Saturday, May 16, 2009


There are times in my life when I fantasise what can be done to improve Lipat Kajang.

I have always believed that public convenience vz-a-viz public toilet is very important. And there are not any, as far as I know, public toilet in any kampong in Pahang (I stand corrected). And I believe that public toilet is very important as when visitors visit the kampong and they have to go somewhere to ‘do their stuff’ in an emergency (or even not in an emergency). The toilet must be located centrally or in a location where public is bound to go such as near a school or near the Penghulu’s Office. But of course the toilet must be maintained, cleaned, water readily available all the time, and not locked or even if locked the key must be made easily available.

In the Malaysian scenery, there are great challenges to have such facilities.
1. Who is going to build it, that is who will foot the initial capital and then who will foot the maintenance costs?
2. Malaysian, especially in the rural area are not yet ready to accept such concept, they are not even ready I believe to accept public toilet in the kampong, and they are not even ready to see that such toilets are cleaned to a standard proud to show to visitors.
3. Such facilities are bound to be vandalised. Even toilets in a mosque have been known to be vandalized.
But I would love to see a well constructed and a well maintained public toilet in Lipat Kajang. Probably it will just be a fantasy.

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  1. Dear,
    Stop fantasizing.
    LK is to small for all this.
    If you want to concentrate the energy to town like temerloh,then okay,but again the state of the toilet in temerloh will forever be..yuck.
    if we even cant maintained toilets in the holy place like the masjid,we can dream on.
    the best toilet is still 'jamban' tebing sungai pahang.or was it?

  2. Di Lipat Kajang, banyak mende'2 yang hanya boleh di mimpi kan, melainkan kita cuba merealisasikan mimpi tu.

  3. maybe we cannot fantasise, cannot have fantasies (khayalan), but we must have dreams (impian) and we should dream about doing this or that to develop kG LK

    to build public toilets is Kg LK may be quite unthinkable ludicrous or too menial (degrading) but villages in developed countries no matter how remote do have public loos available for people to use FOC or at minimum charge
    in england for example I had been to many remote places and deep countryside (devon for example) (big farms and orchards are exceptions) where you can see signposted all the available loos, and in the cold winter season you definitely want to pee very often

    we don't dispute that Kg LK has got a big river (where you can discharge almost anything) and one only need to run to the nearest jetty and squat, that is if there is an enclosure provided for you to do your discharging
    but are we going to be stuck with that kind of mentality that kind of thinking forever?

    being a bit realistic about the idea, erecting a public toilet near the balai raya or near the perkuburan, or near the SKLK or near the Balai Penghulu is quite reasonable enough, in my opinion

    imagine if someone in the mids of a meeting at the balai raya or the Penghulu's office suddenly suffers a stomach ache or that his bladder is about to burst, where can he go? to Cikgu Ibrahim's house?

    the balai raya has got no toilet, i presume

    or people who visit the graveyard, such that one a year occasion, don't tell me no one feels like wanting to ease him/her self after a few hours, where can he go? just behind the bushes like in those days?

    building public toilets at strategic locations be it in town or in the kampong or in the jungle (where people go for ecotourism) is also an inherent part of development, like in sepilok sandakan the home of the orang utan, there are public toilets deep inside there, not for the UOs to use but for people like us to go in and leave some deposit

    or for that matter, the mosque (masjid) - does it have toilets and bathrooms?
    do people who go to the mosque have got to run 50m to the jetty and use the river as a toilet/bathroom facility?

    i don't know, just my uninvited opinion...

  4. correction
    not UOs but OUs - orang utan(s)

    and we can not only dream about having public toilets in Kg Lk we can also dream about building a huge "pintu gerbang" located just as where we enter Kg LK land
    "Selamat Datang Ke Mukim Lipat Kajang"

    why not? why cannot?
    there must be an allocation somewhere for this, after 52 years !!!

  5. pintu gerbang dah ada, but is it not too expensive? but i like the memorial plaque at the old 'penghulu' house.

    going to the river for a pee or .......but there is no more 'jetty'.

    yalah, masa tahlil kubur, kalau nak ...... pergi mana ya? tak kan pulak nak basahkan nesan?