Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I have quite often heard people wanting to organize “Homestay”, in their respective Administrative District, in their Kampong, in their neighbourhood and probably in their houses. It sounds so simple, so easy but do many realise the trappings in such a project. Bear in mind that these people who come to stay are actually paying guests, in other words they are strangers, they are most probably tourists, they have expectations, they have no feeling towards you and they expect the best that you can offer to them and they expect home comfort; home means what they get in their abode, in their home, in places where they actually permanently or semi-permanently stay or live. Thus those wanting to provide such facilities must actually understand their guests background, their habits, and their living conditions and their language, if not fully at least respect them to a degree that the guests would like to respect those of the hosts.

I am writing this because I have information that many Lipat Kajang-ites may try to venture into “Homestay”.

One good example of “Homestay” in operation is in Kampong Desa Murni, in Kerdau, the neighbouring kampong. If one were to surf their internet site one would see that they have almost a very formal organisation. They have what I term as the Principal Organiser and cooperating with him are the kampong folks. Look at the list of names and addresses in the kampong, one can see that it takes a lot of work to get the kampong folks to have their names listed. The Principal Organiser must have spend sometime to get the cooperation of his co-kampong folks.

Lipat Kajang-ites will have to undergo a process of learning, will need to mount on the learning curve before they can even be though fit to start the “Homestay” scheme. The success or failure of the “Homestay” scheme in a kampong looks like very much dependent on the whole kampong putting together the ‘host’ act and pieces as a whole to the satisfaction of the “Homestay” guests.

These are a few of my reference sites for Malaysian "Homestay"








Lipat Kajang people (or decendents) are encouraged to participate& contribute (Orang Lipat Kajang, atau keturunan, di jemput memberi sumbangan idea)


  1. saya rasa tak payahlah buat.tak menguntungkan langsung.orang melayu suka sangat meniru apa orang lain buat,tanpa berfikir.
    lebih baik menoreh getah.

  2. it is a viable idea, and it is a "business" in keeping with the changing times, with proper very customed business plan, and strict rules and guidelines for its operations, it certainly can change one's luck...
    the connections with relevant powers and authorities in "the business" (tourism, for example)must be established firmly, the networking must be superb extending as far as possible beyond the borders and the shores of this land, because "homestay" is very international and very global based in order to keep up with the competition
    in the case of LK whoever decides to be in the game as the Principal Organiser(s) or the stakeholder(s) will have to do a lot of ground works, and not just building (constructing) beautiful attractive affordable "homestay" homes to be marketed
    when LK has got nothing to offer eg in terms of eco-tourism or just simply beautiful pleasant peaceful rural environment to be admired and enjoyed, then "homestay" is not yet a game to be played

    perhaps the whole village need to be spruced up first (cleaned up), followed by rehabilitating (pemuliharaan) all the natural habitat of the village (flora and fauna) and developing all available natural resources into some kind of village industries (such as producing handicrafts of LK, earlier folks were damn good in making handicrafts, why not first and foremost revive all these domestic industrial skills), and when all these are already in place and well managed to be able to attract some commercial value and appreciation, then and only then will the idea of a "homestay" business in LK be viable and worth venturing into, without unnecessarily wasting too much of one's own resources,

    thorough feasiblity study and a good business plan on "homestay" business in Kg LKP must first be pursued, with some form of expert advice from relevant knowledgeable and experienced people/agencies
    without these all efforts will just be futile
    I would tend to agree that those who are beginning to or at least are intending to dirty their hands and emptying their pockets into some kind of livestock farming (buffalo cattle goat or chicken rearing)or breeding fishes, leeches or earthworms, or even just planting tapioca (ubi kayu) and vegetables and rehabilitating and developing whatever fruit trees/orchards they own, or extracting/utilising available natural resources for some small business ventures (for a start) are certainly the smarter ones among the whole lot,
    but then again how he spends his surpluses (in his pocket) is entirely his own decision, it is not for anyone else to determine...
    all the best, good for you good for everyone and good for Kg LK

    (this is only a humble opinion, not meant to challenge anyone's intelligence)

  3. "saya rasa tak payahlah buat.tak menguntungkan langsung.orang melayu suka sangat meniru apa orang lain buat,tanpa berfikir.
    lebih baik menoreh getah." ini lah sikap orang melayu yang suka melemahkan semangat orang melayu. Tapi tak pe ni lah cabaran yang harus di tempuh untuk berjaya. untuk en. Ishak dan embung semoga anda akan berjaya. usaha anda berdua untuk memperkenalkan kampung sepatutnya di sokong.Kemudahan homestay yang anda sediakan bukan sahaja untuk pelancong tetapi kepada mereka yang ingin menghantar anak mereka yang belajar di SPBI boleh menggunakan kemudahan tersebut. Bagi mereka yang datang dari jauh untuk majlis perkahwinan juga boleh menginap di sini untuk membuat persiapan. tahniah