Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Sadness in gladness

Going back to Lipat Kajang about 1 week or so ago, I was so glad to see how the kampong has developed tremendously, better than what I had expected. To see what development has taken place, one has to visit the kampong on a regular basis. I cannot really describe in here what those development are, but a few.

Cow dungs are now found less on the kampong roads. But still I observed on a few spots but I believe some of these are also water buffalo (which are on the loose) dungs. I can’t hardly tell the difference though.

I saw that the mesjid has now got a minaret. I don’t remember that there was a minaret before. They must have paid quite a bit of money to erect the minaret but I believe that they have no financial problem to pay for that. They have quite a bit of money in their treasury.

I saw more beautiful houses being built. Brick houses. And I was surprised to see someone had even got facilities for ‘homestay’, a sort of cheap tourist lodging house (room most likely) in the kampong. I applaud that.

And a water buffalo (kerbau) ranch/farm? Yes there is one in Lipat Kajang now.

I can go on describing but I think one has to see for oneself what those new developments are.

But I must also record my sadness at seeing certain kampong roads not being maintained. I saw the tarred road to Ulu Lanjut (my late father always used to call it that when he talked to me about the place when I was a small boy) seemed rather neglected. And the old tarred road to Bukit Pancor which the kampong folks used to call ‘Jalan Kereta Lembu’ (Bullock Cart Trail) is really neglected. This road is an alternative road in the kampong the folks need to take during the flood season (monsoon period) when the ‘empang simen’ (sluice gate) road gets inundated. I took that road when I was there in my last visit. And it was in terrible state, though I managed to come out unscathed. I believe that the kampong authority should really look at those roads and get them repaired by whatever mean at their disposal.

Lipat Kajang people (or decendents) are encouraged to participate& contribute (Orang Lipat Kajang, atau keturunan, di jemput memberi sumbangan idea)


  1. i certainly would like to have a close look myself at all those improvements, and neglect, all seem to be selective, reflecting insensivity towards problems prevailing in some parts of the village while problems in other parts seem to be conspicuously addressed and sorted out,
    projects and developments are a privilege and prerogrative of those who "have the means" but infrastructural problems requires urgent attention of those in power and having authority to disburse maintenance budgets simply because the daily lives of the village folks are badly affected by bad roads, dirty surroundings, clogged drains, etc, etc (we are in power and we have the authority because the folks have given us the trust to work for them, alleviate all their problems, not selfishly sitting on opportunities)

  2. Pok De,

    By all means have a look.

    My sixth sense says that when u make a noise (clever noise)then there will be action.

    If u make (loud noise through a different channel) than that will also be action, bureaucratic action.

    Lipat Kajang must make all the noise (clever noise) to get all the attention.

    So lets make the noise

  3. I just received an information, to be confirmed, that about 70 students from a local U will be in Lipat Kajang on 5, 6, 7, 8 May 2009. Some of us may need to be there to welcome them. I have yet to confirm this info from the JKKK.

    I wish to believe that they have seen our blog and will be there to help us. Just my belief I guess.

  4. 5,6,7,8 May 2009
    count me in if you think i shud be there, i certainly am interested to know their mission in LK, catalyst to our efforts hopefully

  5. Confirm with CikGu Harun about the exact dates. I think whoever are available (Lipat Kajang-ites) should be there with CikGu Harun (and the kampong JKKK) to welcome our guests. First time to the best of my knowledge, so many U students are coming (if what I have been told is true).