Thursday, February 19, 2009

Collection of Photographs.

To make this blog more interesting, I have made efforts to upload photographs into “Slide”. These photographs I have uploaded are all which I have personally taken or collected (except for a few which I borrowed from my contacts in the kampong). And I now need more help from all those concerned.

It will greatly enhance the collection of photographs if I may borrow some more old photographs of people (or scenery) in bygone years so that I may scan them and upload them into the blog. I may even try to start a Photo Album on the internet if I receive too many photographs to be uploaded into this blog.

The way to send the photographs to me are either by scanning these photoes yourself (which is preferred) and send me the soft copy to my e-mail address or by using optical discs (via normal snail mail) or a thumb drive (but a thumb drive is expensive). Or to send me the hard original copy (which I don’t encourage). I shall give the address to send them to if you will privately e-mail me.

I may from time to time go back to the kampong to see the ‘old place’. And if you catch me then then I shall make efforts to visit and discuss matters related to these historical photoes. Or if you would like to present me with the photoes at anytime, just give me a phone call and I shall make effort to return to the kampong over any weekend.

I also understand that there are people in the kampong who want to relate their life achievements in writing for all the folks in the kampong to read. I shall be pleased to receive such document, I shall edit them and I shall write them down (as a soft copy) and send back the original written copy along with the soft copy for editing by the writer.

Your assistance will greatly enhance our common blog. This is the only document to date which I know of which give some very loose information about our kampong. Of course if anyone knows of any other, I shall be pleased to listen to or to have discussion over them.

Lipat Kajang people (or decendents) are encouraged to participate& contribute (Orang Lipat Kajang, atau keturunan, di jemput memberi sumbangan idea)


  1. does the photo roll cover all the photos already in the blog?
    just wondering

  2. Those photoes in the 'photo roll' cover all the photoes in the blog.
    Those in the 'slides' are not in the blog.

    If it is inconvenient for anyone to send photoes, anyone can join (under Lipat Kajang Network) and start uploading photoes in the Anyone visiting the Lipat Kajang Network can then see what you have uploaded. In the, one will have his/her own page.

    Failing which you can start a Photo Album (Photobucket or Flickr ....... and a few others) in the internet, and let us know what the photo album address (URL) is. Then we can all see your photoes. But remember when you give out a URL, the site is then made public and anyone who knows the URL can access it. So be cautious before you give anyone a URL or a site address.