Monday, February 2, 2009

Future generations of Lipat Kajang

This is my grandson who happens to be born and lives in Kuala Lumpur. He probably will have a different course of life than those now of the same age in Lipat Kajang. I will introduce him to Lipat Kajang, insyaAllah.

What is Lipat Kajang folks doing for the next generations to come, those born in Lipat Kajang now (and those born in the future)?. What are their plans?

I am not familiar with their planning for their generations to come, and I do not know what sort of crystal balls they are gazing at. Have they got a kindergarten of some sort? Have they got a creche’? Or have they got anything at all for those pre-school children.

In other places they normally have either KEMAS (BN Government backed) or PASTI (Islamic political party line). Have the folks of Lipat Kajang thought about establishing KEMAS or PASTI.?

Of course they think about the schooling of their children. At the age of 6 years old it is mandatory that children must go to school. What happens before that?

My personal experience growing up in the kampong, I was never put in a creche’, or any pre-school institution. It was too long ago anyway. But on reaching the age of 4 years old I was made to learn the Koraan, my late grandfather teaching me and when he died my late uncle taught me. And when I was in the Malay school, I learned to read and write well enough to be more advanced than those I met when I went to a boarding school. I was not proficient in English then. I soon learned, I suppose I was forced to learn.

Also at the Malay School then we had the Islamic religious classes after the normal school hours. I already had the basic religious understanding when I left the kampong at the age of 12.

What is happening in the kampong now? Are the kampong folks planning for their young ones so that when (or if) they leave the kampong they will be ready (at least have the basic) to face the world (and the hereafter)?.

Lipat Kajang people (or decendents) are encouraged to participate& contribute (Orang Lipat Kajang, atau keturunan, di jemput memberi sumbangan idea)


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  3. is this guy Mohd Syahiran Muhammad a Lipat Kajang-ite or related to any person from Lipat Kajang? If not I am going to delete his message.

  4. syaratnya, mesti anak Kg Lipat Kajang Pahang atau dia ada kena mengena kait mengait dengan Kg Lipat Kajang Pahang,
    this is something to be commercialised by anyone, thank you

    meet this pre-condition then you are welcome to offer your service

  5. The father's name is similar to my mother brother Ayah Cu Muhammad.

    I do not know of one by the name Muhamad Syahiran. As far as i know his son's name all started with "A".

    Dubios and i think not related.

    Pls do whatever is necessary.

    Again we need someone from LIPAT KAJANG PAHANG who know what is for LIPAT KAJANG PAHANG.

    Only then the legacy can be planned, recorded, kept intact. Only then can there be Kemas, Pasti and what not for LIPAT KAJANG PAHANG.

    Ni usrah takde, tazkirah takde. Yang menggaji pun diadakan di surau di LIPAT KAJANG DARAT. Masjid yang ada tak leh digunakan kerana yg mengajar tu ......... malas nak tulis sebab sakit hati.

    Camne Melayu nak berilmu dan berpengetahuan. Ilmu agama yang nak diajar pun boleh disekat sekat.

    My principle, again, i do not care from where or whatever. As long as the objective is for Agama, Bangsa dan Negara fine with me.

    How u want to do it that's yours. I have mine. Just do it. For the sake of LIPAT KAJANG PAHANG.

    Kena jugak lantik penghulu dari LIPAT KAJANG PAHANG.