ill intention) or worst still, to obstruct a process, to intervene and to be a hindrance (mengganggu/menghalang)

    is that what we all have in our minds and hearts? NO...

    being PROACTIVE simply means taking the initiative (mengambil dayautama/membuat gerakusaha pertama) when clearly there has been no such dayautama yet, and together with that is dayausaha (effort) platformed by a shifted paradigm and thinking (mahu/ingin jadi cemerlang sebagai sebuah kampung dan satu komuniti berlandaskan iman, takwa, ilmu dan hikmah, syariat, wawasan, perancangan, keikhlasan, ibadah dan amalan, jihad mujahadah dan tawakkal, amanah serta hati dan akhlak yang murni, sabar dan bersikap positif, adil dan saksama tanpa dipengaruhi emosi atau sentimen, konsisten...dan bermaafan, bersyukur, berpasukan, berkomunikasi (berhubung), bermusyawarah dan mempersiapsediakan generasi mendatang serta memanfaatkan apa jua teknik dan teknologi disemua bidang berkaitan selaras dengan peredaran masa,

    apakah kita semua disini, anak2 KG LKP yang melaung laung dari jauh ni ada hak untuk mula bersikap pro-aktif, YA, kita ada hak dan kita ada tanggungjawab untuk menentukan matlamat mengubah nasib Kg LK dan penduduknya tercapai, seperti dihujjahkan oleh Sirad dan kita semua yang lain,
    kita semualah yang mesti melakukannya, sekarang, masanya belum terlambat
    tidak ada orang lain lagi yang lebih bertanggungjawab daripada kita, kerana Kg LKP sudah sekian lama ketandusan kepimpinan yang tulin berwibawa berkemampuan dan prihatin
    kita sekali kali tidak mendabik dada bahawa kita lah yang cerdik, pandai, bijak (nak jadi hero), orang lain yang terus menerus menetap di kampong tidak seperti kita, sama sekali tidak begitu, sama sekali tidak benar

    saya yakin kita semua disini hanya menyatakan bahawa kita mempunyai kesedaran terhadap tanggungjawab kita sebagai anak2 Kg LKP dan kita sangat patut, dari luar sini menyumbangkan apa saja yang telah terbit dari kesedaran kita ini, bersama sama dengan aki/ayah/abang/adik/wan/mok/dan semua kaum keluarga kita dalam kampong itu, menzahirkan (merealisasikan) kesedaran kita ini kepada satu pemuafakatan untuk membangunkan, secara menyeluruh (total) dari semua segi/aspek, Kg LKP...itu adalah tujuan dan matlamat kita semua

    masalah interference (campurtangan, mengganggu, menggugat) sama sekali tidak timbul, dan ini mesti dijelaskan sejelas jelasnya dan ditekankan supaya semuanya faham dan mengerti

    jika selama ini tiada siapa yang sanggup dan mahu mengambil inisiatif, maka berapa lama lagi kita semua harus menunggu sebelum seseorang muncul dengan semangat, pendirian, harapan, cita cita dan rancangan yang dapat membela dan mengubah nasib Kg LKP serta semua penduduknya yang sememangnya adalah dari satu rumpun, satu baka, darah dan daging yang sama !

  4. Difficult, i do not think so to push some sense into them.

    As i see it lately, there is a lot of differences in how the folks look at things/matter.

    Now one can see change in attitude from inward looking to outward looking. Seen it from the Pekan sehari, while writing in here, the folks in LIPAT KAJANG PAHANG, are preparing their morning produce for sale purposes.

    It is a move in the right direction, open their windows to a wider world.

    Some of them even goes round all the available pekan sehari seperti di seri kemuning, temerloh, kuala krau.

    That is survival. That is making use of resources and add value to it.

    Keep it up and thumps up to them.

  5. We must create model/s to showcase as such to implore them that it can be done.

    The case shown is the berniaga di Pekan Sehari, was instigate to a proper method by u know who from tanjung.

    They are better known for their Petai, cemperai, labu, terung asam, pisang, anak seluang and list goes on and on lately.

    Quality is important, fundamental. Then pricing must be competitive, must have business acumen in the sense that u must sell a niche/diferentiate product. Not distinct but differentiated from the rest.

