Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Gap.

I cannot fathom the thinking of the youths of Lipat Kajang of today. I can probably imagine what the youths of the last generation of the Lipat Kajang folks now living in the area or even making a living outside the kampong. Those youths who are left in the kampong are probably not exposed to the hustle and bustle of the towns and the cities (some may have). I believe that there is a serious generation gap syndrome taking place. Their thinking in the kampong may be very much different from what I am (or even we are) thinking right now. We may, I hope, have a parallel thinking but it is sad if the thinking are in the opposite directions. At least in the development of Lipat Kajang from the perspective of an old man like I (or the generation close to my generation), who have been living outside Lipat Kajng for a long time.

Getting my (or our) ideas across is the real challenge. Or maybe I (or we) will be on a collision course, which I hope is not, which I am trying to avoid. I have to listen to their views and aspirations. The sound of their heart beat. The signals that they project and the body language that they emit. I have to understand them, for they are the generation that will make or break the kampong society and landscape.

I have some ideas from the older generation who are living in the kampong, but will these ideas be warped ideas from them who have grown up in the kampong at different time?

Trying to bring improvement programmes, for the progress of Lipat Kajang maybe like walking on a thorny path, if what we are trying to project or to bring are not in line with the thinking of the present younger generation of the kampong. Our good intentions may be interpreted as interference, and our thinking may be taken as retrogressive to them. Many of us of the older generation may have gone through life by different paths, and many who are young in the kampong have not trodden the paths which we have gone through.

What is the future like? I cannot imagine. Or have they heard of our ideas? Or are they hearing our ideas right now? If what I sense is true, how do we bridge the gap?

Lipat Kajang people (or decendents) are encouraged to participate& contribute (Orang Lipat Kajang, atau keturunan, di jemput memberi sumbangan idea)


  1. generation gap in Kg LKP, yes, i believe it exists, however it may be only in terms of age, not so much in terms of becoming a syndrome, i bdelieve they are still quite decent as kmpong youths, not in the literal sense but more because they have lived no where else but in the kampong, and hence not exposed to serious negative habits/influences or addictions
    and i believe to communicate with them, along the lines of our thinkingand perspective, will not be too much of a problem

    the approach is certainly important, our first step in extending our hands to meet their hands, and that first handshake is very vital, our introduction

  2. The gap is there for sure. Those live in KL and those in LK do not live in the same enviroment, breath the same air,eat the same food, read,see & think differently. It's not that they don't want to progress, earn more, work harder or lack of ambition. What they're lacking maybe ideas, mentors who can show them the ways to move forwards. if opportunuties are hijacked(by who?)before they reached target group, no wonder the target group with no target to work on. They don't have ideas nor the means.
    Maybe those living outside can help by providing assistance? I am sure illustrious sons of LK are more than capable of this. Ideas? Info? A leg up? Everybody needs a leg up before they can offer someone else a leg up. Not everyone have rich parents to start with.

  3. We can always start a sort of fund raising, or even creating a Lipat Kajang Education Foundation with the first objective of giving 'free education' to the children in Sekolah Kebangsaan Lipat Kajang. "free education" means free uniform and 'books' for all the children in that Sekolah .......... anything at all where the Government do not give them free.
    Any LK Lawyer out there, how do we start a Foundation legally? That is not going to 'menderhaka' any known Malaysia law.
    Of course to any Lipat Kajang-ite who have enough resources, he/she can start some sort of cottage industry in LK to provide some sort of employment. In fact I see that one of the guys in Lipat Kajang now is giving employment to a couple of youths ...... dia tu taukey getah.
    Any LK Doctor out there? Why not give a free medical check up to all those requiring medical check up once every 6 month in LK? Expenditure may be tax exempted?
    There are so many things that Lipat Kajang-ites can do to help out.