Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Memories of LK.

Jantan Azid (my buddy) 1952.

My friend (kawan saya) Hanifah 1953.

My friend (kawan saya) Hamid 1953.

Sekolah Melayu Lipat Kajang 1955.

Lipat Kajang people (or decendents) are encouraged to participate& contribute (Orang Lipat Kajang, atau keturunan, di jemput memberi sumbangan idea)


  1. cucu kg lipat kajangJanuary 2, 2009 at 7:33 PM

    i knew that school.. just besides my grandfather house..last time during school holidays when we all 'balik kg' me and my cousin use to play 'baling selipar' at the canteen or 'panjat pokok kemboja' near by the school field'... fyi my father is from Kg. Lipat Kajang. Behind my grandpa house there is a swamp and also a 'perigi' which our source of water during 80's. my father is known as lias/lieh. i will find some of the old picture of my family to be posted to you. my father really excited with this blog.. :)

  2. I might know your father. Your grandfather? Pak Ude' Wei?

  3. PokDeWei (Ismail Yusof) was employed by the school SK Lipat Kajang, and he operated the school canteen for many many years, and he and his family lived beside the school, isteri dia M'bong Esah (pupu saya)

    this "lias/lieh" atau johar now lives in a big bungalow high up the hill in salak tinggi along the road to sepang lama (and klia qtrs) from bandar salak tinggi, behind his house is his vast durian orchard, macam durian orchard AkiChuNi di tanjung....lias must be retired already from MARDI, just retired i think, ngapa awok senyap je lias?
    "cucu kg lipat kajang" : welcome on board and tell your father to write, anything at all

    johar's wife retired earlier from JPN Sepang, in salak tinggi

    hello lias, awok mesti kenai kon
    kite semua cucu cicik Derahim...

    BTW, brother mylias' father's house was once also next to the school?

  4. is this hanifah, your friend, the same hanifah, that cikgu hanifah who taught me at SK Lipat Kajang or a different hanifah?

  5. salak tinggi? my brother samsuddin is in klia quarters, he is in immigration at klia. you should remember him.
    yes, our house was next to the school, land now occupied by balai penghulu.
    this is hanifah yamin, brother to aziz yamin (cik gu).

  6. there you are, wajah dan rupa muka (facial looks/features) Abang Jantan Azid memang tak berubah sampai sekarang, he still look the same as in 1952

  7. what happened to "cucu kg lipat kajang" ?
    muncul sekali lepas tu terus hilang

    lias (johar), apa khabar?
    buat apa sekarang, dah pencen?

    tak kan tunggu buah durian gugur aje di belakang rumah tu?

    awok duduk di atas bukit tu join lah kita yang di bawoh bukit ni

    berapa orang dah cucu?

  8. sudin, a'macam law study awok di uiam tu? dah over ke? dah dpt LLB?
    masih di KLIA ke?