    Some i know goes to Pekan Sehari at 7 am finish selling all the produce by 8.15 am. Very good business turnover because no time wasted and u get all cash.

    The must factor a good product with quality and good business acumen/sense.

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  7. undeniably the community has been for years embroiled and submerged in a very confused state of minds (many minds)with polarised and dispersive thoughts (pemikiran) and opinions forced on to them and psychoed into their brains, until their God-blessed heads cannot function rationally, they are all not stupid, it is their genes that we inherit, but its the many years of being downtrodden by evil forces that has made them all not being able to be receptive anymore to any "change", they have been cocooned, and have become dispersed mentally and emotionally, and they are not to be blamed...
    injecting changes in attitude, thinking, and understanding (of new ideas) is the main approach that my opinion) while discretely each and everyone must have slowly learned thru their eyes and ears and have inspired them to accept and adopt "new experiences" (which may not be new at all to some of them who have understood the benefits of hardwork, but for many it is really part of a learning process)
    multi-pronged as it can be, the intiatives that we have considered
    must certainly not be delayed or postponed anymore
    the June gathering will be the stage, the meeting point and/or the launching pad,
    therefore we have to organise it with the participation of the whole community, irrespective, including those anak Kg LKP now on the "outside" who always have the fate and the future of Kg LKP in their hearts and minds (at least that is how i perceive it)

  8. this Penghulu issue:
    the argument is the Penghulu must be a son of Kg LKP as a first preference, first choice by whatever reason at all
    ...if and only if we have exhausted in our search for the right candidate from among the LK community then only we can appoint the next (second) preference, someone having connectiion with Kg LKP, then again it must not be based on political influence, it must be based on democracy, let us be fair to ourselves and our own people, and not simply agree with any political appointment of a crony as the Penghulu of Kg LKP
    whoever is reigning now must resign in favour of another Penghulu who is born and bred LK-ite fairly and justly elected and agreed by the whole community

    if you were not born and bred in Kg LKP how can you know and appreciate anything about this kampong to be a good dedicated Penghulu???

    do i sound intimidating ???

  9. The scenario as i see it. Some may like it some may not. I for one do not like the scenario because it will affect us not immediate but always a lag of 6-8 months.

    Just thinking of folks in LIPAT KAJANG PAHANG.

    Just to share with all the economic scenario worldwide.

    The situation will worsened sooner or later.

    US is in deep debt without a base. Too much to overcome and cover by Obama. Too deep to fill with stimulus packages which is more of short term measures.

    There is a lot of underground pressures for a different currencies as the exchange/base currencies("Dinar").

    What does that mean?

    There is also a lot of pressures on the power to be to have interregional currencies grouping, like the EC, for Asean region, mid east region to not dependent on US dollar.

    What does that mean?

    LIPAT KAJANG PAHANG must prepare for the impact though the government has the stimulus packages. Hope that it will soften the impact like the 97 financial crisis.

    Take note this is no financial crisis. This is a major global phenomenon. A 1929 type of a situation if not manage well.

    The worst case scenario is that the US will be cut into 6 region. The Jew will have its own state and they are the next power to be.

    Imagine the holocaust they had created and on to another level of holocaust, in whatever form, that will be impacted on us...Subhanallah.

    As it is, all over the world u hear job cuts, big organization making losses and so on and so forth(Toyota's first after 2 decades).

    On a serious note that is why I feel that LIPAT KAJANG PAHANG folks have to look at their environment and plough from there for the future and survival mode.

    The phenomenon is already on our shores but the govt efforts have reduced it to a subdued impact.

    I however feel that there is a bigger "waves" looming in the horizon

    LIPAT KAJANG PAHANG must stand, prepare and bear the impact because when the phenomenon reach us it will need all our resources to overcome it.

    Just something that i wanna share with those that is close to my heart.

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  11. orang cina 90% berniaga

    tanya mana2 cina tentang ekonomi sekarang, dia akan kata, "aiyaa....banyak teruklah..."

    one successful chinese businessman friend of mine with 3 decades of success in the local ICT business/industry is now running helter skelter making every possible effort to just maintain, and survive the impact of the economic tsunami, which is only just beginning to be felt