Saturday, March 28, 2009

Home Guards of Lipat Kajang Pahang

When we open up this Kg Lipat Kajang Pahang site we will first see the photograph captioned "The Braves Of Lipat Kajang - 1950s" and we acknowledge the bravery of these LK elders of the past for defending the peace harmony and tranquility of the village and ensuring the safety of its people.

These pictured are only nine (9) of them, in fact all the elders of their age in Kg LKP were involved as home guards protecting the village from attacks from the "enemy".

I personally can recognise a few of them pictured and I know where they lived, which hamlet/precinct each one of them came from, but that is all that I know about them, nothing more, and I know they had the bravery to take up arms against "the enemy" in defence of their rightful land.

I would certainly be justified to request that descendents of these brave men of Kg LKP (sons, daughters, grandsons, great grandsons, great granddaughters and any indirect descendents) provide historical accounts of the lives and bravery as home guards (including incidents of actual fights against "the enemy") which can be archived accordingly into the history of Kg LKP that we are compiling. They were (and still are) the warriors and the pride of the village, without them defending (and protecting) Kg LKP when we all were still infants or at a very young age or not even born yet, we wouldn't have survived the emergency days in Kg LKP and able to live till today in an atmosphere of peace harmony and tranquility of the village, so how can we easily forget the sacrifices made by these Braves Of Lipat Kajang Pahang?

To all my dear beloved citizens of Kg Lipat Kajang Pahang,
We all owe that much to them, and the very least that we can do is to ensure that their life history and bravery be appropriately recorded in the village history to be forever remembered by us and all our future generations and be known by all mankind as exemplary simple honest sincere dedicated brave rural village folks willing to sacrifice their personal safety (and risking their lives) to be right across the line of the enemy's gunfire just to protect their families and their village, for not a cent of monetary gain, all on voluntary basis, with full sense of responsibility and dedication.

Those photographed above and their names mentioned - Ismail bin Hasan, Ibrahim bin Yusof, Md Ali bin Md Zin, Abi bin Bidi, Husin bi Yusof, Akashah bin Kia, Md Zin bin Yusof and Kahapah bin Long - were/are just the few, and I would also urge every Kg LKP citizen to search for whatever photographs available in the old cupboards or boxes or bakul or bujang or sumpit or dibawah katil in your houses in the village or wherever you live now, photographs of The Home Guards of Kg Lipat Kajang, and to make these photographs available on this blog to be appreciated and cherished by us all, now and forever.

It does not matter if your very own father(s) was/were not pictured in the photographs that you've found, you can still offer the "searched anf found" photographs for archiving and be made publicl property of Kg LKP because everyone of those Home Guards of Kg LKP belongs to us all, they were/are our warriors - the warriors of Kg Lipat Kajang Pahang.

(this should be read in conjunction with earlier postings "The Braves of Lipat Kajang", "Days gone by...", and "How Safe Is Lipat Kajang (2)" )

Please do not hesitate to write on the life history and bravery of your father (or uncle) or grandfather (or granduncle) or great grandfather (or great granduncle) to be archived into the history of this village that we love, Kg Lipat Kajang Pahang
Post all the photographs, and writings no matter how scanty it may be, whatever account that you can obtain/acquire from the older "old folks" who are still alive in the village, or from your own knowledge about your father(s).

And we all must also endeavour to seek information from any possible source(s) on how the Home Guards of Kg LKP squad was formed and became established, how it was commanded and/or organised and how it operated in defence of the village.

We must ensure all these Home Guards of our village be indentified and named into the village history, they were the ones who had ensured and established the village of Kg Lipat Kajang Pahang as an ideal place of abode for their descendents with absolute peace harmony and tranquility that we all enjoy today.

This effort that we all are willing to undertake will also become a valuable contribution towards building up the village resource centre (i.e. a library) for Kg Lipat kajang Pahang that was mooted in an earlier posting in this LKP blog.

To all sons and daughters of Kg Lipat Kajang Pahang, I submit this for your kind thoughts in remembering these brave men of our village, including all the Penghulu(s) and the Imam(s) during those emergency days, and I must make special mention of the name of Penghulu Tok Sidek whose sacrifices and dedication are beyond praise.
(hbs aka Kas Mahmood)

Lipat Kajang people (or decendents) are encouraged to participate& contribute (Orang Lipat Kajang, atau keturunan, di jemput memberi sumbangan idea)


  1. buat permulaan, saya percaya PeTi AiS bUrUk (cicit kepada Akashah) tentunya ingin berkongsi dengan kita semua lebih banyak lagi gambar gambar moyang dia (Akashah bin Kia) dan menceritakan kepada kita sejarah hidup serta kepahlawanan allahyarham Akashah sebagai seorang Pengawal Kampong (Home Guard) dan juga sebagai seorang penduduk Kg Lipat Kajang Pahang buat pengetahuan dan juga sebagai catitan sejarah yang amat bernilai, terima kasih sdr PeTi AiS bUrUk...pastinya satu kebanggaan buat sdr bhw moyang sdr terpapar gambar dia di muka depan blog kg kita
    (awok mungkin tak kenai koi sebab awok dari generasi baru tapi ayah awok dan aki awok pasti kenai siapa kon, tanyalah mereka), salam)

  2. Md Tahrin Bin Md Salleh(aka Jabbar) wrote to me, as follows:

    "Please be informed that you have omitted the KETUA KAMPONG's during those years. The former ketua kampong’s also had his/their roles and responsibilities in their own ways too. At least in securing the kampong and its folks from the marauding CT’s at that difficult times.

    2 houses at that time had devise security measures for the folks to get to safety when attacked by CT especially at night. The houses were of Penghulu Sidek and Tok Mukim Salleh which were about 500 meters apart, they cunningly made at least 2 planks of the floor unnailed, so when attacked those inside the house were able to quickly jump down through the hole of the planks down to safety inside the dugout fortress that were built under the said houses. What an ingenius thinking they had at that time. And the house of Penghulu Sidek were made for the LKP people to become a centre of security for it had at least 2 guard posts ( KUBU ) to safeguard the people especially during the night to counter attack the CTs.

    TQ (tahrin)

    (Tahrin is the son of Tok Mukim Salleh, his brothers are Baharum, Zeni, Teh Seman, A Makhtar, Md Lazim, and his sisters - Ainon, Sharifah, ??? )

    (ada lagi ke adik beradik awok selain drpd yang ini semua, koi tak berapa ingat, maaf and correct me if i am wrong)


    inadvertently i had missed mentioning the Ketua Kampong(s) in this posting "Home Guards of Lipat Kajang Pahang" and my sincere apology for the unintentional ommision...
    The Ketua Kampong of LK Baruh, arwah PakNgah Salleh (Tok Mukim Salleh) was undeniably brave and heroic in his leadership role, together with arwah Tok Penghulu Sidek organising the kampong Home Guards and strategising their kampong defence operations and security techniques protecting the kampong and the folks against attacks by the CTs (communist terrorists) especially at nights

    that enclave locating his (Tok Mukim Salleh) own house, the Penghulu's house, the Penghulu's office, the mosque and the Balai raya was the primary target of the CT attacks
    (please refer to the plan of this enclave hand-sketched and posted under title, "Days gone by...")

    hopefully more vivid accounts and details of life history and bravery of these Kg LKP Home Guards can be provided by their descendents....Al Fatihah for all these arwah-arwah pahlawan-pahlawan kampong kita

    thank you tahrin (jabbar)